Let me talk about this for a while.

In concerts (maybe not restricted to those of Korean artists), we’re used to the groups going to the front of the stage, forming a line, and bowing to their audience. That’s natural; we even expect it. Some bow once in front, go the right hand of the stage, bow, to the left, bow, back to the center and bow again. Infinite? They stay right in front, hold hands together, bow 90 degrees, and hold it for more than five seconds.

I’ve watched their Second Invasion and Evolution concert DVDs, and I saw them live during One Great Step. This has never changed. These gifs are not repetitions. I took this from their Grow OST music video and counted seven seconds just in that bow.

This is among the many things that makes me proud to be an Infinite fan: that they are so humble and grateful for each and every audience that they perform for; that they are blessed and they express it. We, the fans, consider ourselves lucky and thankful when we get to see them live. I can’t begin to imagine how they feel upon stepping out and seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of passionate and energetic fans greeting them every concert stage.

My favorite performances didn’t make me cry during One Great Step, but when they did this, it just struck a chord and I began to realize just how much love they pour into their performances, their practices, their singing and dancing, lyric-writing, song production, and aegyo–just for us, Inspirits.

You’ll always be my best boys, Infinite. We have so much farther to go as one Infinite & Inspirit family. ❤