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Part of the reason I’m so bitter about season 2 is that HE was not Mon-El. He was a random OC they slapped with his name for recognition points. The *real* Mon-El is actually a very well-written, supportive, selfless, and loving individual who is an actual hero. During the New Krypton arc, he took over for Superman while Kal was on New Krypton. CW!Mon-El has literally nothing in common with his comic book counterpart.

To say nothing of the fact that he and Kara have NEVER been love interests.

himchan is always so disciplined and so firm with himself about following his routine in order to reach his goal, so i can only imagine how much he was pushing himself each and every day just to reach his target physique. just in case some of you might not know how idol dieting works, it usually involves a large drop in daily calorie intake and lots of exercise - so repeated overexertion from exercise and practice most likely led to his stress fracture. 

i shouldn’t even have to say this, but himchan is BEYOND breathtaking at any weight. with all the comments about his weight that have been made by “fans”, some of the members, show mc’s, and probably even TS themselves, how much more motivated do you think he would have been to keep up his strenuous weight loss routine? 

he’s always so adamant about putting the fans first - who was the one that made an entire fansite dedicated to capturing the fans at b.a.p’s concerts? who takes the time to upload photos of the fans at every fansign to their personal instagram account? even after going to the hospital for sharp chest pains and discussing his options for this promotion period, himchan still had the fans and the rest of the group as his top priority, insisting that he wanted to be there onstage as 6 after yongguk’s break.  

kim himchan is honestly one of the most genuine, caring, selfless individuals that i’ve ever seen, and he deserves to be loved and appreciated just as much as every other b.a.p member. please don’t just sit back and passively dismiss this as “just another injury” by sweeping it under the rug. 

what he really needs right now is overwhelming love and support from the fans. 

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Sorry if this seems random and out of no where but I've always loved Erwin for the fact that he didn't have titan shifting or Ackerman powers. He has done so much for survey corps and humanity while only relying on his natural talent and strength.

No dear Anon, this doesn’t seem random at all.  Whenever I think about Erwin, it’s one of the things that hits me the hardest. 

Erwin Smith was an inspiring leader, an insightful commander, an intelligent strategist, a brave fighter and a selfless individual.  He was all these things and more, but he had no special powers, he wasn’t a shifter or a “sub-product of titan science”, he was just a man.  A man who was as fallible and vulnerable as all mortal men.  A man who doubted himself and struggled for atonement.  A man who carried a huge burden of guilt and grief, but who still managed to lay down his life for the sake of Humanity.  Erwin Smith gave so much, sacrificed everything, and yet he was still just a man.

In the words of the one person who knew him best and who devoted his life and his strength to him…

“What a man.”

louis william tomlinson is the most beautiful, gorgeous, angelic, prettiest, breathtaking, delicate, stunning, radiant, selfless, kind, giving, sweetest individual and i love him so much 

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There's some simblr you admire?? Or you like other than aes and pictures??

Anyone who checked up on me about a week ago, I admire the genuine concern and caring nature of those people whether it was anonymous or not.

I think we all should take a second and admire @femmesim as a community for the positive influence they have had. They inspired so many with their writing and screenshots. It is unbelievable to see the evolution. I personally thoroughly enjoy them as a person and of course as a creator. The little zodiac and light leak queen.

I admire @missfortunesims A LOT. They were writing in the story format that is common now before it was common. Their Insanity Clan was my motivation to join Tumblr and my motivation to start my story back in 2015. I have yet to see to many people as creative as they are, with stories and custom content creations.

I admire @igotsims. I have been following @igotsims for a long time and have always thought their edits were these godly creations. Mastering both TS3 and TS4, I cannot even imagine what it is like to have such a versatile set of skills. In addition they are so sweet and kind to creators of all types! I admire their big heart.

I admire @lunarian-sim. She has grown so much these past two months or so, seeing their work getting more and more positive attention warms my heart. Their screenshots are absolutely gorgeous and yet they are constantly looking to expand their skill set. With the popularity growth they still respond to replies, remain very kind and spread nothing but positivity. 

I admire @stardust-sims. She comes up with incredibly creative ideas and all are done in a really unique fashion that has be in awe. She is another who is constantly venturing out, trying new things in a variety of realms related to the sims for editing to pose creation. Very genuine person overall in my personal opinion.

My goal is to one day be half as good as these simmers (both above and below the cut).

More under the cut! 


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Analyzing Sheith, with a dash of discourse.


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“Cordially inviting any and all anti’s to come at me bro Whether it be…”

Can I just add, that many antis throw around the word “pedophilia” and first of all, that’s a disgusting accusation to make of someone imagining FICTIONAL characters in a relationship. And second, it does not apply. Like the literal definition does not apply. Would a 25 year old with a 17 year old be cool IRL? Probably not but it’s not pedophilia and it’s also FUCKING FICTION JFC. God I wish I had the time to worry about what fictional characters people shipped.

Sorry for that brick I just have been wanting to say that for so long, hope you have a spectacular, wonderful, idiot free day <3

You may definitely add that. I certainly forgot to. 

It really depends heavily on context for that 17-25 thing. It depends on the relationship and maturity levels of the two people in question. I know there are 25 year olds that are still running around this site screaming about “problematic ships” like its the fucking plague. And then there are people in my life who grew up in drug houses, who struggle because their families entire line of poor credit, bad choices, substance abuse and felonies makes it nearly impossible for them to get jobs and basic debit/credit cards, who dug around in dumpsters for food during their childhood– and you can bet they grew up incredibly fast, and incredibly hard. 

Biology plays a part in it to a degree too-Female brains tend to fully develop ages 16-25? (dont cite me on this, im just going off of memory) and for male brains I think they finish developing around like, 18/22-30??? I’d have to look it up again, but you get my point.

Theres a lot of factors that go into play- The maturity levels of the individuals themselves, and the actually Nature of the relationship itself, I think.

Lets take Sheith, for example. 

We have seen maturity and selflessness exhibited in both individuals; Both of them have had to go through very hard experiences; Keith being an orphan with abandonment issues, yet still carries some incredibly strong morals and a fierce love for people and a desire to protect others.; Shiro has been enslaved, amputated and experimented upon, and forced to perform in bloody, gruesome, arena’s. He’s been through Hell, and still he has retained a sense of calm, patience, and compassion. 

So we know from this that they’re both plenty mature enough– But what about the nature of their relationship?

Honestly I think this one of the most healthy ships out there for the sheer amount of love and compassion and respect between the two, even without picking apart just how well they compliment each other. 

Again, starting with Keith; This is a highly individualized person that does not like authority. He’s not going to want to feel like he has to explain himself to anyone or meet anyones arbitrary standards; Does not like, and possibly feels threatened by rules and restrictions as that threatens his ability to do his own thing. He makes his own rules for himself and his own personal values to which he will adhere strictly. He’s intelligent, but it’s shown and seen through his actions– Not explained through word of mouth, and most likely never will be. Trust and abandonment issues, as well as his orphaning, may lead him to difficulties communicating with others, being vulnerable, and expressing emotions or showing weakness, making him a very secretive, private person, that most likely finds both comfort and fear in Isolation. Comfort, because no one can hurt you, and you can sort everything out yourself and have complete control when you’re alone; Fear, because it’s very easy to keep isolating yourself and never stop, even though you want, like, and need people in your life, but may be hesitant to go to them for fear of getting hurt or abandoned, especially if you reveal your softer, more unprotected sides. Keith, as a character, may even be scared of his feelings. 

One of these belongs to every paladin okay, thats all I’m sayin’. 

In conclusion, Keith is a very private, lonely person with a history of trust issues stemming from abandonment and a dislike for authority, making him not the easiest person to get along with.  He needs someone who will have the patience and respect that will allow Keith to open himself up to them on his own highly secretive terms, someone who is open minded, patient, and understanding, in order to understand someone as rare and unconventional as Keith (He’s not exactly going to come with an owners manual or introductory pamphlet y’know?). He needs to feel safe, comfortable, and not judged by a person in order to place so much trust, value, safety and security with them. If someone tries inauthentic, underhanded, or forceful means of manipulating someone like Keith into anything, you know Keith won’t be having it. 

Shiro is kind of the epitome of all of these traits, and we don’t just see him using them to understand Keith, but we see him using them to understand other members of his team as well (like Pidge or Allura). Once Shiro has a good understanding of someone, he waits until an appropriate, non-threatening time arises in order to build his team members up, give them advice, solace, or whatever he thinks they may need that he can give them. He uses a very open, friendly, safe, respectful and non-threatening communication style in order to build up people around him; This is an incredibly rare and beautiful kind of person, imo, at least in Shiro’s case, because we can see how very dedicated he is to doing this, and that he makes it one of his biggest priorities. 

This makes him pretty great for Keith, but there are plenty of reasons why Keith is great for Shiro too.

From episode one, from Keiths very introductory sequence, we see him caring, for and sacrificing for Shiro– Going out of his way to make sure Shiro is safe at all times, or backing him up; Whether it be in or out of Voltron, Keith is literally Shiro’s right hand man. Keiths love for Shiro is very similar for Shiros’ love for Keith;  It is a respectful, kind, and appreciative, thankful kind of love. It is built on and never runs out of trust, and only seeks to lift the other up, and make sure the other is okay, without breaching any boundaries. 

Shiro, from his iron devotion and love for others, strikes me as the type of person that forgets to take care of himself, in lieu of others and their importance, valuing it over his own. Keith, being a very confident, straight forward, and protective person, is perfect for Shiro in that he can and will make sure Shiro does get the self-care he needs, but without threatening or stomping upon Shiros virtues, or his mission. Shiro, for all his dad-jokes and stereotypes, honestly might need the child harness more than Keith does for his sheer scary-levels of willingness to sacrifice himself, like he means nothing- Or at the very least, nothing in comparison to others. Shiro, just like Keith, doesn’t know when to stop and take a break if others don’t make him/tell him too. And even then, Shiro might not understand or believe it, simply because war and soldier-trauma is like this. 

Shiro needs someone who is confident, straight forward, and strong enough to take care of Shiro as Shiro takes care of others. He needs someone who will be considerate and kind to him when no one thinks to be, or knows to be. He needs someone who will keep a close eye on him and watch and listen for when he’s breaking, when he needs help, whether he knows it or not– He needs someone who will be aware of just how much Shiro himself may not know it too. And he needs someone who will do this genuinely, authentically, respectfully, and patiently. Issues like these are incredibly painful for both parties to go through, and they may never heal. A spouse who deals with this may have to come to accept this as never-changing, and to do that… Takes so much genuine love and self-sacrifice? It’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful, as it is a gruesome reality. It’s not sexy, cute, or fun– It’ cold and it’s harsh and to persevere in your attentive care of someone in spite of such hard issues, especially when coupled with things like PTSD, is about as Real as you can get.

The reason Keith fits this bill perfectly? Is because we already see him doing this for Shiro in canon. 

We see it in anytime Keith flings himself into action in order to save shiro, whether it’s well-thought out or not. We see it in his respect, adherence, and boundaries. We see it in how he trusts Shiro to keep throwing himself into battle and come back to him, amidst a respectful but attentive observance of his person, his space, his wishes and his safety. In Keith we see he’s developed his own very deep and respectful understanding of Shiro and how he works, just as Shiro has developed an understanding of Keith– they both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and give each other trust and patience. 

Like, I really can’t think of a more healthy relationship yo. Fuck ages man, these two are good for each other, these two honestly keep each other sane and safe, and uplift the other, they have a rock solid understanding of the other, and their wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and they communicate in succinct, blunt, non-threatening ways build on trust. Even if they disagree or say harsh things to each other (Like Shiro reprimanding Keith for reprimanding Pidge, “That’s not how a team works.”, or giving him criticism. Or Keith pleading with Shiro in his BOM-nightmares.), they do not stay mad or hold grudges, which tells me that they never assume bad intent of the other either, even though it would be very easy to. 

My god like theres so much healthy shit in this ship it’s actually hard to cover everything, they both exhibit so much. 

Overall I really think like the last thing I’m worried about with these two is fucking AGE y’know? Clearly theyre mature enough to take care of each other; Does anyone really think either of these people would abuse the other? Because I certainly don’t. It wouldn’t just be wrong, it’d be completely out of character. Keith and Shiro simply care, value, and love each other too much for that. 

Feel free to add to this, if you’d like.


So instead of focusing this post on just one person, I decided to write about Lee, Silver, and Barbara. I’m just gonna warn you, this post is very long, and probably contains a lot of spoilers. It’s your choice whether you read it or not, but don’t get upset with me because I did warn you.

Okay, so I’m gonna start with the facts. These are the things the writers/cast have said directly themselves.

1. “You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time. So we always reserve the right to sort of do that as well.” - Ken Woodruff

2. “We might see (her) in episode 22.” - John Stephens

3. “The person is somehow connected to the Joker Cult World.”

4. Harley’s appearance in the finale is gonna be crazy. Crazy enough to be the launching point for season four.

Here are some random facts I gathered, that you may or may not already know about Harley:

1. She’s an expert gymnast

2. Her main weapons are a giant mallet, a baseball bat, and sometimes a gun

3. She used to be a psychiatrist

4. She went to Gotham University and graduated top of her class.

5. Her first job was at Arkham Asylum

6. She hates fish

7. And she can’t swim

8. Harley is known to have a crush on Bruce Wayne, even though she loves Joker

9. She is incredibly intelligent (Amanda Waller once stated that she is a genius)

10. She once brought a broken family back together

11. She switches back and forth from good to bad

12. She is schizophrenic

13. One of the voices she hears is her rational side (Dr. Harleen Quinzel)

14. She is bi-sexual

15. Her aliases are Dr. Holly Chance, Dr. Jessica Seaborn, Lee Harkwin, Holly Quinn, Harleen Frances Quinzel, Harriet Shankar, GG Harlin, and Kelvar Vest Girl.

16. Harley has Histrionic Personality Disorder (being flirtatious or seductive, wanting to be the center of attention, provocative clothes, shallow impressionistic speech, dramatic and excessively emotional personal presentation, suggestible by others (gullible), overestimates the intimacy of their social relationships.)

17. She was the only one in her family to graduate from College

18. She’s constantly seeking a sense of identity but doesn’t know how.

19. Her home life was very chaotic

20. Her character is full of conflicting personas.

21. “I loved flushing away the control. The goals. The regiment way of life I’d had. I was finally free. Free to forget. To play for fun. To play crazy.”

22. “The downside of this is that I’ve started to feel numb. In school, they had a name for it: dissociation. My rational mind can recognize pain when I see it. But my rational mind is in a pretty small box.”

23. She has obsession

24. She uses her obsessions to help define herself

25. She likes to cling onto things to help create some sense of self in her mind

26. She uses other people and objects to help define herself.

27. She is a character of passion

28. She is a hopeless romantic (she is weak when it comes to things like vulnerability)

29. She is always trying to figure out who she is, and what her role is in the world.

30. Unlike the Joker, she actually loves people

31. Harley has a strong sense of compassion and loyalty towards the people in her life.

32. As a child, she was heavily abused by her father

33. She has OCD, Histrionic Disorder, Antisocial Disorder (maybe?), Schizophrenia

34. She has this illness where she gets off (it literally turns her on) when her partner does something bad.

Okay so let’s start with Barbara :)

Cons of her being Harley:
1. She never was, nor will she ever be a psychiatrist. That’s a huge part of Harley’s story (pretty much every Harley version was a psychiatrist) and after all the bad crap she’s done, I don’t ever see her being a one. I don’t think they would even let her, even if she wanted to.

2. She’s older than Jerome. Now I don’t really see this as a problem unless they want to stick with Joker being older than Harley.

3. She’s already turned crazy.. she’s supposed to meet Joker first, fall in love with him, then become Harley.

4. Her name is Barbara Kean (an actual character in the comics and I think two Batman movies). She started calling herself Barbara Queen, which Queen sounds similar to Quinn, but her name is still Barbara. There is no way that you can turn the name Barbara into Harley.

5. Harley is known to be extremely loyal to the people in her life. Barbara, on the other hand, will turn on anybody if it’s for her benefit. Including Tabitha, which is probably the closest person to her.

6. Now I have no clue how true this is, but someone on IG said that one of the writers want Harley and Barbara to team up. If this is true, then that would be amazing, and it would mean she isn’t Harley.

1. She has the appearance description (blonde hair and blue eyes)

2. She’s switched back and forth from good and bad once

3. She’s really intelligent (She figured out Penguin was the one behind Isabella’s death.)

4. Out of all the girls, she has paralleled Jerome the most

5. She’s openly bisexual

6. She and Jerome already had a partner in crime relationship

7. She coincidentally fell through a glass window, which then put her in a comma.

8. She’s already met Selina and Ivy (she even shared her apartment with Selina for a bit)

9. She calls herself Barbara Queen (which sounds a lot like Quinn)

10. She was at first a kind, caring, selfless, and moral individual. 

11. I think she has schizophrenia, as does Harley.

12. “The downside of this is that I’ve started to feel numb. In School, they had a name for it: dissociation. My rational mind can recognize pain when I see it. But my rational mind is in a pretty small box.” - Harley Quinn

13. “I loved flushing away the control. The goals. The regiment way of life I’d had. I was finally free. Free to forget. To play for fun. To play crazy.” - Harley Quinn

14. She grew up in a bad home, her mom would call her things like ‘her little piggy’.

15. She and Tabby already started a club called The Sirens.

16. She finds it to be passionate when a man hits their woman

17. Jerome can already persuade her

18. “You’re a little pain in the ass.” - Joker SS

19. She and Jerome had a connection the moment she walked into Arkham.

20. She’s basically the only character who laughs as much as Jerome/she’s also basically the only one (besides his cult) who finds him funny (so far)

21. She’s corny

22. We all know she’s crazy

23. She acts violently when upset without thinking

24. Harley is known to obsess over things, Barbara has this down pact. (She was obsessed with Jim, now she’s obsessed with wanting to be queen of the underworld)

25. She’s connected to the Joker Cult World obviously since she and Jerome have already met/interacted.

26. She’s flirty/seductive

27. She manipulates people to her advantage

28. “And right at the end of the season there is going to be a massive development for my character, so it’s going to be really exciting.” - Erin Richards

29. “What we did with Jerome, we basically said, how could we create a city.. or our job is to set Gotham up as a place where Batman is needed one day. And therefore what we did with Jerome, what if a character, took on that same anarchic chaotic sense of chaos that Jerome did, that the Joker did. And set a tone for Gotham. We’re doing the same thing with Barbara as in like if we take her to the very edge of what that character, the sanity of that character, what would emerge afterward. So yeah, we’re gonna explore that.” - Danny Cannon.

30. A fan asked Danny ‘so she maybe is Harley?’ and Danny replied with “I’ll get in so much trouble if I say this.”

31. “There will be a big reveal, so whether it’s that or not, we’ll have to wait and see.” - Erin Richards

32. “She could get a different kind of crazy I think. Like.. there’s a lot of different crazies. So I think we could maybe see her evolve into a different aspect of that.” - Erin Richards

33. Barbara’s ultimate goal is to belong/ find out who she is. (Harley is constantly seeking a sense of identity but she doesn’t know how.) (Harley is always trying to figure out who she is, and what her role is in the world.)

34. Harley uses her obsessions to help define herself (I believe Barbara does the same)

35. Harley likes to cling onto things to help create some sense of self in her mind (I believe Barbara also does this.)

36. Harley uses other people and objects to help define herself. (And this as well)

37. She kind of used one of Harley’s signature weapons (mallet, but it wasn’t giant)

38. “The transformation that’s gonna happen at the end of this season is a big secret. It will involve me reading more comic books.” - Erin Richards

Okay, so a lot of things match up with Barbara. It’s possible that she’s Harley, but that would be a bad move on the show’s part. Not because of age or anything, but because she’s the most obvious choice in my opinion. Also because she already has a very important role in the comics. If she becomes Harley, then that would mean that there will be no Batgirl in this universe. But then I thought of more possibilities. Like, Tabitha (Tigress) is like an older version of Catwoman.. and we all know Selina Kyle is gonna be the future Catwoman. Anyway, Tabitha is kind of like a proto-Catwoman in my opinion. What if they’re making Barbara the proto Harley? I know I’m not making sense, but what if they’re gonna keep Barbara as Barbara Kean still, but make her have these traits so she can be ‘the older version proto Harley’. I hope you all can understand me. Okay, Tabitha is gonna be in a really vulnerable place later into the season, and Selina is gonna be in a very dark place, where she has nowhere else to turn. Tabitha is basically gonna take Selina under her wing, and teach her things. So the proto, older version of Catwoman is gonna be helping the future Catwoman. What if they’re doing the same thing with Barbara? You get what I’m saying? Also, Erin said there is going to be a massive character development for Barbara. Yes, it probably would be a pretty big deal if she was to become Harley.. but it honestly wouldn’t be massive in my opinion. I mean we’ve already seen Barbara act crazy (a lot may I add), and it honestly wouldn’t shock me if she was to become Harley, because hello, it would be so predictable. What I would consider a major character development is if she maybe does something good for once. Like maybe save someone’s life, or changing and becoming a better person. Not saying that’s gonna happen, but that’s what I would consider a major character development. Also if she was to change for the better, maybe she and Jim could get back together and have Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and their son James Gordon Jr. It would also make sense her having this mental instability because their son turns out being a sociopath. This would mean he got it from his mother genetically. Like I said, this probably won’t happen, but it would make more sense than them making her Harley. Also, who knows, maybe Barbara herself will become batgirl. I could see it happening because of these tweets 

Leslie Thompkins :)

1. Like Barbara, age. Like I said I don’t think age really matters. Especially since Jerome is the one coming onto the older women. The only way it would matter is if they’re sticking with Joker being older than Harley.

2. Not sure how accurate this is, but someone said that Lee is gonna do something really bad, and this something is gonna bring her and Jim together again.

3. She’s an actual character in the comics (as are Barbara, and Silver.)

4. She doesn’t have blonde hair, nor blue eyes (she’s still beyond beautiful though)

1. Harley is known to have a sister (when she has Lucy, her sister takes care of her for Harley.) Lee mentions having a sister (in Jerome’s episode may I add) whose recipe she used.

2. Her nickname is Lee, which could easily be turned into Harley or Harleen. Her name is literally in the word Harley (Harlee; Also Harleen)

3. She is around the age of Grace Fairchild (one of the ogre’s victims) so my guess is she’s either in her early or mid-twenties. This would mean she’s actually not that much older than Jerome.

4. Lee Calvi is an alias for her and turns out Harley has an alias as Lee Harkwin

5. She was there when Jerome was first introduced

6. Jerome’s entire case fascinated her (this was Jim leading her to the interrogation room)

7. His case was the first, and only case where she went into the interrogation room with Jim.

8. She’s the only woman who has really been able to touch him, (She held and comforted him when they found his mother’s body, not to mention all the times he touched her, like at the gala, or when he was reborn and took her hostage.)

Bonus: “Everyone else sees the Joker laugh, but only Harley has ever seen him cry.” - Arleen Sorkin (He was faking, but still)

9. She worked at Arkham and could easily go back.

10. Jerome has both saved, and spared her life

11. She’s a doctor (she studied trauma but it’s not her area of focus) 

12. Though it’s not her area of focus, she still basically counseled Barbara and Bruce. She also gives a lot of psychiatric advice.. examples: 

(Lee: The way people, look at you. See you differently. You treat it like it’s a burden. You could be a source of pride or happiness even. 

Jim: Thank you doctor, same time next week. 

Lee: Don’t tempt me. I can psychoanalyze the heck out of you. But I’m gonna resist the urge.)

(Lee: You need to get some trauma counseling. 

Barbara: Doc, I’m happy. I’m happy to be alive. Which is why, Jim, I didn’t want to leave without saying thank you properly. Thank you for saving my life. 

Jim: I was glad to do it. 

Lee: Ms. Kean, trauma counseling, like yesterday. I have several recommendations for you. 

Barbara: Really, Doc, I’m fine.

Lee: You’re not fine. After what you’ve been through nobody would be fine. 

Barbara: Fine, if you will be my counselor. Why don’t we do it at my place.

Lee: No. I have some trauma training, but it’s not my area of focus.

Barbara: I like you. Okay, I can talk to you. Please?

Lee: Okay. Deal.)

(Lee: You were violently abducted. You nearly died. You must have been very scared. It’s normal to feel trauma. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.)


13. She can be corny, sassy, and sarcastic

14. She’s very intelligent (she and Harley both have intelligence listed as one of their abilities)

15. She’s tougher than she looks

16. The writers themselves said that Lee was nuts.

17. Lee is gonna be affected by the Alice Tetch Virus. Jim is gonna be fighting that while also fighting for Lee.

18. She’s becoming way darker  

19. Lee and Jim finally had sex, but guess when they did it? After Jerome’s interrogation. They had been hinting at it for a bit but she would put it off because of work, and then because she got interested in the case.. while in the interrogation room you could tell that she was fascinated with Jerome and you could even see her smirk a little a few times. Then once the interrogation was over she talked about how it was ugly but thrilling, and then suggested for them to ‘go home’. Then they, ya’ know. But all of this after she watched Jerome. Makes you wonder if he turned her on. Not to mention that Harley actually has this illness where she gets turned on by her partner doing bad things.

Lee: Truly. It was ugly, but it was also kind of thrilling.
Jim: Thrilling?
Lee: Thrilling and scary. Like.. like looking down a deep, dark tunnel. Thanks for letting me be there.

20. Out of everyone Jerome came in contact with in ‘smile like you mean it‘ episode, she’s the only one he didn’t kill.

21. She was also the first person he had a casual conversation with since he was brought back to life.

22. Jerome obviously is attracted to her (and she is attracted to him as well) I mean.. 

Not only is his tongue so close to her face, but if you look closely you can see she feels his bicep. 

And here she gently places her hand on top of his.

23. She wasn’t even scared of Jerome. I honestly don’t think she’s ever been scared of him. Just my opinion. He’s literally holding a gun to her and she doesn’t care

24. She’s the only one Jerome calls ‘doc’ (Joker calls Harley doctor a lot)

25. Lee was playing along with Jerome, kind of just putting up with him (Harley’s the only one who puts up with Joker’s crap)

26. She’s met Selina (they were playful and got along. “You’re cute.. for a doctor.” “Thanks, you’re cute.. for a gangster.”

27. She tends to get overly enthusiastic about things; Harley is known to be passionate (and obsessed) about things.)

28. She was present during it all. She was there when Jerome was first introduced, when they found his mother (she held and comforted him), when Paul gave them the message from ‘Lilah beyond the grave’, when the weapon was found, when Jim interrogated Jerome and his true nature showed, and when Jerome first woke up after being reborn.

29. Plus she was the one Jerome and Barbara took hostage at the gala.

30. She somehow has managed to be present during most, if not all of his most important scenes.. (the writers chose to have her present during all these scenes. They control every single thing that happens on the show.)

31. “Don’t let your hatred of me turn you into something you’re not”

32. “I wish I could do that.”

33. “There is going to be a huge development in Lee Thompkins storyline which affects Jim.“ - Erin Richards

34. Lee is affected by the Alice Tetch Virus.

35. If I remember correctly, Harley (Harleen) doesn’t become crazy until after she meets the Joker and falls in love with him. We haven’t seen Lee’s crazy side yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t soon.

36. Similarities

37. Look at how they interact/ look at each other

They both have a certain look when they look at each other. Like Lee is trying to put up a tough demeanor, but when she looks at him you literally see her eyes soften. It looks somewhat harsh because she’s trying to act tough, but you can also see desire. Jerome’s eyes soften too. I haven’t seen either of the two look at anybody else like that. Actions speak louder than words.

38. What was the point in him asking that? He probably wanted to know for personal reasons :) 

39. Harley was serious and a little uptight at first when she interacted with the joker, kind of like Lee. 

She has quite a lot of things in common with Harley, and she fits the most when it comes to Harley’s origin. She’s a doctor who studied trauma (even though it’s not her area of focus), her nickname is Lee, she’s incredibly intelligent, etc. In my opinion, Lee or Silver would be the best choice. Plus her and Jerome definitely have the chemistry, she’s connected to the Joker Cult World (she’s met and interacted with Jerome, aka Joker), She’s a character we’ve known for quite a while, and she’s definitely going down this really dark path due to the Virus. She would be the person people would least expect.. in my opinion anyway. I’m thinking either she’s gonna get rid of the virus, and still become Harley because she likes how it feels to be free, or maybe she will get rid of the virus and decide to go work at Arkham again. She’s already basically counseled Bruce and Barbara, so maybe she will go back and work as a psychiatrist. I don’t know, probably not.

Silver St. Cloud :)

1. Silver’s favorite animal is a dolphin (Harley hates fish.. but maybe she just means eating fish)

2. She once went swimming with a dolphin. But the issue is Harley can’t swim

3. She has blonde hair, but instead of blue eyes, they’re brown.

4. She’s also her own character in the comics

1. If they were to stick with the Joker being older than Harley, then she would fit best

2. Harley is known to have a crush on Bruce Wayne. Silver has feelings for Bruce, and their relationship is rocky now due to what all happened.

3. As far as we know Silver had good parents. But when her father died she became the ward of Theo Galavan. Harley’s father was a criminal that used to abuse her. Theo is technically her guardian, and he abuses her.. so I believe this can still apply.

4. She did everything Theo asked of her, because she was scared of him, and she didn’t want to be outcast from the family. So if she did everything she did out of fear, imagine what all she would do out of love.

5. She is very gullible

6. She is a master manipulator

7. Though she and Jerome haven’t met yet, she is still connected to the Joker Cult World, because she was working for Theo as was Jerome.

8. She can be incredibly loyal

9. She was pushed out of a window by Tabitha when they were trying to escape Theo.

10. She is a hopeless romantic

12. Jessica was talking about ‘The Sirens Club’ is gonna have new people join, but she couldn’t say much about it. I believe Silver is gonna come back, and she will be one of the new members.

13. Out of all the choices, she has the advantage point. We know Barbara owned an art gallery, and Lee is a doctor, but Silver is still young and doesn’t have a career yet. So if she does turn out to be Harley, she still has a chance to either be an intern or become a psychiatrist and meet Jerome the right way.

14. Silver isn’t a bad person, people hate her because she got between BatCat and because she manipulated Bruce. I just wanna remind everyone that the only reason she did those things was because Theo would have killed her or cast her out of the family. So she’s not all bad

15. “Am I Harley? *whispers* You’ll have to wait and see.” - Natalie Alyn Lind on IG live

16. She and Jerome both acted innocent at first, before they revealed their true nature

17. She always had to work for Theo, so we never really saw her have fun. We also didn’t see her crazy side yet, but once again that doesn’t mean we won’t. Especially now that she’s free from Theo. I can see this apply to her as well.

18. “Little Minx”

19. “You can’t even imagine the things I’ve done. There’s no hope. There’s no going back to normal life.”

20. Natalie and Cameron met at Vanity Fair and took some playful pictures together. One was of the two just smiling, and the other was them acting like she punched him. She captioned the pictures ‘ Jerome and Silver takeover’.

21. Natalie is gonna be 18 this June, so she will be of age (she can be with both Jerome and Ivy on the show legally) I have no clue what her age is on the show, but I would say around 15 or 16. Maybe even 17?

22. Silver was introduced the very next episode after Jerome’s death.

So Silver and Lee are sticking out to me the most. I honestly think Silver has the biggest advantage out of everyone else. Simply because we don’t know what happened to her after she and Tabitha escaped Theo. Tabitha came back.. so why didn’t Silver? I have a theory on this as well. Tabitha cared enough about Silver to save her from Theo, and she was always kind of protective of her. What if Tabitha sent Silver somewhere so she could be safe. For one to keep her safe from Theo, and two because Tabitha lives a sort of dangerous life.  I honestly feel like she sent Silver somewhere that she could be safe and have a normal teenage life. But maybe something happens, and Silver comes back and is under Tabby’s care. If she was to come back, she would more than likely join the sirens. Considering she and Tabitha are family.. Jessica said a few more girls will be joining the Sirens, but she couldn’t talk much about it. We all know the original Sirens (in the comics) include Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. Well this  would be the same case, but Babs and Tabs will be in it as well. Silver could be doing anything right now. She could be studying criminology (she definitely has the motive) or interning or anything. With Silver as Harley, they could do so much. Like, make her be studying criminology right now, to try and figure out why her uncle (her father figure) did what all he did. They can bring her back to Gotham and where she will be under Tabitha’s care, maybe join the sirens, or maybe even intern at Arkham where she meets Jerome, etc. They can do all of this.. the only thing that would be off would be her name. But maybe they can fix that. Also we all know Ivy and Harley end up having a romantic relationship. Ivy on the show is a 19 year old with the mind of a child still. I honestly have no clue how old the characters on the show are. I know Ivy is 19 (like I just said), and I think Jerome is 19, considering he was 18 when he died. Both Joker and Ivy are older than Harley I’m pretty sure. I think Silver is maybe 16 or 17? I’m honestly not sure, but I do know she’s younger than Jerome and Ivy. She would make the most sense in my opinion, either her or Lee.

(Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes, but I’ve been working on this so long and I honestly don’t feel like going back over it and fixing things. I hope you all can understand everything I’m trying to say lmao. Be sure to tell me your thoughts! Who do you think it will be? What do you think of this post? I love feedback, just please be respectful :) 

The Truth About Natalie Negrotti

Today I received the attached anonymous submission regarding Natalie Negrotti of Big Brother 18. It alleges that Natalie strung James Huling along, cheated on him and used Monte Massongill (of Big Brother: Over The Top) to try and make him jealous.

Additionally, a GoFundMe which raised $5K to benefit Natalie’s destitute family in Venezuela was supposedly misappropriated so that she could start a business selling chokers.

Not the sweet, innocent and selfless individual she portrayed herself to be.

These damn Anons

okay I know I’m out of commission but I’m gonna go for a little rant because I am SICK of all the hate and shit writers have been getting anonymously lately.

So dear Hate Anon(s),

How many times do you need to be reminded that the writers on this site do this FOR FREE. They do it for their readers, for others and for fun. The people on here are probably the most selfless individuals you can find on this fucked up planet, and you find the need to ruin it for those people?

You know that what you say or send to these writers affect them? They work long and hard on their blog. They have lives too yet they take time off to nurture their blog, write and interact with others. They try so hard and deserve to be appreciated for all the work they’ve done, not depreciated. How would you feel if someone sent that to you? How would you feel if you had worked to the bone creating this beautiful piece of art and someone decides to take a piss on it? It wouldn’t feel very nice, would it?

You think just because you can hide behind the anonymous feature that you can say all these things? You have NO RIGHT. If you don’t have something nice to say then get off your fat ass and walk away because nobody wants to hear it. The Unfollow button is literally a few clicks away. If you don’t want to see the blog anymore, just click that.

Honestly, you are what makes the world a darker place. All this hate, this destruction you intend to inflict, it’s simply sickening. You should be nothing but ashamed, and if you’re not then you are fucked up because these amazing people here don’t deserve to be treated this way.

I can’t emphasize this enough; if you have something hurtful to say, or a threat, it’s better you don’t do so at all because you don’t know what it could do to a person. They could be suffering and you could be fueling that fire. You could make someone’s day bad just like that. Don’t do this. Please, don’t send hate messages. They do nothing except cause pain and anger others. 


Yours sincerely,
A very concerned writer 

anonymous asked:

Itachi dating Shisui's sister? What would that be like? Thank you all

Hi anon! Thanks for sending in this wonderful ask. Itachi and Shisui’s friendship is so admirable to me, and I hope I could do them some justice here. Hope you enjoy! Also, I wrote this keeping in mind the timing before Shisui committed suicide (lowkey sobbing). Hope that’s alright. ~Admin Nunu

Itachi Dating Shisui’s Sister Headcanons

Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod

• Shisui is very intuitive when it comes to feelings. He’ll definitely realize it when Itachi begins to develop feelings towards his younger sister – which would only be natural since they all would spend a lot of time together. Shisui is very protective over his younger sister, but he would not mind leaving her care in Itachi’s hands because in Shisui’s mind, Itachi is the only one capable of looking after his younger sister.

• I can only see this happening or starting as a thing if Itachi receives a blessings from Shisui to start something with his sister. Itachi has such a profound respect for Shisui, that Itachi unquestionably sees his sister in this way too. It goes without saying that Itachi, who Shisui deems to be just as powerful as himself, will protect his younger sister no matter the cost. Itachi will care for Shisui’s sister, he will try his best to make sure that no harm comes her way.

• Itachi and Shisui’s sister will make a boss power couple. Both are praised to be the greatest in their clans. So, as a result, they don’t see each other as much as they’d like to, because of their mandatory duties. When they do spend time with each other, there is a very blissful vibe between the two. They both genuinely care and trust in each other. They confide in each other because of the doubts they are facing in regards to their clan, in a way that Itachi can’t talk to even Shisui about. One of the things that draws them towards each other is the level of understanding they both share. The other does not get mad when they’re busy or caught up in their work, because they both are dedicated to making the Uchiha clan stop their revolt against the Leaf. For that, Itachi and Shisui’s sister would be willing to do anything.

• Shisui’s sister would be so understanding of Itachi’s feelings, or rather understand his internal struggles. The expectations that Itachi has to meet (protecting his clan, his younger brother, dealing with his father’s expectations, his missions, Danzo, the Anbu) place a great burden on Itachi’s chest. Itachi just wants to be free. He feels he can be that way with Shisui’s younger sister. There is naturally no judgement between the two, only a peace between the two that the both of them enjoy so much. Like all that matters in the world is just the two of them.

• Itachi is a very selfless individual, and so is Shisui’s younger sister. Itachi is drawn towards her kind and warm aura. How she so greatly values the village and the clan much like her elder brother, is very important to Itachi –  that is one of the qualities Itachi finds most appealing. I see that one of the things that connects the two is their dream to stop the coup d’etat and keep their village from harm.

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hc's for the paladins + allura & coran with an s/o who's really emotional like, to the point where they get teary-eyed just being told something nice or seeing someone looking a little nicer than usual

(Tears? Oh, yeah, that’s Mod Awk’s job! ~Mod Saffron)


But it’s true, I’m a huge crybaby. I burst into tears every time I see something cute.

Don’t even get me started on what happened at my surprise birthday party. I cried for an hour straight, and then got drunk and cried some more. Ah, good times…

~Mod Awkward


  • Judging by how Shiro’s seen you tear up every time you win a tough battle, it doesn’t come as a shock to him when he confesses he likes you and you start sniffling into his shoulder
  • As a leader, he’s supposed to maintain a level head at all times and be there to support the rest of the team when they’re down on their luck, so he doesn’t have the liberty to cry or really express his emotions
  • He finds that you tend to externally express what he feels on the inside, and its almost like you compensate for the emotions he has to suppress for the sake of the team
  • You remind Shiro that a good leader is in tune with his own feelings, and that he shouldn’t be afraid of opening up to the others 


  • Keith.exe has stopped working
  • It catches him so off guard the first time when he whispers you’re amazing and you burst into tears
  • Has he done something wrong?? why are you crying??
  • You have to calm him down and explain that no, he didn’t upset you, you’re just so happy that you can’t stop crying
  • It takes him some time to see you overwhelmed with emotion every time he compliments you or every time he tries to show off this new sword technique he mastered
  • But he grows to find it endearing and will always be there to gently wipe away your tears, whether they be tears of joy or sadness


  • His heart swells every time he sees your eyes gloss over
  • Lance considers crying in front of someone else a very intimate act so having you feel comfortable enough to not try and hide your tears of joy around him tells Lance just how much you trust him 
  • He makes note to remember which compliments make you tear up and which ones don’t to use for when you’re having a bad day
  • He thinks it’s your most distinct quality, you wouldn’t be you without it 
  • You wear your heart on your sleeve and he admires that about you, it’s not an easy thing to do, and you’ve managed to turn something that is often considered a weakness into a strength


  • Hunk thinks the emotional side of you is absolutely adorable
  • Your big heart is what makes you a kind, and selfless individual and it’s what he loves most about you
  • You’re too precious for this world
  • He feels like it makes reunions more meaningful, and you never fail to bring life to the room when you’re together
  • Heck, Hunk is on the emotional side himself, so he’s probably right there getting teary-eyed along with you


  • Pidge had absolutely no clue until she tried to surprise you with an alien puppy she had found on their last mission
  • Can you imagine the shock when you ask to hold him and she sees tears form in the corner of your eyes? 
  • At first she starts panicking, thinking the puppy bit you, but when you choke out that he’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen it clicks that you’re crying from a cuteness overload
  • She might poke fun of your emotional side occasionally but it’s her way of telling you she hopes you never change


  • Allura is in a similar position to Shiro as the pilot of the Castle of Lions, and therefore often has to choke back her own emotions so as to not to worry the rest of the team
  • Part of the reason why she trusts you so much is because you’re never scared to show your own emotions
  • You remind her a bit of her father and his gentle, caring nature, and so being in your arms makes her feel safe and warm
  • She trusts you with everything and you two will often stay up late into the night talking about anything that’s on your minds


  • He hears you sniffling and immediately moves to comfort you but you shake your head
  • He’s confused, aren’t you upset??
  • You admit that you never took the time to actually admire the architecture of the castle and it just hit you how overwhelming gorgeous it is
  • Coran’s relieved but he will flat out admit that he’s terrible at telling the difference between happy and sad tears welp
  • You laugh and tell him don’t worry, being around you will give him plenty of practice

Here’s one damn good reason why Ryuji is “best boy” and the only one anyone needs to care about:

Ryuji is an incredibly selfless individual, arguably the most selfless character in the game.  He will die if it means someone else will be safe.

Day 1, when you’re pulled into the Metaverse with Ryuji, he does not give a shit about himself and just wants you to escape.  He tells you to run.  To leave him.  To save yourself.  He knows full well he’ll either get beaten enough that he’ll require medical attention or he’ll be killed.  This “vulgar boy” who you’ve only known for 10 minutes doesn’t care though.  As long as there’s a chance you’ll make it out safely, he’s content.

Flash forward to December, you’ve beaten Shido.  The ship is sinking.  The group needs to escape.  There’s a life boat.  Despite his own fears and everyone’s panic, Ryuji calms down enough to rush for the life boat.  He knows damn well that there’s a chance he could get trapped there and die, but, hey, if he can save at least one person, he’s fine with this.


To the one that has her heart next:

Make sure you tell her how much you mean to her. Don’t give her a reason to believe she’s not good enough for you. Love her more than you’ve loved anyone before and she will love you the exact same way. Treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Show her off to your friends and family. Make her smile and laugh all the time because godamn they’re both so contagious. Hold her hand when she gets anxious and starts biting her nails. Protect her from everything and anything. Hold her tight at night and keep her safe. Kiss her goodnight every night even if you get in a fight. Give her your sweater, your smell keeps her safe. She likes her touches so make sure you let her have a hand on you or you have a hand on her, it makes her feel safe. Her favourites when you put your hand on her cheeks. Kiss her in public, show everyone that she’s yours. She will be your biggest supporter. She will push you to be a better person. Her favourite colour is purple. Her favourite animal is the blue footed booby and a giraffe because she is one. She loves hedley and her favourite song from them is for the nights I can’t remember. She likes her coffee with 2 milk and 2 sugar from McDonald’s and if she’s studying 2 milk 1 sugar. If she wants breakfast from timmies get her a sausage breakfast sandwich. Also she hates smell of oranges but loves the taste. She can be a bit stubborn but you’ll get used to it and love her even more for it. She wants to be a lawyer so that explains it. She’s the smartest, athletic, beautiful, amazing, selfless individual you’ll ever have the honour of loving and being with. If you end up marrying her know that she is a size 6 ring and she wants kids before 30. Her favourite girl name is Isabella and her favourite boy name is Lucas. And she wants all of your love so give it to her. Don’t lose her because I promise you, it will be the biggest regret you’ll ever make losing someone so special like her. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this. The truth is that she was the best thing that ever happened to me but our timing was off. We were never in the right place at the right time. I guess you could say I never felt like I really had her. And maybe I didn’t. I’ll never know and that’s okay. I just need you to promise me a few things. Don’t give up on her. She has been through hell and back and I’m sure you will figure that out. She is so damn strong and you will see that in her as well but sometimes she needs a shoulder. Respect her. Love her. Be honest with her. And always be loyal. I wish you two the best.

“In moving the doctrine of selflessness and love into the foreground, Christianity was in no way establishing the interests of the species as of higher value than the interests of the individual. Its real historical effect remains in precisely the enhancement of egoism, to the extreme of individual immortality.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §246 (edited excerpt).


Imagine, if instead of Mon, Kara found a teenager/kid inside the pod? A little girl/boy Kryptonian/Daxamite that she could have taught and cared for? I personally think that would have been more interesting to see than Kara falling for the man-child she was babysitting.

I can imagine the kid being more into the science stuff if they were Kryptonian and then meets Lena and they click would have been better than Man Boy’s entrance.

Or like Kara gaining an understanding of why Clark didn’t take her in, because she sees how hard it is. Or maybe even getting angry with Clark because she’s making it work when he didn’t even try, that way we get a touch of the darkness in Kara like in the episode where she couldn’t show her anger.

I really think that could have offered her a lot more growth because now her entire arc has been placed on her love life.

Sadly this season has been all about love.

I say sadly because everyone got a love life which freaking annoys me. They should have just focused on Maggie and Alex getting together or even maybe Winn’s love life. By the way, totally called the girlfriend being evil somehow.

This season everyone got a love interest, even James because his love is the Guardian.

To be honest, I’m 80% happy that Katie McGrath got promoted as a season regular because I’ll get to see Katie on television again. I’m 10% terrified that they’re going to butcher her character somehow and the other 10% is worried that they just did it to bait us Katie Mcgrath fans and they’ll only show her like half the time to keep us watching.

I mean, how many of us just watch it now because of Lena? Tune in to see her name on the screen and then flip the channel when we don’t see her on the guest spot? Or if you live in the Pacific time zone like I do, check IG at 6 for #lenaluthor to see if there’s new screen caps of her? She’s honestly the only reason I watch Supergirl.

I admit, the sequence and story progression regarding that the villains and the objective have gotten better from the first season. There’s flow in the action but character growth and development is all over the place for me this season.

Kara starts off wanting to find herself, wants to find her place in the world, define herself outside of a romantic partner but then not even halfway through the season, she falls for Mon-El who’s a mess of a character himself because his arc has been completely rushed.

Alex and Kara don’t even really feel like sisters anymore. And honestly, Alex pushing Kara to date kind of makes me think she did it so she can concentrate on Maggie and not feel guilty that Kara’s alone. And being with Mon is easier for Kara since he already knows the Supergirl thing and because she doesn’t have to worry about her powers but I don’t even know what Kara likes about Mon?

He’s really a good guy despite his chauvinistic and arrogant beliefs? That he’s trying to change from the irresponsible coward to a hero? Why? Because he loves her enough to try? Why does Mon even love Kara? It always seems like he wants her to change too?

And the fuck was that episode on Flash? Music Meister wants them to learn they should allow themselves to be saved by their romantic partners and forgive them?

Jesus, Kara’s ass gets saved by J’onn and Alex half the fucking time on the show!

And we know Kara can forgive. She’s done it for Mon at the end of every episode. I know she’s not perfect but come freaking on. He practically said he never would have admitted it to her if his parents didn’t show up. That just proves that he hasn’t really changed.

Maybe that’s the attraction to Mon? He’s the selfish entitled jackass that she wants to be sometimes but feels like she can’t afford to be.

If that’s the case, then that explains some things.

It doesn’t excuse things because I get being attracted to the thing you want to be, but if Kara wants to be selfish deep down, then she could do better! Be with someone who can stand up for their self, who can back up their actions. That’s my problem with Mon El. His whole character’s excuse for being shitty is that he supposedly doesn’t know better.

That’s his entire excuse. He just says sorry but he never really shows that he is. And besides, he seems to have such little faith in Kara that it makes me wonder why he even really likes her?

He was afraid that she wouldn’t treat him right because he’s a Daxamite? He didn’t want to confess because he was afraid to prove Kara right? Or that Kara wouldn’t speak to him again? That means he thinks she’s an unforgiving racist. Why does he freaking love her then?

I really don’t understand what their character’s attraction is to one another. Especially on Kara’s end!

But still, Kara forgiving Mon after this just really pissed me off because it’s restarting the cycle of abuse all over again! Fucking A Kara, he lied about who he is so you would let him get close to you. And he lied about not telling anyone that you were dating. Lied about letting the Jeremiah thing go. He lies about shit and Kara just forgives him all the fucking time because he’s a Daxamite? He doesn’t know better because of the planet he comes from so we must excuse his ways? I thought Kryptonian’s were supposed to be smart?

Besides, she could have forgiven him without wanting to get back together. Make him really earn your trust which Kara seems to give so easily to everyone but LENA!!!!!

Yes, Mon saved her but come on, that crossover was a freaking mess. Music Meister did it so they’d learn a lesson? Like I said, Kara knows how to forgive. I don’t like that they were manipulated/forced into the situation where she had to learn something that a 26 year old woman should already know and I don’t like that everyone was telling her to forgive Mon because yes, Jeremiah lied to Alex and Lyra lied to Winn, but it’s not even remotely the same because they did it to protect people they love.

Because clearly, Mon doesn’t have a problem protecting Kara from his ‘truths’ since he reminds her of her faults whenever they’re arguing.

Clearly, the only person Mon is interested in protecting is himself.

Also it’s crude and derogatory to Supergirl/Kara. She’s supposed to be the epitome of female empowerment and yet they backed her into a corner to force her to see their point.

It just makes her stupid and it reinforces the belief that people should be forgiven even if they continually repeat the same mistake over and over again and that there are no consequences to Mon El’s actions. I mean, he’ll have to fight his parents but that doesn’t matter since Kara will offer her support and vagina every step of the way.

Anyway, this whole season is just a jumbled mess. Kryptonian’s have been painted as prideful arrogant race while Daxamites are savages who treat women objectively? But then why does Mon El’s dad let his mom have so much say?

She’s the one that talked to Kara to convince her to return Mon to them. I don’t think such an important task would have been entrusted to the queen if women were nothing compared to the men. Nothing about Mon’s mom seems like she’s subservient so if Mon’s been exposed to powerful women, why would he react like he doesn’t know strong women exist? Besides, if Daxamites were truly savages wouldn’t they have just issued an ultimatum and demanded Mon’s return or else blown the planet to bits? I mean they have an people at their disposal. It seems like the King and Queen wouldn’t even bargain, just make demands. Clearly they aren’t strangers to politics.

It just feels like the Kryptonian/Daxamite disagreement’s being blown to epic proportions because if their beef really had been that severe, if they truly hated each other wouldn’t the Kryptonian’s just have eliminated them with the Medusa virus?

The writers seem like their pushing Kryptonian/Daxam hatred of one another too hard and it feels inauthentic.

Like they’re really making it seem like Mon and Kara’s races were so different and that they truly hated each other and that they should never ever be together because of that.

But from what’s gone on, it feels more like they disagree on their views seeing as Kryptonian’s value academics and intelligence while Daxamites value wealth and power. Mostly it feels like they don’t like each other but leave the other race well enough alone. If that’s the case, it doesn’t warrant such reactions. Even the way they talk like ‘Daxamites are this’ and ‘Kryptonites are that’ make it seem more like they ignore each other’s existence because they don’t think highly of the other. It doesn’t really feel like they hate each other enough to have been at war with one another to the death for years.

Am I the only one getting that?

It’s racist but if they truly hated each other I’m pretty sure Kryptonians/Daxamites would have ended the other race if it really bothered them to that degree.

And Mon’s the crowned prince. Like honestly, does he think his tyrannical parents will let their heir go after he disrespected them? And if he really wants to change things on Daxam, if he has become a selfless individual, wouldn’t the right course be to be with his people and try to change things there?

I know he loves Kara but did he even think about the mess his parents could bring to her, to Earth if he stayed?

If this is the type of writing that I have to look forward to then I’m afraid for Lena Luthor. They’re going to give her a love story not worth her character, one that’ll probably test her friendship with Kara somehow, before she’ll be painted as an evil character. Or they let her remain good but then they’ll ruin her character anyway, in the most unimaginative way. They’re going to weaken her character.

I bet they’re going to make her date Winn since they’re both super smart and both have family members that killed people and are in jail.

I like Winn, don’t get me wrong, but Lena with him would be predictable and boring. I mean, Winn hasn’t had suffered half the stigma that Lena has and yes, they’re both smart but then it’ll be like Maggie and Alex all over again because the characters would be too perfect together.

I’m preparing myself for the worst. I’m lowering my expectations so I won’t be disappointed. I’ll simply enjoy seeing Katie McGrath grace my screen, focus on the good instead of the bad.

Can I just talk about the parallel for a second?!?

Bellamy Blake gets onto Clarke’s level when he goes to rescue her. He kneels in front of her so they are eye to eye. He’s so preoccupied with her that he doesn’t even check his surroundings.

Lex@ on the other hand does not personally go out to look for Clarke. Instead she sends a bounty hunter after her, to get Clarke to come to her against her will. Then when she get there she has Clarke kneel. She also has checked the surroundings, and has Clarke bound in a way to protect HERSELF from Clarke. Like it was a sharp contrast.

Then we have the “I’m going to get you out of here,” from Bellamy to Clarke. He is making this whole thing about her. He wants to make sure SHE is safe. It’s not about how he felt when she left, or anything selfish. It is just. Him focusing on getting her to safety.

Lex@ on the other hand says “there is a war brewing. I need you” to Clarke. For Lex@ it is all about herself, and little to do with Clarke. She needs Clarke alive for her cause, and that is why Lex& saved her.

This entire episode revolved around Clarke’s main two romantic prospects, and how they were trying to get Clarke. One used force, manipulating, and war tactics. The other spent their whole time trying to free her from the person who kidnapped her and take her home. One has ulterior motives. The other is doing it out of selfless love for another individual.

The sharp contrast was so apparent in 3X02. Hot damn.


Goddess Sita was a dedicated wife to her husband, Prabhu Shri Ram. She served him with a simple and selfless heart, not out of any sense of duty or societal expectation, but because she loved him with her mind, body and soul. Theirs was a love that taught the world the true meaning of marriage. It’s not about what you gain from the other person, but that that other person gains from you. Ram and Sita were such selfless individuals who dedicated their lives to each other without any expectation of receiving love in return.

miles hollingsworth appreciation post.

miles is absolutely such an amazing brother to his siblings. after he got slapped by his father and hunter got smashed by a mug, he IMMEDIATELY went over to be sure that he was okay. he tried his hardest to get his abusive father out of his house to protect them. he wanted to leave his home to ensure that they were safe, because he thought he was the problem. he looked through smoke and through the school to find his sister. he made sure to protect them. he found hunter WITH a fully loaded gun, and calmed him down and comforted him. he told his mom about hunter’s mental health, and saved him from himself. he constantly visited his brother in the mental hospital. when frankie ran away and when she came back, he comforted her, and gave her advice. when hunter felt like he was unworthy to be loved, he told him all about his experience and problems with himself. he told him to be the best he could be, because couldn’t choose the way he was built.

this cinnamon roll deserves the WORLD. he has developed immensely since his first appearance in s13. he is a selfless caring individual who has made plenty of mistakes and won’t say that he hasn’t made them. he is just a teenager that deserves all the love and support possible.

I would like to be remembered as a powerful force that kept people from suffering. Something like a Goddess. Now I don’t mean I want to be seen as someone for people to worship.

I want to be remembered as a selfless, kind, positive individual. A person who brings out the best in people. I want to be remembered as someone who brings joy. Someone of honesty and truth. I will tell it like it is. My positive energy will radiate to everyone I come into contact with. I want to be remembered by my family as a loving, giving woman who built an empire for future generations. Multiple businesses bringing in multiple incomes for the financial freedom and abundance of all my family.

Stay true
Peace beautiful ppl