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I wanted to (excitedly) let you all know that I’ve FINALLY finished my coaching and services website! This is not only good for me but for YOU as well, as there are some pretty awesome resources available there that I’ve created with all of you in mind! There’s a free audio file to help you find your matron/patron deities and two pdfs on shadow work around your creativity and various ways to release what no longer serves you in order to make way for what you want to receive using the power of the four elements! 🌲💨🔥🌊 The website link can be found on my page! Also, I’ll be releasing a recorded new moon ritual for everyone for this new moon! Like my Facebook page by searching flora.moon and you can find that (as well as future resources) there! Many many blessings and crazy love! 💗

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The beauty of being honest

So after a long day full of emotional ups and downs, I was feeling pretty anxious and generally not feeling well. I felt like taking a shower, in order to wash away the day and get some clarity.

I pretty often talk with myself. I listen to myself and I have learned to be honest with myself. I open up and allow myself to feel whatever I am feeling and be honest about my feelings and beliefs.

It is necessary to be nice, kind and compassionate to ourselves to allow ourselves to be truly honest. If, when we are honest we judge what comes up or invalidate ourselves for feeling a certain way or believing something, we don’t feel safe and we therefore don’t feel like being honest again.

So I told myself:”Hey, it is okay if you want to open up and tell me how you really feel about this. It is okay if you want to tell me why you feel anxious.”

So I got in the shower and I cried. I allowed myself to feel negative emotion, I allowed myself to cry and be honest. I said.”I need to be loved. I need to be accepted. Just love me and don’t ask me to change. Because I can’t.”

And as I was listening to myself and embracing what was coming up and honoring it, I said something even more important:”I am feeling anxious because I am trying so hard, so hard to be perfect. To be someone I am not. I always do my best not to get things wrong, not to hurt people, not to say or do the wrong thing. Because I know myself to be a well-meaning person, but I am afraid that no matter how well-meaning I am, no matter how hard I try, I am going to do the wrong thing anyway.”

“And I am afraid of doing the “wrong” things because I am afraid you will get angry at me, you will use that very “mistake” as an excuse not to love me and to disapprove of me.”

I was basically telling myself that I am trying to be perfect. To get everything right because otherwise, I would disapprove of myself. But this very pressure is what most often causes us to “fuck things up”, because we act out of fear and we don’t do what we do for the pleasure of doing it (out of Love).

If we, instead, unconditionally love & support ourselves, we can then live life better, in a more relaxed and calm state, because we allow ourselves to experience life, to learn to move as we prefer through life. And this often means allowing ourselves to have any kind of experiences and “failures”!

I love what Abraham Hicks often says:”When you see a two years old learning to walk, and you see him fall on the ground, you don’t say to him “Get up, little dummy!”, you help him and you understand he is learning, and that falling down (sometimes many many times!) is part of the process.”

So we really don’t need to be mean to ourselves. We are still learning to move through Life and probably we will never get to a place where we know everything and everything is clear to us. We are always on our path, for the pleasure of being on it I think, and Kindness, Love and Support for ourselves are necessary ingredients to have a nice and pleasurable journey.

I am glad I was honest with myself. Because now I can work with my feelings, so to speak. And change my approach, because the one I am adopting is causing me to suffer and not feel good. And I am here to be happy, and to feel good (we are all here to be happy I think!).

It is very important to love and embrace myself as I am right now. I don’t need to change to be loved, no one does. We exist, therefore we are worthy of Love & Support. We are perfect just the way we are, and we don’t need to change ourselves to become more lovable. We are lovable because we are. Period.

Allow yourself to be human and feel whatever you feel. Allow yourself to be where you are, to be the way you are and most of all, allow yourself to be You, your true you. Because the Truth is, the world needs you. The world needs you to be YOU. You are Unique, Special, Important and Needed, just the way you are.

(Very Important: Allow yourself to cry and find relief! Do the things you love babes).

Life always loves you just the way you are. You can too. (PS: you are life <3).

I now choose to Love and Support myself unconditionally. No matter what I do, no matter what I say, no matter how I feel, I always, at all times, under all conditions, deserve my own Love and Support. Yes, I am this worthy!

PS : I know you are doing you best. And your best is enough Soul. Relax, Breathe, All is well <3

Yesterday was the wedding. Today was dinner with friends. Tomorrow is Ghostbusters with Sami. Monday is rheumatologist appt. Tuesday is therapy and DnD (which is basically the same thing). Wednesday is another doc appt. I have discovered that if I keep it to just one somewhat short activity a day, I’m able to get through it without too much of a kick back other than fatigue. It gives me hope since even a month ago I wouldn’t have been able to do even one thing a day for this many days in a row. Just gotta make sure I don’t start jumping the gun and getting ahead of myself. It’s a lesson in patience but I’m slowly learning. I am so thankful for my wonderful and kind friends who continue to show overwhelming support and understanding as I slowly start rebuilding myself. You make me feel stronger, better, and prettier (for real) than I have in almost a year. I am grateful for every one of you. 💖❤️💕💜😊
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I remember being teased relentlessly throughout my childhood and my teenage life where people would say that because of my skin I’ll never be beautiful enough, they would even recommend skin bleaching products. So as a child I quickly realised that as a dark skinned girl I was not considered beautiful enough… At that time I didn’t know that it was the negativity from the people around me that was causing me to hate my skin and myself for that matter. I remember a time during school photos where a girl shouted “she’s too dark! You won’t see anything on her ID but her teeth!”, of course everyone laughed it out… And so did I…. Because I didn’t want to make it seem like I was offended… Their feelings felt more important than mine… After all growing up I was always reminded of how unlikely I was of ever being beautiful or finding someone that found my darkness beautiful…..
As a 19 year old today I sit here and say “I never gave in to skin bleaching”, “I was constantly reminded of how ugly I was but that only made me love myself even more….. I began considering myself as someone different, someone beautiful and out of the ordinary.”
Your skin no matter how dark it is that when you smile you can only see the glow of your teeth is worthy of love, your skin is that of a goddess and you should never feel anything about your skin but self love. I write this to all of the people that have gone through similar and worse, you don’t need to learn to Love your skin, the love is already there… You just gotta unleash it.

I would like to hear some stories of yours if you’ve ever gone through the same thing…. Message me on Instagram.
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“What we change inwardly will change our reality” - Plutarch #fitnesstrainer #aesthetics #gainz #fitfam #fitmotivation #healthy #squats #abs #preworkout #fitchicks #strong #fitnessjourney #nike #eatclean #health #instahealth #lifestyle #active #motivation #bodybuilding #training #goals #fitness #inspiration #positivity #selflove

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Tu dir selbst was Gutes. Streu mehr Zucker in deinen Kaffee, wenn er dir zu bitter ist. Iss, was dir schmeckt, mach’ Sport, wenn dir danach ist. Lies so viele Bücher wie du magst, falls du in eine andere Welt eintauchen willst. Lies um dich weiterzubilden. Lern für die Schule, die Uni oder für die Zwischenprüfung deiner Ausbildung. Wachse. Gib alles, was du hast. Benutze die Energie, die du hast, für Dinge, die dir gut tun. Geh duschen, wenn du den Kopf frei bekommen willst. Lauf eine Runde um den Block, um dich von etwas abzulenken. Schrei, wenn du etwas rauslassen willst. Vergiss, wie viele Kalorien das Stück Kuchen hat, auf das du es abgesehen hast. Iss, iss, iss. Lebe den Moment. Lache so laut, wie du willst, egal, wie blöd dich dabei andere angucken. Hör dein Lieblingslied so laut, wie du möchtest. Kleide dich, wie dir danach ist. Trinke grünen Tee, reise in unbekannte Länder, plane Ziele und verwirkliche so viele deiner Träume wie möglich. Sag, was du denkst. Weine, wenn du traurig bist. Analyse deine Probleme und versuche, eine Lösung zu finden. Wenn dir etwas zu viel wird, legst du dich hin, ruhst dich aus und am nächsten Tag machst du es besser. Bewege dich vom Fleck, entferne dich von all dem Negativen in deinem Leben. Fühle den Moment, lebe so, wie du’s für richtig hälst. Trinke, feier und tanze die ganze Nacht. Mach deine Hausaufgaben. Bereite dich für deine Prüfungen vor. Iss gesund und fettig. Wie dir danach ist. Öffne deine Augen und entferne dich von Lügen, Intrigen und toxischen Menschen. Renn, so schnell du kannst, um alle zu überholen, Sei für dich besser, als du es gestern warst, vor einer Woche oder vor einem Monat. Mach weiter. Gib nicht auf, halt den Kopf hoch und zeig allen, die dich nicht wollten, was sie verpasst haben. Hör nie auf zu träumen. Sag denen, die nicht an dich glauben, dass sie zur Hölle fahren können. Vertraue aber sei nicht naiv. Gib alles, was du hast. Deine einzige Konkurrenz bist du selbst. Iss, wenn du Appetit hast, trag das Outfit, das du schön findest, meinetwegen färb deine Haare bunt, sei verrückt, sei launisch, sei unausgeglichen und zeig es, wenn dir etwas nicht passt, du unglücklich bist oder dich nicht wohl fühlst. Steh zu deiner Meinung. Nimm dich ernst. Lache laut, freu dich über kleine Dinge, lache auch mal über dich selbst, bedanke dich und sag “Bitte”, freu dich für andere. Gönne anderen die Dinge, die du selbst gern hättest. Sei nicht perfekt. Hab den Mut dazu, dein Ding zu machen, lass dir einen Rat geben aber nimm ihn nicht an, ohne selbst zu überdenken. Erzähl nicht all deine Geheimnisse, vertraue am meisten dir selbst. Fang an, deine Fehler zu akzeptieren, dich zu lieben, deine Makel, deine Ecken, deine Kanten. Rede gut über dich, mit dir und fange an, positiv zu denken. Aus jedem Rückschlag und jeder Niederlage ziehst du das Positive. Such die kleinen Erfolge und glaub mir, du wirst sie finden. Tu dir selbst was Gutes. Du bist es wert. Du hast es verdient.
—  Ich glaube, das haben so viele noch nicht begriffen.

Breakfast in Healdsburg at SHED! I found love at first sight with SHED filled with beautiful kitchen wares, artisan foods, a cafe, and a fermentation bar! This was a morning breakfast I enjoyed at SHED, their house made granola topped with their marmalade and tangerine slices and finished with organic almond milk! Paired perfectly with a love filled organic almond milk latte! #plantingbeauty #plantingseeds #plants #plantbased #planteater #plantfoods #granola #almondmilk #almondmilklatte #earthfood #earthfoods #earthlove #earthlygifts #earthmother #pachamama #local #loveothers #loveyourself #selflove #travelingvegan #vegantravels #vegan #veganism #vegansofig #veganfoodie #bodylove (at Healdsburg SHED)

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When my family hurts. I hurt. My cousin her boyfriend and their 4 children are homeless. Even if you can’t donate can you please repost. Anything is greatly appreciated! #gofundme #FlawlessSkin #Skincare #Entrepreneur #NoFilter #Makeup #Healthy #Love #LoveYourself #SelfLove #Happiness #Namaste #BlackGirlMagic #NaturalBeauty #ThirdEye #Consciousness #Balance #Enlightenment #PrayForLouisiana

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Some bro messaged me saying I’d be hotter if I wasn’t “over-confident”. Babes, that isn’t even a thing. Like, sorry that your fragile male ego can’t handle a woman who owns herself! Loving yourself doesn’t make you unfeminine or unattractive; it makes you powerful. <3