selfmade tattoos

“Hast du dir schon wieder ‘n Tattoo selbstgestochen? Hat das eine Bedeutung?”

Yep, habe ich. 💪
Die Grund für das Motiv ist folgender:
Ich möchte alle positiven Erlebnisse mit einem Strich verewigen (z.B. Ausbildung geschafft, Geheiratet, Erste eigene Wohnung, Geburt des Kindes, etc.). Die negative Seite bleibt immer leer, egal was passiert. Ich möchte sehen, wie viel positives ich mit den Jahren schaffe, aber das Negative möchte ich ‘vergessen’/das hat nichts auf meiner Haut zu suchen.
Immer positiv denken!

Luna and me were hanging out in bed a few weeks ago and suddenly it was decided. We´ll get tattoos and I´ll make them.

We bought the professional needles and India ink.

I´ve always made drawings but never with a needle on skin so I´ve been practicing on oranges and bananas and researching as much as possible to make it work.

Aquarius is the sign of my ascendent and my moon, wich I see I got a lot form, and it was also the sign of my dad, wo died 14 years ago (wow time goes fast!)

I´ve got this birthmark I got from my dad, wich my aunt Milly also has and I always found it fascinating, it always looked to me like a star.

Getting this constellation is a way of remembering I carry him within me and imbedding the only physical feature I got after him with it makes it very special to me.

It was “El dia de muertos” so it made sense to me it got to be that night. I got all the things, disinfected my skin, the container for the ink, grabbed a few friends, squatted Suns room and after drawing each star where I wanted it I just went for it.

Nico came into the room, made a few pokes and showed me how deep I should do it (deeper than I was doing it) but I continued myself since I it was more painful than doing it myself (or at least I had nobody to blame than)

It took me almost 3 hours and in between I kept releasing “this is insane, I´m getting a tattoo that will stay for a while”

Luna kept by my side and held my foot until the end, were the last pokes where making my whole leg shake of pain.

So thats it friends, I´ve made myself a tattoo.