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I don’t see what the big deal is about shipping NaruSaku and IchiHime. For one Orihime is nothing like Hinata, just because they have the same VA doesn’t make them the same person. Orihime is actually fairly opposite from Hinata. Orihime is outgoing, works hard for herself and for others not just her romantic interest, isn’t a blind follower, is actually a main character, tries hard to not be a burden, selfless, and actively puts herself into the battlefield to protect her all her friends, not just Ichigo. In other words, Orihime is much more similar to Sakura if you want to compare the two mangas. 

It’s kind of hard to put my thoughts together with this because I havn’t seen Bleach in a few years but what I’m trying to say is that NS shippers shouldn’t be getting hate for shipping Ichihime because they are both totally different mangas and relationships(Ichigo and Naruto are also not much alike). 

Nobody can figure out the Truth.
All you can do is to flow in synchronicity with the universal consciousness through the grace of devotion, wisdom or selfless activity.
Like this, you come intuitively to discover the one Self.
But for this you must be humble inside your heart.
—  Mooji

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I know DA2 is fiction and it's open to individual interpretation but it really hurts me when people give Justice too much credit for... well, everything. DA:A Anders was a fluffy ball of anger hid behind a thick layer of sarcasm. The only thing Justice did was to convince him that he should be more selfless and active. Anders did not lose his sense of humor and is not any more emo than he used to be. He is just more mature and not hiding behind this "clown" image. Do you agree?

Yeah, I really do agree. People have this image of Anders in Awakening that’s just… not accurate. I’ve even seen him described as ‘mage Alistair’ more than once and like, that’s just so wrong I don’t even know where to start. Did we play the same game? Did they just not pay attention to anything at all ever? And then because people have this misconception of Anders’ character, they immediately blame Justice for everything (I will defend Justice and insist that he did not ‘ruin Anders’ till my dying breath tbh, but that’s a rant for another day and I’m sure I’ve covered most of it before), when their initial assumptions are what’s wrong. Here’s something I wrote before on Anders’ so-called ‘personality change’:

However, I also believe that the change in his character from Awakening to DA2 is not so extreme, and is entirely believable. Anders was not quite as light-hearted as many seem to believe, and harboured arguably just as much resentment then as he does now (please see this gifset as evidence). Sure, he may joke, but it is very much his coping mechanism. Keep in mind that he was canonically in solitary confinement for a year (I’ve discussed that over here as well), and that’s not exactly good for the mental health.

Here’s the other kicker: the time between Awakening and Act 1 of DA2, when we meet him, is only 6 months. In those 6 months, Anders escaped the Circle, was recaptured, was rescued by becoming a Warden, obtained a cat that he loved more than anything in the world, found friends and purpose and acceptance for the first time in his life, then made the decision to merge with Justice, lost his cat, gave up his friends and purpose and acceptance when he actually did merge with Justice, came to Kirkwall with nothing, and then immediately after we meet him he’s forced to mercy-kill his ex-lover because he’s been lobotomized. I could go on about this forever, but I think that nice, long list shows just how much change he’s been through in that tiny amount of time. So the actually fairly minor differences in his personality don’t seem terribly shocking to me, given all he’s lost in a mere 6 months.

So not only is this massive change in character people talk about not accurate, but he’s been through a hell of a lot. He was completely a fluffy ball of anger, he just hid all of his resentment and fear behind that ‘fun and flirty’ persona because it helped him cope, and he probably thought people would like him better.

And shit, did they even talk to him in DA2? Did they bother bringing him along anywhere? Especially in the earlier parts of the game, he’s joking a lot. His humour is definitely still there (though it is mostly still his coping mechanism), and he’s not ‘emo’, as people like to say. As if being concerned and angry and upset about the borderline genocide of his people is somehow just him being insufferably moody, or something. Ugh.

Though I don’t think Anders was ever quite as selfish as he let on. Yes, he was mostly concerned with his own freedom, but I think that stemmed from fear of the consequences that trying to do more might bring. Justice helped him get past that, and merging with the spirit provided him with the protection and drive to start getting involved. Because he was stronger now, with Justice, and they couldn’t hurt him nearly as easily.

He did mature and stop hiding so much behind his outer shell, but I think that’s both because of Justice and because of all those things that happened between the two games. As I’ve said before, Justice is brutally honest, and that’s why Anders is far more blunt post-merger. Sharing your mind with an entity that blunt and direct makes it a bit tough to keep up the deflection. And considering all those experiences I listed above? All of that loss would have hurt him deeply. Anders has been through too much to waste energy pretending to be someone he’s not anymore. It’s no longer worth it.

So yeah, people blaming Justice is just wrong. Anders is not as different as they think, and those differences are definitely not unbelievable by any stretch. His base personality is basically the same, it’s just that he’s not covering it up as much, for a few reasons.