selfless individual

himchan is always so disciplined and so firm with himself about following his routine in order to reach his goal, so i can only imagine how much he was pushing himself each and every day just to reach his target physique. just in case some of you might not know how idol dieting works, it usually involves a large drop in daily calorie intake and lots of exercise - so repeated overexertion from exercise and practice most likely led to his stress fracture. 

i shouldn’t even have to say this, but himchan is BEYOND breathtaking at any weight. with all the comments about his weight that have been made by “fans”, some of the members, show mc’s, and probably even TS themselves, how much more motivated do you think he would have been to keep up his strenuous weight loss routine? 

he’s always so adamant about putting the fans first - who was the one that made an entire fansite dedicated to capturing the fans at b.a.p’s concerts? who takes the time to upload photos of the fans at every fansign to their personal instagram account? even after going to the hospital for sharp chest pains and discussing his options for this promotion period, himchan still had the fans and the rest of the group as his top priority, insisting that he wanted to be there onstage as 6 after yongguk’s break.  

kim himchan is honestly one of the most genuine, caring, selfless individuals that i’ve ever seen, and he deserves to be loved and appreciated just as much as every other b.a.p member. please don’t just sit back and passively dismiss this as “just another injury” by sweeping it under the rug. 

what he really needs right now is overwhelming love and support from the fans. 

These damn Anons

okay I know I’m out of commission but I’m gonna go for a little rant because I am SICK of all the hate and shit writers have been getting anonymously lately.

So dear Hate Anon(s),

How many times do you need to be reminded that the writers on this site do this FOR FREE. They do it for their readers, for others and for fun. The people on here are probably the most selfless individuals you can find on this fucked up planet, and you find the need to ruin it for those people?

You know that what you say or send to these writers affect them? They work long and hard on their blog. They have lives too yet they take time off to nurture their blog, write and interact with others. They try so hard and deserve to be appreciated for all the work they’ve done, not depreciated. How would you feel if someone sent that to you? How would you feel if you had worked to the bone creating this beautiful piece of art and someone decides to take a piss on it? It wouldn’t feel very nice, would it?

You think just because you can hide behind the anonymous feature that you can say all these things? You have NO RIGHT. If you don’t have something nice to say then get off your fat ass and walk away because nobody wants to hear it. The Unfollow button is literally a few clicks away. If you don’t want to see the blog anymore, just click that.

Honestly, you are what makes the world a darker place. All this hate, this destruction you intend to inflict, it’s simply sickening. You should be nothing but ashamed, and if you’re not then you are fucked up because these amazing people here don’t deserve to be treated this way.

I can’t emphasize this enough; if you have something hurtful to say, or a threat, it’s better you don’t do so at all because you don’t know what it could do to a person. They could be suffering and you could be fueling that fire. You could make someone’s day bad just like that. Don’t do this. Please, don’t send hate messages. They do nothing except cause pain and anger others. 


Yours sincerely,
A very concerned writer 

The Truth About Natalie Negrotti

Today I received the attached anonymous submission regarding Natalie Negrotti of Big Brother 18. It alleges that Natalie strung James Huling along, cheated on him and used Monte Massongill (of Big Brother: Over The Top) to try and make him jealous.

Additionally, a GoFundMe which raised $5K to benefit Natalie’s destitute family in Venezuela was supposedly misappropriated so that she could start a business selling chokers.

Not the sweet, innocent and selfless individual she portrayed herself to be.

“In moving the doctrine of selflessness and love into the foreground, Christianity was in no way establishing the interests of the species as of higher value than the interests of the individual. Its real historical effect remains in precisely the enhancement of egoism, to the extreme of individual immortality.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §246 (edited excerpt).

seargantbcky  asked:

Could you do 1 & 5 for Seb, I don't know man, I just wanna read some Seb fluff/angst

1. “I don’t want to stop loving you.” 5. “We were just pretending to be lovers, but I’m not pretending anymore.. I need to know if you feel the same way.”

 It was the last day of filming for the Netflix original show that you had starred in, alongside several wonderful, talented actors and actresses.. Sebastian Stan being among them. 

 You’d been cast as his his lover, his eventual wife… his soulmate

 You’d be lying to yourself if you said that it hadn’t felt real at times, when he was cradling your face in his hands, looking down at you with his baby blues, whispering I love yous and other sweet nothings. 

Of course you’d developed feelings for him. 

 Seb was different than anyone you’d ever met.. he was funny, even though he sometimes didn’t even realize it.. He was so intelligent, but not in a snobby way - he was always eager to learn more. He was probably the most kindhearted, selfless individual you’d come across. 

 You loved him for it. 

 Vivid memories of onscreen kisses, gropes and embraces haunted your dreams, waking you up in a sweat, tangled in your sheets.. but you never had the nerve to approach him on a personal level. You only saw him at cast parties, training and when you were actually filming. 

 You were now sitting at the bar, swirling your third drink around in its glass, waiting… for what, you weren’t sure of. 

You knew that after tonight you’d probably never speak to any of these people again, and the thought made your heart ache. You should be saying your goodbyes and having fun, but you couldn’t.. Your mind was overtaken by the idea of never telling Seb how you feel. 

 Suddenly, a hand snaked around your waist from behind. You looked over your shoulder quickly, your mouth falling open slightly when you came face to face with Sebastian smiling down at you. 

 “Hello, lover.” He said softly before leaning down and pressing a sloppy kiss to your cheek. You giggled at the contact, biting into your lip as you continued to gaze up at him. He took a small sip of his drink before setting it on the bar beside you and wrapping that hand around your waist, too. 

 “So, this is it, huh?” He wondered softly, taking a moment to look around the room at all the familiar faces. You felt yourself nod slowly, following his gaze. “It feels like just yesterday that we were all meeting each other for the first time..” He continued, letting out a small sigh before chuckling to himself. “Feels like just yesterday that I was kissing you for the first time.” He whispered, making your cheeks sting at the memory. 

 He looked down at you, smiling fondly before taking one of your hands in his, pulling you to stand. “Come with me? I wanna show you something.” You nodded, mesmerized that he was speaking to you unscripted, of his own accord. 

 He led you into the room where you had filmed your first scene together, dropping your hand and walking a few steps ahead of you, clearing his throat. “This is where it happened.” He said softly, and you cocked your head to the side, waiting for him to continue. 

He turned to look at you, a nervous smile on his lips. “We were just pretending to be lovers, but I’m not pretending anymore.. I need to know if you feel the same way.” You felt your heart jump into your throat and you were at a loss for words. 

  Was this real

 "Seb.. what are you saying..?” You squeaked. He came forward slowly, cupping your face in his hands as he’d done so many times before. “I adore you, Y/N..” His eyes scanned your features, gauging your reaction before he spoke again. 

“I’ve spent so much time pretending to love you, kissing you, holding you… I.. I don’t know when it started being real for me, but it is. I love you.” He paused again, rubbing his thumb across your cheek as he bit into his lip, his eyes glazing over. 

“And I know that once this party is over, we’re supposed to go our separate ways and probably not keep in contact, but.. I don’t want to stop loving you.” 

 You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He loves you? You saw his lips start to form a frown as he released your face from his grip and you panicked, grabbing his chin and pressing your lips against his firmly. He froze at first, almost as if he wasn’t sure it was actually happening. Within moments, his arms were around your waist and he was holding you flush against his chest as he deepened the kiss. You didn’t part for a few moments, and when you finally did, you were both panting. 

He opened his mouth to speak again, but you interrupted him. “I love you, too.” You breathed, and his face immediately lit up. “You do?” He asked, rubbing his thumb across your lower lip slowly, licking his own. “I do.”

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miles hollingsworth appreciation post.

miles is absolutely such an amazing brother to his siblings. after he got slapped by his father and hunter got smashed by a mug, he IMMEDIATELY went over to be sure that he was okay. he tried his hardest to get his abusive father out of his house to protect them. he wanted to leave his home to ensure that they were safe, because he thought he was the problem. he looked through smoke and through the school to find his sister. he made sure to protect them. he found hunter WITH a fully loaded gun, and calmed him down and comforted him. he told his mom about hunter’s mental health, and saved him from himself. he constantly visited his brother in the mental hospital. when frankie ran away and when she came back, he comforted her, and gave her advice. when hunter felt like he was unworthy to be loved, he told him all about his experience and problems with himself. he told him to be the best he could be, because couldn’t choose the way he was built.

this cinnamon roll deserves the WORLD. he has developed immensely since his first appearance in s13. he is a selfless caring individual who has made plenty of mistakes and won’t say that he hasn’t made them. he is just a teenager that deserves all the love and support possible.

Can I just talk about the parallel for a second?!?

Bellamy Blake gets onto Clarke’s level when he goes to rescue her. He kneels in front of her so they are eye to eye. He’s so preoccupied with her that he doesn’t even check his surroundings.

Lex@ on the other hand does not personally go out to look for Clarke. Instead she sends a bounty hunter after her, to get Clarke to come to her against her will. Then when she get there she has Clarke kneel. She also has checked the surroundings, and has Clarke bound in a way to protect HERSELF from Clarke. Like it was a sharp contrast.

Then we have the “I’m going to get you out of here,” from Bellamy to Clarke. He is making this whole thing about her. He wants to make sure SHE is safe. It’s not about how he felt when she left, or anything selfish. It is just. Him focusing on getting her to safety.

Lex@ on the other hand says “there is a war brewing. I need you” to Clarke. For Lex@ it is all about herself, and little to do with Clarke. She needs Clarke alive for her cause, and that is why Lex& saved her.

This entire episode revolved around Clarke’s main two romantic prospects, and how they were trying to get Clarke. One used force, manipulating, and war tactics. The other spent their whole time trying to free her from the person who kidnapped her and take her home. One has ulterior motives. The other is doing it out of selfless love for another individual.

The sharp contrast was so apparent in 3X02. Hot damn.

Putting Down Routes

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” -Robert Frost

I left my home today.

It feels strange to write that for I am not entirely sure that it was ever truly my home to begin with. Being given a key to a room in the Hall was fulfilling yet the weight it bore in my palm was beyond what it seemed. When my head cleared, I found myself asking:

    What was I trying to accomplish by being there?

This group, this Order, is made up selfless individuals. Countless times I heard a few of them mention giving their life if it meant another member could live. I was even privy to such actions on more than one occasion and each time I could feel myself seize up. As if something was slipping against the grain and grating on my senses.

               Familiar sensations, perhaps?

Regardless, I was always led to believe that your spirit will warn you when it is ill at ease; in one way or another. I just didn’t see the signs at first. I ignored them and kept them in my peripheral vision as I continued onward; seeking to protect those around me. Even with all the good that was forged through our deeds, I still felt off.

                           I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I had spent so much time helping others that I found myself setting aside my own desires. My arms were sore from battle but my spirit was still restless. I was not filling the glass with water, but air. And the only person who was seeking to keep me on my path…was Kagato. He offered me a chance to build upon myself and that was stripped away the moment he left.

                                    So I followed him to Limsa.

I packed up my things and left before I could question myself further. It was wrong to cut ties the way I did and leave without a word; especially with those I had grown fond of. But I couldn’t be what they wanted me to be. I wasn’t the right fit from the start and only now do I know that for certain. They were seeking to fight the battles no one else would. They were a family that would stand up to any foe that sought harm to another even if it meant death. It felt like the resistance all over again and reminded me that had a bigger fight to focus on. Ala Mhigo.

                                           Because that is where my heart lies.

So here I am. Late into the evening. Sitting at a desk covered in tomes and bottles with candlelight to write by. Gentle snoring from the couch and the fire growing low. Another place to live until my hard work can pay for a home again either by blood or by Gil. Training starts come the dawn and I intended to greet it with a run through the Mists. Perhaps this time, I won’t let myself stray to the grass on either side.

Aftermath (The Power Inside Her)

Okay, I had to write this because the feels beat some fluff out of me.  Enjoy!


Donatello sat at his computer in his lab, staring at the blinking cursor on the screen.  For the life of him he just couldn’t make the connection between his brain and his fingers on the keyboard.  It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with him.  He had made it a point earlier to give himself a full physical and mental exam to make sure there was nothing wrong.  Every test he ran came back normal.  And the fact he thought of these tests and could run them without a second thought just reaffirmed that there wasn’t anything wrong with him.

The problem seemed to be that each time he started thinking about so simple as coding, his subconscious would start to wander off to what had transpired earlier today.

His mind wandered to the thought of April O’Neil.

Sighing, he pinched the bridge of his nose.

For a little while she had been lost to the control of the Aeon crystal.  The entity, Za-Naron, had basically overwritten everything that was April, taken control of what powers she had and amplified them to try to cleanse Earth of all it had deemed as corruption.

It wanted to make this world pure again.

Donatello almost snorted at that.  Since sentient life began, was Earth ever as pure as that being wanted it to be?

On top of the Channel Six building he had come so close to pulling April back from Za-Naron’s control.  He almost had her free, but it was as if it felt its control slipping and, in a surge of anger, it had gained enough control back to stop him.

He smiled, remembering what he had said in the lair’s commons.  He was turned into a quantum smear.  Now that was a great explanation.  He couldn’t help but think back to the movie Watchmen and the character of Doctor Manhattan.  From the way Michelangelo had described the event, Za-Naron must have removed the intrinsic field holding his molecules together and scattered him.  All he remembered was pleading with April to fight for control, her apologizing with the most agonizing expression he had ever seen on her, and then suddenly he was in the middle of the street where she had hugged him ever so tight.

He didn’t really care what happened to lead to that.

April had won control back from the Aeon entity.

April had hugged him.

And his family was safe again.

So lost in thought he almost missed the gentle knock on the lab door until a familiar redhead opened the door enough to pop her head in and peer inside, still loose locks of flame pooling around her shoulders.

“Donnie, are you still up?” April called softly.

“Yeah… wait, still up?  What time is it?”

“Almost one in the morning.  Can I come in?”

“Sure.”  He thought he heard a relieved sigh from her.  “What are you still doing up?” he questioned instead.

“Couldn’t sleep.” 

She entered the lab, her steps hesitant as she approached him, tucking a stay lock of her hair behind her ear. 

How was it that he was so calm? 

How was it that he could even stand to have her around after what she did to him? 

She couldn’t even stand to be in her own skin.  Za-Naron had violated her mind, took control of her to use her to attack those closest to her, to attack her home.  When she looked at the turtle before her, all she saw was Donatello vaporizing in a cloud of matter and energy.

And it hurt so much…

That singular moment had made her realize something so very important.  All her fears leading up to that event had been baseless. 

So much wasted time.

“I keep replaying everything from today,” she admitted softly.

He chuckled.  “Yeah, today was weird.”

A shaky smile touched her lips.  “To put it mildly.”  The smile vanished as she stared at him.  “Donnie, there is no way I’ll ever be able to apologize enough to you for what I did.”

But Donatello, being the ever selfless individual as he was, merely waved off her attempt to make amends.  “Really, April, it’s okay.  It wasn’t you.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that I still did those things.  She was so strong…” and she shut her eyes tight at the memory.

“But you were stronger.”

She met his eyes.  “Not strong enough.  I… I killed you!”

He shook his head in a negative, his tone calm.  “She killed me, not you.”  He blinked.  “Wow, that is so strange to say.”

“Doesn’t matter if it was her or me, I felt the power used to do it.  I saw it happened.  I felt it happen,” and she pressed a fist to her heart, the pain she felt there mirrored on her face.

He paused, thinking about she had just said.  “I think… she wanted you to feel it.”

“I know she wanted it.  She wanted me to join with her, to merge completely.  She had a surge of strength when you were trying to talk me down, like she was somehow afraid you would succeed.  I fought her with everything I had until…” 

She couldn’t say it again. 

Saying it the first time had taken so much out of her.

“She was in your head,” he continued gently.  “She knew how you would react if she took a friend away from you.”

“I felt so useless, I couldn’t stop her.”

“You stopped fighting, but you didn’t give in.  Did you ever say I give up?  Did you ever give yourself over?”

She shook her head slowly.  “No, I couldn’t.”

“Then it was never you, it was all her.”  He turned back to his computer screen, again staring at the blinking cursor.  “Had it been any of the others, the result would have been the same.”

“No, it wouldn’t have.”

His head snapped up.  “What?”

“Everything happened because she took you away.”

April could feel her heart racing, screaming at her to finally admit her own feelings that she had been hiding from even herself all this time.  She had nearly lost him again, very close to permanently this time around, and it was by the simple grace of Fate that a few shards of the Aeon crystal had remained to bring him back. 

So much time wasted in trying to deny her feelings, of being afraid of where it would lead her. 

Afraid that she would lose that precious friendship that had survived so many hardships.

But she knew now, no matter what, he would always be her best friend… if not more.

“Donnie, it was Raph who told me something to give me the strength to stop Za-Naron.” 

He could only sit there, frozen into listening to every word as she took hesitant steps towards him.

“The others were telling me I had to remember all of our adventures, all of the friends we made along the way.  But it was Raph who said, Remember Donnie.”

Donatello swallowed hard.  “Remember… me?”

April nodded, the shaky smile reappearing on her lips.  “And I did remember you.  How you always put the rest of us first no matter what that meant for you.   How you were always there for me, even when I told you to stay away.  No matter how much of a brat I was, no matter how horrible I was to you, you never stopped caring.”

“And I never will,” he confirmed, surprised at the sound of his own voice.

Her smile became tender, her head cocked to one side.  “I know.  You care so much for your Brothers, your friends, your family, there is no halfway with you.  It’s all or nothing, and that scared me about you, the intensity you have when something is important to you.  I was terrified to lose you as a friend, I cherish that more than you can even know… but then everything became so clear.”

Donatello felt as if he had just sprinted to this moment, feeling as if he couldn’t catch his breath.

Is this really happening?

“Donnie, she took you away because she knew you were the only person who could reach me here, the one place she had no power over,” and she pressed her palm to her own heart.  “And for a bit it worked, she knocked the fight out of me because I was in shock.  I hurt.  But she forgot that kind of pain can so easily turn to anger.  She took you from me.  I had to make her go away.”

He could only sit there, staring at her, blinking repeatedly as his brain struggled to accept what was happening.  It was very close to crashing, convinced that on reboot everything would turn out to be some glitch, an evil daydream like so many he had experienced before.

Her eyes fixed the desk’s surface, unable to meet his eyes, her hands tentatively closing over one of his.  “I… I can accept if nothing changes, just so long as we can at least stay friends even after all this.”

Still unable to move, the turtle just stared where her eyes were hidden behind her bangs.

“I’m sorry,” she continued.  “I made you wait for so long.”

Shy eyes looked up to his face, finding an expression for pure incredulous disbelief etched into his features, his eyes blinking quickly.  Her bottom lip became wedged between her teeth, a decision forming in her mind. 

Before he could react, April leaned in towards him to press her lips to his.  The kiss was light, tenderly testing if she had been wrong about everything up to this point.  She did feel him twitch, surprised by her touch. 

Blue eyes met dark copper when she pulled away, watching for his reaction.

He blinked once.


She was almost ready to start doubting her decision when he surged forward to claim her lips.  It wasn’t the best kiss, mutant turtle and human physiologies not quite meant to meet this way, but the prospect of trying to make it work, of repeating the experience to learn how to fit together, it was just enough to send a pleasant little thrill up her spine.

And there was the intensity she had just told him about.  But instead of scaring her like it had so many times before, she let it wrap itself around her just like a warm and comforting blanket.  Her fingers drifted lightly along his shoulders and back of his neck as she wrapped her arms around him to keep him close.

She needed him close. 

April needed to be reassured that he was really okay and the feel of his heart beating strongly in his chest, reverberating against her own chest, helped chase away some of her fears.

Protective arms wound around her form, daring the Universe to try to take her away again.  Donatello felt giddy, nearly overwhelmed from all the sensations against his senses, all the emotions swelling within him.  Her lips were so soft, putting any of his daydreams to shame, and they tasted like the overly sweet coffee she had made herself earlier.  The tip of his tongue timidly licked her lips.  He was rewarded by her sigh, her lips parting.  He took this as an invitation to deepen the kiss, drinking deep from her until he felt drunk.

He finally had to break the embrace to catch his breath, but not wanting to stop tasting her.  His lips travelled over her cheeks and all along the arch of her neck, the hint of tongue painting gentle patterns along her skin. 

April felt breathless from his attention, biting her lower lip to keep her loud gasps at bay, her hands refusing to remain still along the angles of his head and shoulders.

“My April,” he husked softly just below her ear, covering that spot with an open-mouthed kiss.

Her whole body shuddered.  “Donnie…” she sighed, her voice a low tone she couldn’t remember ever hearing from herself.

He made a mental note to remember that spot, lightly nipping her pulse.  “This is real?”

“Very,” came her breathy response.

Donatello pulled her close, nuzzling her cheek.  “Are you really mine?”

There was something so small and unsure in his voice that April pulled her face back just enough to look into his eyes.  They were large and dilated, almost glowing in the light of his computer screen.  She smiled at him ever so tenderly, reassuring hands cupping his cheeks.

“Together until the last star blinks out.”

Donatello smirked at her.  “Corny.”

April giggled.  “Thought you’d like that.”

He sighed blissfully, pulling her into his lap.  She went willingly, settling herself comfortably in the arms that always protected her, always saved her from every fall.  Suddenly, all her worries and all her fears just vanished.  There was no reason for either anymore.  Her heart was where it finally belonged.  Nestling her head under his chin, April placed a soft kiss on the side of his neck, feeling his arms tighten around her in response.

She hummed quietly in appreciation.  She closed her eyes, listening to the comforting rhythm of his beating heart.

Elite Foot-bots.

Rabid mutant monsters.

Super mutated Shredded.

Some new enemy from somewhere.

Let them dare try to come between her and the purple clad terrapin now.  She would defend him to her last breath, as she knew he would do for her. 

The future with him looked far too promising.

Say it! her heart and mind screamed in unison.

April smiled.  “Love you, Donnie.”

His whole form twitched in surprise, the goofiest smile plastering itself to his face, and he cuddled her close.

“Love you, April,” he returned easily.

Let the Universe try its worst now.

Taran Killam Shares Sweet Message Celebrating Wife Cobie Smulders' Broadway Debut

Taran Killam couldn’t be any sweeter!

The former Saturday Night Live star got sentimental on Wednesday, penning a heartfelt message of support for his wife, Cobie Smulders, in celebration of her Broadway debut.

Killam took to Instagram to share the tribute, alongside a stunning black-and-white photo of his ladylove, who stars as Joanna Lyppiatt in the Noel Coward comedy Present Laughter, alongside Kevin Klein.

WATCH: Taran Killam Talks Supporting Cobie Smulders’ Broadway Debut

“I don’t normally like to get very personal on social media but tonight is the opening of this woman’s Broadway debut,” Killam wrote. “This woman [is] the kindest, most selfless, most stunning individual with the most educated heart I’ve ever encountered.”

The 35-year-old comic actor recalled how Smulders uprooted their lives and came with him to New York City when he got the chance to join the cast of SNL, which is when she “set a goal for herself.”

“The only specific creative goal I’ve ever witnessed her commit to: perform in a play on Broadway,” he explained. “In these three years, she has jumped through many hoops; put herself out willingly and vulnerably, while still keeping a priority of being a superb mother and phenomenal partner.”

MORE: Cobie Smulders Thinks She’ll Never Work Again, Even After Co-Starring in a Tom Cruise Action Movie

Killam went on to praise his wife for her tenacity in the face of professional challenges, explaining that, despite rejection and public scrutiny, she “never gave up her commitment to her dream.”

“And tonight, she realizes this dream,” Killam continued. “Something few people ever get to achieve. And she does it flawlessly.”

I don’t normally like to get very personal on social media but tonight is the opening of this woman’s Broadway debut. This woman, the kindest, most selfless, most stunning individual with the most educated heart I’ve ever encountered. She followed me to New York for my work and set a goal for herself. The only specific creative goal I’ve ever witnessed her commit to: perform in a play on Broadway. In these three years, she has jumped through many hoops; put herself out willingly and vulnerably, while still keeping a priority of being a superb mother and phenomenal partner. She has been met with speculation, scrutiny and rejection but never gave up her commitment to her dream. And tonight, she realizes this dream. Something few people ever get to achieve. And she does it flawlessly. I have never been so overwhelmed with pride in my life. Congratulations, Cobie, you did it. Thank you for the inspiration and the incredible honor of being your husband.

A post shared by Taran Killam (@tarzannoz) on Apr 5, 2017 at 4:16pm PDT

“I have never been so overwhelmed with pride in my life,” he concluded his emotional post. “Congratulations, Cobie, you did it. Thank you for the inspiration and the incredible honor of being your husband.”

Killam and Smulders tied the knot in 2012 after dating for several years, and the couple share two daughters – 7-year-old Shaelyn and a 2-year-old daughter whose name they’ve never revealed publicly.

WATCH: Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan Talk ‘Brother Nature,’ 'SNL’ Departures, and More

In February, ET sat down with Killam – who recently made his own Broadway debut when he joined the cast of Hamilton playing King George III – and he opened up about how he and his wife support each other.

“We have a family, so the real support comes in being there for each other to study, memorize and train,” he shared. “I am unbelievably excited for her and proud. I can’t wait to see her on the stage with Kevin Klein – it’s going to be really cool.”

Smulders’ Broadway comedy, Present Laughter, runs through July 2 at the St. James Theatre.

WATCH: Taran Killam Rips Off His Pants, Debuts King George III Look for 'Hamilton’

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so maybe this has been said before

But I don’t actually think Naruto ever stopped loving Sakura. That is not to say that he doesn’t love Hinata, but after everything that happened in canon manga was followed with the scene depicting Naruto’s affections for Sakura as ‘rivalry’ seemed a little far fetched, even if I do support the canon ending.

I think that Naruto, the boy who never knew love and taught everyone to love, knew that he loved Sakura—but because he loved Sakura, he also respected her wishes—and that wish was that Sakura loved Sasuke. How guilty would Sakura feel, and how awkward would it be, if Naruto still confessed to Sakura after the events of the manga, knowing that she still loved Sasuke? That Sakura could not return Naruto’s feelings?

More importantly, how would Sasuke feel knowing that Naruto still loved Sakura? I honestly don’t think Naruto believed, that after everything that happened, Sasuke would be willing/feel worthy to fight Naruto for Sakura.

Naruto stepped down because he knew that Sasuke needed her. Naruto, being the selfless individual that he is, knew that he wanted his two best friends to be happy and that they needed each other more than he needed Sakura… so he moved on. It’s the simple case of, “If you love them, let them go”.

Then as if by some miracle, Hinata was there to pick up the pieces, and Naruto found what he needed all along??

Like I said, I support the end-game canon, but I would have had much more respect for how the events unfolded had they not brushed off Naruto’s affections for Sakura since the very start of part one so easily. :c

Ahsoka vs. Darth Vader

Please be aware that spoilers for “Twilight of the Apprentice” follow!

“Our long awaited meeting has come at last”

This confrontation basically, is what everybody was waiting for all season long. With the greatest respect to the primary thrust of the Rebels storyline featuring Kanan and Ezra, the fact that much of the audience was expecting a showdown between two secondary background characters really just shows how much in high regard Ahsoka (and quite obviously Vader), are held amongst fans. A lot of things could’ve gone wrong, but in the capable hands of this writing team, the reunion was pitch-perfect. I genuinely can’t find anything wrong with what I saw. All the emotions were correct, all the reactions were true to the two characters at this particular point in their lives.

The choreography of the fight itself was spectacular. Incredibly fast paced, it was truly one of the best duels in Star Wars. If there was anyone who could give Vader a proper fight, it would be the person who was actually trained by him. The setting too, couldn’t be any more epic. I’ve imagined this meeting countless times over in my head, but it really can’t compare to this. A spectacular, electrifying light show with an ancient labyrinthine pyramid as it’s backdrop. But it really wasn’t the physical fight that was the best part - it was the dialogue and body language.

Filoni elaborates in an interview with IGN: 

“As far as how Vader would treat Ahsoka and react to her, I base that interaction – the attitude, if not the dialogue – on my conversation with George about how that would go. I asked him pretty pointedly, “How would this conversation go? How would he feel about her?” We both agreed that the one thing that Ahsoka can’t represent in any way is any path of redemption for Vader, or the hope that that’s there because Luke is the only one that’s going to be able to make that happen. And that’s the story that we see. It was our belief that we could have this moment, but it’s not even a moment of hesitation for Vader. Because he says then, “You will die,” and he means it. He is going to destroy her, and the reason that is, is that she has knowledge of him as a good person. She represents and is a vessel for everything that he once was, and he finds such pain in that, and hatred, and anger. He doesn’t want to face what he’s become, but he just wants to destroy anything that reminds him of that former self. He doesn’t even talk about Anakin in the movies, at first, and if he is that person. “That name no longer means anything to me.” So we have to establish that Darth Vader and the destroyed character of Anakin. The moment you see it reach out in hope is when he says her name finally, and you hear the voice of Anakin. That’s the only thing, is beyond this horrible person is this trapped person inside that calls to her.“

The bond that Ahsoka and Anakin developed in The Clone Wars was something that was truly special to a great many people. For me, Ahsoka did wonders to Anakin’s character, who sadly fell flat and two-dimensional in the prequels (more so in Attack of the Clones, less so in Revenge of Sith). In the animated series, Anakin became more developed, more heroic, more likable. And it was Ahsoka who was responsible for this because Anakin developed a sense of responsibility. He was portrayed as a selfless, caring individual who would not hesitate to put himself in the face of certain death if it meant saving those who meant the most to him. Ahsoka, along with his mother and his wife, was one of the most important women in life, and the bond they developed during the course of The Clone Wars - from initial mutual irritation to an utmost sincerity and dedication to the other, was something truly special to watch.

It’s all the more tragic then, the events that happened to Anakin. When he fell to the Dark Side, he lost everything near and dear to him, and the things that remained alive and beating were a source of constant torment to him - a reminder of the good person he was, and he simply couldn’t stand the fact that he’d become so wretched. As Filoni mentioned, people like Ahsoka, and indeed Obi-wan, have knowledge of him as a good person, and he can’t stand to see how far he has fallen. It’s his method of coping, I think, to erase any evidence that he was ever was a good man. Hence we get dialogue such as “Anakin Skywalker was weak, so I destroyed him” - surely everyone noticed the chillingly similarity to the words his grandson would utter nearly 40 years later on Starkiller Base before he prepared to commit patricide.

And just like Ren, Vader’s mind was a source of eternal conflict. No matter how hard he tried, there was still a part of him that was Anakin Skywalker - it was this goodness that Padme felt on her deathbed, and the same that Luke felt after learning the truth about his Father. And every so often, however rare it was, moments of Anakin would shine through. We’ve only a few such moments on screen in Return of the Jedi - (his redemption at the climax, obviously, but also a little earlier when he says “it’s too late for me now, son”, which ALWAYS gets me). Another, as it would happen, occurs right in this episode, if only for a few seconds, through the ingenious decision to literally take us inside Vader’s head.

Just when Ahsoka is about to leave him and escape, we hear this vulnerable voice that’s half mechanic and half human call out her name. I cannot praise highly enough this choice to bring back Matt Lanter to voice Anakin along with James Earl Jones, in these precious few moments of Vader’s vulnerability. The second time he calls out her name is one that sounds far more human, and it’s his body language that tells a thousands words that don’t need to be spoken. As soon as his old padawan vows not to leave him, we see his eye muscles relax, as the screenshot above illustrates. We see this very human moment of hesitation, of regret, of utter sadness. It brings to mind those words Anakin told Ahsoka in the tunnel back in “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”, that he would never let anybody hurt her, ever. Was he protecting her from himself in those fleeting seconds? It’s moments like these that make Vader this iconic figure of culture that he is today. Behind that helmet is the tortured soul that’s desperately crying out for redemption, for salvation. But that voice crying out is almost always drowned out by the evil that surrounds it.

The fact is, Ahsoka isn’t the one who will bring Vader redemption, as we all know too well. Only his son can bring him that, and that’s a good couple of years away. Snips and Skyguy aren’t going to hug it out and become friends again. Almost immediately, his eye muscles contract and contort in malice, as Vader resumes his crusade to destroy the few remnants of his former self.

I don’t care if Ahsoka was never in any of the movies, this was one of the most important moments in Vader’s life. It was one of the most powerful moments in the saga, easily rivaling and standing shoulder to shoulder amongst the numerous jaw-dropping scenes in the movies. It was phenomenally executed.

Edit: If you liked this analysis, consider reading my even longer in-depth discussion on the rest of the episode! Link is right here. Thanks for reading!

The thing is Bonnie and Damon’s relationship is SELFLESS and Damon and Elena were based on being selfish.

With Elena, Damon was constantly wondering. If she was going to wake up and change her mind, he was in a constant state of anxiety wondering if he was good enough for her and always dragging himself down for it, why he was forced to go against everything he was in his nature just to please her. And then after he was wondering why she was too keenly defending, why she was not telling him to do the right thing when he KNEW he was doing bad things. He was in a constant state of worry and anger over her. Elena brought out his volatile and anger out, and constantly made him question his self worth. There was never a time in their relationship where he was at peace, not even once. Without her, he is realizing who he is an individual and because of that, is coming to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, Elena was not the one for him. With her, he did not know who he was because he was a mess but without her, he is someone who can be everything.

With Bonnie, he becomes a better man without being forced to. He does it, because he (here is the key word, kids) W A N T S to. Bonnie does not force him to. She gives him a lecture and yells at him, but at the end of the day she leaves it up to him to decide without giving him ultimatums like Elena did (which is not love). It is his choice of free will. With Bonnie, he becomes so calm, she brings out that side of him, one where he doesn’t need to worry about being judged, questioning whether or not he is good enough or not because together, they fit.

Bonnie and Damon put each other first (they are selfless as individuals and for each other) and Damon never questions whether or not Bonnie will change her mind because she is his ride or die and the same goes for her.

Bamon has the foundation of being selfless and healthy while Delena are based on selfishness and destruction and right there, point in blank, is exactly why Damon and Bonnie are a better fit than Damon and Elena ever were.

My Darling,
  • Aries: Your passion is undying and your mind is a beautiful mess. Keep carrying your torch, and pay no mind to those who cower at the sight of you. The most worthy of souls are not afraid of getting burned, but will marvel at the vivid colors and the warmth of the inferno you carry.
  • Taurus: For no voice will ever prevail without permission from it's owner. You and your voice will show other souls ways of living they may have never encountered without your wisdom and desire for completion. You are the whole to every half, you are the fitting piece.
  • Gemini: You may find it difficult to choose a color you feel most connected with, because you are all the colors in the sky and more. Wear your experiences proudly like an extravagantly ornate coat and never be hesitant to begin on your way toward the highest of mountains and the deepest of seas.
  • Cancer: You are whispering but you can hear yourself begin to scream. Why do you think it so bad that your heart nearly touches the waves of your brain? You are remarkable as a being. You are marvelous to know. Give yourself a gift by beginning to come to know yourself.
  • Leo: Nothing will change in the morning, but the morning is not now and tomorrow it will not be the end of the week. You live by the sun, and the sun may hide beneath the clouds and the darkness, but he is destined to return the next day. Just as your charm and all that is important to you shall in turn.
  • Virgo: Closed eyes does not equate to a closed mind. A bend in the road is not equivalent to a splitting of all one has ever come to know. You are built of stardust and of the gears grinding the left side brain, but as you sleep those gears do not slow in their process. Breathe, my friend. Breathe.
  • Libra: Your soul has a voice of it's own and the volumes it speaks reaches even the most narrow of ears. You should not be denied the right to your feelings, for they collect to form an indescribable portrait of humanity you should never forget you are capable of producing.
  • Scorpio: You inspire others and you are a symbol to many. Though leaves are withering, they rarely lose their beauty and the magnificence of their hues, no matter how ever changing. It is safe to say that in this respect, you are much like the Autumn leaves. Oh how they've been through a lot but remain an example of wonder at work to many.
  • Sagittarius: The game is yours to play, and it always has been. Your dice always seem to land just the way they are supposed to. Needless to say, do not let a small change of the rules or the outcome put a hinder on your performance. We must remember it happens, with no exaggerations, to us all.
  • Capricorn: You are not Medusa, and you do not have snakes sprouting from your scalp. There are some days when the tide is calm and the creatures below the sea are at play. Caution is a magnificent quality to possess, but does not need to be overused. You owe it to yourself to keep caution in your back pocket at certain times when you know in the depths of your subconscious it is necessary.
  • Aquarius: Your greatest reward for your selfless act of individuality is the person you have thus created yourself. I thank you sincerely for acknowledging the fact that one shall always remain true to whoever they wish to be, and I pray you never lose sight of just how important this is.
  • Pisces: Congratulations. You have turned the Earth on it's side and made it truly into your own. I strive to do the same myself, and I would be honored to travel to your fantasy realms. Keep that good head of yours clear the best you can, and when it seems all but impossible, your imagination is waiting.
One Year

I’m writing this on the 19th, probably one of the last days I’m going to be emotionally stable enough to think and type without my emotions and grief clouding my words.

Okay, that’s a lie, today…things started to go downhill. It’s just going to get worse  in the days leading to February 1st.

this is being posted on the 21st - the day of the last conversation I had with Monty. We were discussing Daniel and I moving down to Austin, where to look, our budget…things like that. The conversation itself was still on his computer screen on the 1st. That…was rough.

If me talking about Monty is some sort of trigger, don’t read past this.

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I feel like the comics fandom ends up with simplistic/warped characterizations so often for a couple reasons:

  1. Ignorance of canon due to the extremely large body of work that DC has published and the fact that it costs a lot of money to read source material that is constantly changing - leading to a dependence on fandom to educate consumers about the characters, which can be really spotty when it comes to less popular characters and women.

    (Stephanie “eggplant waffle” Brown)

  2. A desire to rebel against a certain simplistic interpretation of a character, leading to people pushing for an alternative interpretation. Combined with the ignorance from above, the alternate interpretation gets condensed by people into it’s own simplistic narrative.

    (Jason Todd is a boring villain and should have stayed dead → NO, Jason Todd is a beloved hot stud and my dream hypermasculine boyfriend who ambushes me on rooftops and pressures me into kinky sex → NO, Jason Todd is a feminist who’s only concerns are protecting girls and children and he is the most selfless forward-thinking individual ever who just wants to keep the whole world safe)

  3. Some people take that alternate interpretation to an extreme by 1) making the new interpretation as opposite and different from the previous one as humanly possible, even though this isn’t actually accurate and ignores the nuance of the character, and 2) promoting and talking about the new interpretation to an extreme, to the exclusion of other traits.

    (Dick Grayson isn’t a ray of sunshine at ALL, he’s a vicious creature who will fuck up anyone who even looks at him funny)

  4. People who over-identify with characters and refuse to acknowledge anything outside of their very narrow interpretation of the character/themselves, nor anything negative or distasteful about the character, which is interpreted as a personal attack.

    (Damian “so progressive and radical that he doesn’t even UNDERSTAND gender and anyone who points out his sexism is wrong and mean” Wayne)

punchit  asked:

nudges in, bearing gifts. some of his spiced tea and her own coffee. 'here she is, captain kirk. the most beautiful, most efficient, most selfless individual .. with tea for her first officer.' that all laced with a degree of sarcasm, of course.

between them , were many things said without actually saying them. friendship , bred into that of an unspoken comfort. Spock is silent as Jane enters the common space of his quarters , minimal in its design and occupation ; his single seating of a twin sofa and a borrowed copy of the Art of War on the table nearby. he observes her presently , catching the favorable scent of tea as well as the captain’s own preference. tilting his head in the way he does when he’s working through the way Jane uses her words. why she announces herself in such a manner was beyond him. he KNOWS those things about her. to continue its attention , time after time , to the same party – was simply illogical. though , ultimately he concedes it’s teasing. 

as she nears him , Spock grabs his cup from her in an exchange of clinking ceramic. it’s warm , like the expression she wears today. he takes stock in it as the shape of things to come, ❝ thank you, captain – ❞ he looks to her , eyes large and brown over his typical blankness. offering no danger here , a separation from the fragile and always evolving line that divides the safe from the suicidal, ❝ i am gratified you could join me this evening. perhaps a game of chess? ❞  @punchit /

illusionblows  asked:

Do you think depression is "self made"? people I know thinks that it's all in the mind. Like yes that can be true if it's someone who actually has a decent life but is depressed because of their looks, materialism etc. But how can depression be"self made" for someone who only has pain their life. For example someone who gets abused, bullied, isolated,lives in poverty in a rich place,parents that hates them etc.. Like how can that person be happy when there's nothing to be happy about.

Depression is a collective mental illness, yet it is completely individual, manifesting in different ways for each person. The definition given to depression does not suffice for me, it is seen as a an unnatural part of life yet it is necessary part of mental maturity. The problem arises when people do not mature from the experience, leaving a part of their psyche undeveloped, so that they can be easily manipulated by minds and emotions stronger then their own. There’s many levels of ‘depression’, i will give you an indication to a couple to help your understanding.

One level of depression would be what I refer to as Neptunian depression. Neptune affects us from the outside, we do not have choice in the matter, we only have the choice in how we re-act and manifest the energy.  Neptune is imaginative, creative, all en-consuming, the ocean of universal oneness, symbolic language, isolation, metaphor, poetry, the savior; the victim, dissolver of barriers and limitation, immortality, strongly affects your unconscious and your emotion, intoxication, empathy, compassion, forgiving, selfless. Every aspect of human psyche has it’s shadow side, thus with a mind that has not come into alignment with this energy in it’s positive will manifest it in it’s negative. So Neptunian depression will manifest when: 

  • a lack of creative expression, the energy has no healthy outlet to express itself, that is why in most forms of therapy have creative instruments as part of the healing process. The inner child has been isolated, imprisoned in the psyche.
  • a lack of humility and selflessness, thus the individual goes round or attracts people that need ‘saving’, becoming the saviour of the weak, and may consciously or subconsciously chose partners and friends who are helpless and need saving. Thus ultimately feeling ‘taken advantage’, for a lack of emotional maturity on their own behalf, due to codependency issues.
  • Falling into ‘victim situations’ where ‘life is against them’ hopeless domed by a ‘punishing God’ or ‘bad luck’. This type of person would of learnt from one of their parents at a young age to play the victim, thus victimising themselves and unfortunately every victim needs an oppressor. It is true that women who experience abuse tend to have had their mother impose their fears on them, thus adopting them as their own, and eventually becoming a match for what they fear. That’s why it’s important to not repeat our parent’s mistakes, for we of all people, being the victim to their lack of awareness, know how painful it truly is. 
  • Mistaking forgiveness with being passive to the problem, whether a person or situation, thus continually being hurt due to their own lack of boundaries - being ‘walked all over’ so to speak.
  • Consuming things to avoid dealing with reality: drugs, alcohol, TV, social media, fantasies (that have no creative outlet)etc.
  • Neptune is sacrifice. One may mistake the sacrificial energy of a level of consciousness that no longer serves you with sacrifice of the physical body, thus suicidal tendencies will manifest in the mind due to a lack of spiritual psychic awareness and knowledge.
  • Being at mercy of other people’s emotions, not knowing another moods as separate to your own.
  • Having trouble with being in this reality, being physically here, but mentally un-present due to fear of being mortal and dealing with the harsher realities of life. Avoidance and escapist tendency. 

As Neptune rules the ocean, such energy will feel like drowning from within. Being so consumed by the internal world of the unconscious and emotions that one is unable to operate in the ‘real’ world, there’s a resentment towards reality.

The other would be Saturian Depression. Saturn was literally considered by the ancients as ‘The God of Depression’, when one was met with feelings of melancholy it indicated Saturns presence. I personally think this was due to their perception of Saturn which was based on fear not truth,  thus it manifested in it’s worst form. Saturn rules: Stability, respect, structure, order, mortality, security, career - legacy, the earth, the incarnation principle, karma, time, boundaries, restriction, seriousness, discipline, and so on. So Saturain Depression would manifest when:

  • one lacks structure in their life: security, employment, routine etc.
  • when one hasn’t learnt to accept reality, not appreciating what they have in this moment whether it’s time, money, a roof over their head, health. Someone who sits on social media all day clearly does not appreciate the gift of time or their own mortality for that matter, for if you truly understand that one day it is inevitable we all will die you would not use your time stalking people you don’t even know.
  • Forcing yourself to cross your own boundaries, is going to create inner conflict with your rational and spontaneous nature. Saturn does not wish to restrict you, but for you to understand the importance of structure, scheduling with preparation will easily suffice this problem.
  • Forcing social interactions when really what you need is solitude, inner conflict will result and the unconscious will most likely create a situation that you have no choice but to be alone. Due to one’s own resistance they’re met with the pain of loneliness. 
  • Not realising the importance of the lessons that pain teaches. As the saying goes “pain will leave, once it has finished teaching you.”
  • Lack of self-discipline, resulting in over indulgence that badly affects the physical and mental health for the sake of one’s uncontrolled emotions.
  • lack of self-respect, understanding your own emotional, mental, physical and sexual boundaries is so important. 

The difference between the two: Neptunian Depression manifests as a Victim persona, naive, too dependent on others to the point they cannot even be alone, always getting taken advantage of; Saturn Depression is more like scrooge, crude, anti-social, independent to the extent they do not accept help, like a miserable old man who drinks whisky every night talking about how terrible life is. 

As you can see we all have to go through the above at some point in our life, it is inevitable, the difference between people is the ability of manifesting the energy in it’s positive instead of it’s negative. Life gives us many chances to learn from our wrongs, it’s almost constant, so at some point our depression is due to our own fault and the circumstances we create for ourselves. Self-awareness, knowledge and analysis is necessary to keep a healthy mind. Long term depression affects a variety of people regardless of status, gender, age, environment so clearly the problem reflects the internal reality of the collective/individual rather than the external. Everyone experiences pain, it is delusional to think any is exempt from the lessons life brings, it’s just some of us are wise enough to learn from them instead letting them become the definition of us. Trust me I have had plenty things that have happened in my life, and experience most things you could imagine that would make me more than applicable to play the ‘life’s not fair role’. But how is that helpful for myself or others? It’s not, if anything all it does is add to the pain of the collective of unconscious. Self knowledge is the only difference, and there is no excuse why one cannot learn about themselves.

Flicker of Hope: Rick x Reader

Ooh look I finally made the jump to The Walking Dead! Of course Gotham will still be my main fandom to write for but I thought I’d add a few TWD stories to the mix; especially since my Negan/OC story over on FanFiction is getting a good reception thus far! If you’d like to see more TWD from me, let me know!

I was listening to a lot of really angsty songs at the time so this little fic kind of just…happened? Like I just thought, you know what, let’s have a pretty short but pretty emotional fic. Idek, hopefully you enjoy :)

*I guess this is pretty sad actually so you’ve been warned like*

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