1152 // Manila Staycation Day 10: This isn’t the stone age

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time listening to indie and some underground songs and just trying to sip through good fxcking music. I’ve been telling you guys since that i’m no fan of music these days. I mean, i rarely appreciate mainstream songs due to ahm explicit content. Charot. De, most are just trying to get high you know. Here’s a line with no sense, let’s put an upbeat tone to it and then let’s call it a goddamn song and make it a hit. Most if not all, and if i am not mistaken—lacks a lot of uggh soul. Anyway, to each his own right?

Also, i’ve not been tracking my day to day activities while i’m here in Manila. I am always good at starting blog series and thinking perplex ideas to liven this page a littoool but always have a hard time making it through because well—laziness syndrome and i’m usually forgetful so when an event happens a day or two prior to my blogging i have this high probability of not being able to remember detail per detail what’s happened. As you notice, i am mostly spontaneous with my posting. So whatever pops in my head and i want to share it to you my dear readers, i have to write it down or it will be just another story unheard. He he he.

Apparently, wasn’t able to meet some of you still because i’m trying to prepare myself for this upcoming 24hr closed door training this Sunday. So i’m trying to condition my mind and body for this because this is really hugeee, for me, at least. The training will commence around 7am on Sunday and will end same time the morning after. No sleep, no phones and probably will be spending most of our time brainstorming and draining our energies until we die. Jowk. But for real though, this is like a huge thing for us because not everyone can do this. Only 30-40 people including our batch on Sunday—for 6 freaking years—had the privilege to attend this one. And attendees are carefully selected so if you’re able to attend this one and go through this and pass the training sabi nga nila you are able to reach the highest mountain in this industry. Pfft. Wish me luck? And no i am not allowed to drink or party today and tomorrow because again, i need to prepare for this one and just rest—as per advised. I don’t want to enter the room either, shaking and thoughts all over the place you know. So for those who have been constantly inviting me for a drink or hang out, i can only do some of it after the training. I’ll be here until the 24th so… which reminds me i need to book a ticket now before the price goes up any higher.

Any who, i might be able to go online for a moment just before the training starts so i probably will reply to all of your messages and other shebangs the next day after. Alrighty? Pfft. This is the second time around that i tried to blog about my thoughts and the innernut’s jammed and forgot to do a select all-copy in case some glitch will happen and ugggh forgot about it and then what do you expect a glitch happened due to slow innernut connection so yeah— Seriously. I forgot some of the things i was blabbing about awhile ago. Fxck me.


Six selfies I just raided from my Instagram. tagged by iam-renegade //LOL FIXED// BUT THERE’S MY FACE SIX TIMES. 

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