Tips to do well in college

- learn very well study tips
- basically learning yourself, teacher doesn’t really teach but you have to work hard.
- studying is your teacher

Bad Study Strategy
- “osmosis learning”
- cramming (is the worst) do not stay up all night, get a good night sleep and get rest so you are ready for the next day.
- don’t multitask (music is acceptable if isn’t huge distraction)

Good Study Habits
- not fun but hey! You’re learning.
- time management
- location
- Reward (-:
Gummy bear method - read 1-3 paragraphs and reward yourself a gummy bear.
- if given slides, print them out before class and then write notes on them. Try not to bring computer because it is a major distraction.
- ask questions! Don’t be afraid.

Notes - active listening
- paraphrasing
- important points
Don’t be a zombie
- participate
- Ask questions!

- read text book before class (be ahead!)
- avoiding the “zone out” (break it down into your own sections)
- reading goals!
- rewrite what you just read in your own words/ important keys, so it helps you understand it.
- Reread
- high light key points (NOT THE WHOLE TEXT BOOK THOUGH)
- using different color pens/ highlights. Makes it easier for you to break up the monotony of note taking and not making is so DULL. Have fun!

Time Management
- time on task is the best predictor of learning
- Distributed practices is more effective than massed practice
- Re-read notes instead of waiting, be on top.
Incorporate studying into weekly schedule
- use planner/ sticky notes to outline due dates
- stick to an actual schedule
- know yourself.. If you’re not a morning person don’t schedule yourself at that time.
- for every hour you study take a 15 min break.
- look for an area where you feel completely comfortable.
- Clutter free
- minimal distraction
- ideally, area designated only for studying.

- break into smaller tasks
- use break time to reward task completion.

5 levels of studying
1. Knowledge - being able to repeat back what the teacher and textbook told you
2. Understanding - actually understanding what the teacher and textbook meant.
3. Application - being able to apply the principles and procedures to new situations.
4. Synthesis - going in depth, analyzing and critical thinking what you are learning.
5. Evaluation - compare it to everyday usage. What’s it used for and how and can it grow?

Deep processing is more effective than surface processing
- understanding > memorization
- connect it to what you have learned before in the class
- figure out how it applies to your daily life.

Study for all exams as though they would be essay exams.

Study techniques
- Re-read the text
- create an outline of the chapter
- complete concept checks, practice exams in book
- Re-read lecture notes
- Re-write lecture notes(organize in a way that makes the most sense to you)
- create a table of contents for lecture

Remembering on your own.
Ex: Hippocampus does what in your brain? A good way to remember is if you think of it as there is a hippo on your campus and you will always remember that! You will remember that the hippocampus part of your brain means your memorization of remembering.

*Using white boards will help you with many math problems. Since seeing in different ways helps*

If all fails, google it. You have internet resource to find answers.

Spend at least 1 hour of studying per credit hour of the class (so 3 credits = 3 hours/wk.

And don’t forget, have fun! Meet new people and open up. You never know who you will meet or the awesome connections you can find. It’s your best years, take advantage of every second you get!
Join clubs that you love or want to find out what it’s all about. Always remember everything you are doing is to make you become a more independent/stronger person while making yourself happy. Live it up!

One day I am going to make a man very happy. Maybe it’ll be him. But right now I’m not very fond of the way he makes me question what a great catch I am. Because I can sit and cry and ponder all the reasons that the men I pursue never want to love me; but deep down in my heart I know that between the two of us someone is definitely missing out on something amazing but that someone isn’t me.

And you know what the hardest thing is? Accepting that what has happened is a reality. But don’t be scared, you’re hurting now but honey, you will love again. Let your heart make as many mistakes as it needs to, let it break so that it can heal and become stronger. Because sweetheart, there’s a love out there for you. It’s different, it’s new, but it’s waiting for you.
—  thoughts at 2am in the morning

I admit I have very many flaws. I admit I make & have made very many mistakes. I am not perfect, nor am I close. But I wake up everyday & I keep moving. I admit lately, I’ve had more bad days than good & I allow it to succumb me. I allow it to break down my walls until I have no other choice but to cave in & I know that has caused lack of motivation, lack of emotion, of feeling… Of spirit. It leaves me crawling, scrambling to pick up the pieces & it’s so hard because they’re all over, and I have to find them again and figure out what went where… I will admit I am not all put together, I’m very broken in ways. I admit that but I will not give up, I cannot. I cannot stop picking the pieces up, because one day, maybe not anytime soon, or maybe in a few hours, who knows? But some day, I will solve the puzzle, the pieces will fit together, the wounds will mend. I will find a way to the brighter days, ones where the number of good outweigh the bad. I will beat it. I will be motivated, emotional, and bright again. I won’t forget my struggles but instead learn from them & grow with them. Things will get better all in due course. trip-e-hip-e

dulcetdecember-deactivated20130  asked:

Thank you times a million, dear. That tidbit of advice was extremely reassuring. <3

Not at all, love. ♥

I am always here for you if necessary. I have been following your beautiful blog for quite a while now and I understand how you feel.

I know how hard it might be to hear critique from both sides of the spectrum; on one side, you receive that concerned pester coming from your family, friends and others who care for you and look out for your best interest, and on the other side, that silent comparative judgement your mind perceives whilst surveying perfect figures in magazines, images on the internet, on the street, etc.  

Although, what our loved ones do to reassure us- point out our bones, our impossibly tiny double-zero size tags, our empty plates, etc. -sometimes translates to encouragement or at worst, prevention from becoming svelte.

Just remember this when you feel vulnerably criticised into an emotional tug-of-war: your loved ones really do care for more than those thin incentives will ever be aware of.

And in times when you had enough of all the critique, just know I’m here to listen. Not to criticise because you may be too skinny; not to judge you if you are not thin enough. But, to listen to you. 

You are not the number on the scale. You are an individual. An individual with a beautiful soul, if I may add. EDs do not end with a girl becoming plumper but, with a girl realising that she is beautiful no matter what size she fits.

And most of all, You are not alone.

I apologise if this is too conspicuous or cliché. I have a lot of bottled up emotions pertaining to this disorder, but we can do it.


x Ánastacia

“…You don’t have to do this all by yourself, mate.” :)