Despite how horrible circumstances may seem, we must learn to accept them. When we accept where we are in the present moment, we gain the ability to move forward. From destruction comes the opportunity for rebirth; an opportunity to recreate your life the way you see fit. This in itself is a blessing. Take that opportunity and move forward with it, and look back only to reflect and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. We may encounter multiple rebirths in one lifetime but with each rebirth comes growth and growth is what helps us become who we are meant to be.

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love will find you

Love doesn’t come to you right away. It takes time. Often when we’re seeking love, love doesn’t find us and the reason is that we’re not actually ready. Timing is everything. In order to find true, unconditional love, we must first be whole. We must be comfortable with who we are, be accepting of where we came from and understand what we truly want. 

Love isn’t something you find; Love finds you. And it will find you…  but only when you’re ready. So shift the focus off the search and instead, focus on you. Learn more about who you are and what you truly desire. Learn to love and respect yourself fully and become that whole human being that you were always meant to be. 

Be you, and love will find you. 

Forgiveness plays such an important role in our growth. To forgive is to cease to feel resentment… against others and against yourself. Resentment is what holds us back and keeps those negative conversations circling around in your mind, whereas forgiveness releases us and allows room for more positive thoughts and actions. Give yourself the permission to move forwards and release your resentment. Fly free with forgiveness.

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