Love Your Body Now Meditation

Learning to love your body right now, in this very moment is a major challenge for some of us.  We feel that we must DO certain things in order for us to get to a place where we can truly love our bodies. 

I understand this feeling intimately as I always felt the need to get to a certain weight or fit into a certain sized pair of jeans before I could really accept my body.  My obsession to control my body as opposed to love and accept the way that it changed through different phases of my life robbed me of the precious time that I could have had celebrating life with my family and friends and feeling GRATEFUL for the fact that I was strong and healthy.

As a coach, I encounter this way of thinking and feeling a lot.  Many of the women that come to me for coaching have already rejected their bodies and feel that they need to change something.  They usually look at the changes as something physical that they need to do ie. exercise and healthy eating and while those aspects are critical without question to looking and feeling your best, LASTING change will never occur without developing true love for yourself now. 

Life brings so many changes: stress, illness, pregnancy, trauma to name a few and the body responds to these changes in its own way.  Sure there will be imperfections, we all have them but to focus on these things rather than feeling gratitude for what is will not serve you in any way.


In the midst of ‘doing’ we forget the perfection that we already are.  

Here is a special meditation to help us access and cultivate self-love:

  1. Find a peaceful, space either outdoors or one well lit with natural light.
  2. Sit in an upright position with your spine long, place your hands upon your heart and begin to breath deeply into your belly.
  3. When you have connected to your deep, belly breath bring your attention to your third-chakra (solar plexus chakra located between your navel and diaphragm) 
  4. As you inhale, notice any energetic blockages in the way of tightness or intensity in this area and as you exhale breathe this out of your body. The colour of this chakra is yellow.  Notice your chakra, is it bright and vibrant or dull and washed out? As you breathe, continue to brighten the yellow colour making it more vibrant with every breath
  5. Next, bring your awareness to your heart chakra (the space at the center of your chest between your breasts) and feel the love in your heart as you breathe. Bring to mind the beautiful, perfect child that you were and as you breathe, feel love for that child, for her body, her arms and legs, hands and feet, abdomen and back, chest and thighs. Take a few breaths here inhaling love and gratitude and exhaling fear, control and any destructive feelings you have toward your body
  6. Now as you inhale, draw in a white light into your body, washing away any last thoughts and feelings of inadequacy or comparison to others. Feel love encapsulate your entire body and feel your heart glow with love for the child that was once you.  Bring your hands into prayer at your heart center and bow your chin to your chest in honour of your higher self
  7. Feel yourself completely surrendering mind, body, heart and spirit to the constant flow of love that exists within you.  Every time you address yourself, make a choice or decision in your day to care for yourself with nourishing, compassionate thoughts and healthy choices, remember the love that you feel in this moment
  8. If you find yourself focusing on the negative at any point in time during your day or if you are dwelling on a certain body part or certain feeling, place your hands on your third-chakra and feel the love and acceptance that you have cultivated

**NOTE: This practice is something to incorporate regularly if self-love is something you need to work on