selfish squalor

Meat Eaters:

Alright, if you’re going to decide to eat meat, all/any kinds of meat, how can you be disgusted by the bone and tendons and eat around them, wasting half the meat that touches both?? If you’re going to choose to eat meat, don’t fucking waste any of it. Don’t you know what the animal looks like before it’s slaughtered? How it moves, what it eats and its anatomy? You know that the meat you’re eating are the animal’s fat and muscle? Oh wait, but you don’t want me to tell you what you’re eating, so you can eat guilt free and only care about the taste? Don’t blindly, selfishly, and arrogantly eat something that unvoluntarily sacrifices it’s life to fill your well-fed fucking stomaches. If you’re going to choose to eat meat, be grateful and appreciate every fucking bite so nothing is wasted. What a concept right? Americans NOT wasting something that is priviledged and plenty to them…next time think about what your say and take note of who you’re around before you burst open that wide hole of yours. P.s. I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I’m a carnivore. One that understands the full meaning of my decision before I bite into another’s flesh