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You must feel a bit weird dating someone half your age?


2 adults that get along really well and with mutual interests, goals and attractions. 

What is weird about that?

I guess that honeymoon lifestyle is weird because it is sadly so fucking rare in a society that worships the god of public opinion.

I’ve had a vasectomy, never had a drivers license, made enough money to retire at age 39, no debt, no kids, own my own place, can jump on a plane any day of the year and go anywhere in the world to do any ride I want and get stopped on the street every day for selfies or appreciation etc. I guess my life is weird if you compare it to the boring normal every day shit that most people sadly settle for in their every days lives.

I also don’t have a boss. I don’t have to answer to anyone and have no secrets to hide. I follow my heart, say what I mean and mean what I say. I feel free as fuck. I guess I am weird but fuck mate, it feels FUCKING AWESOME! 

WVBA + Social Media.

Glass Joe: Instagram. Posts selfies and photography.

Von Kaiser: Doesn’t use it very much but legend says he has a MySpace. (And an Insta with one post because Joe insisted that he’d find it fun. He did not.)

Disco Kid: Snapchat king! Constantly posts dancing videos and surprisingly has alot of publicity.

King Hippo: Probably has a smut blog on Tumblr lmao.

Piston Hondo: His own personal website that he uses for writing.

Bear Hugger: A youtube channel where he posts about his “fur babies”. Currently has 500 subs and counting!

Great Tiger: Fashion blog that he swears on his life he doesn’t have. (He’s only told Hondo but everyone else knows.)

Don Flamenco: Instagram hoe. Always posts shirtless pics. Probably has endorsements from natural hair growth companies :’).

Aran Ryan: Harasses Mac over Twitter every time he tweets something. “@ me next time :)” “ITS NOT EVEN ABOUT YOU”

Soda Popinski: ?? Whats social media?? (Can barely use his phone, poor soul.)

Bald Bull: Still thinks Facebook is cool. Posts dad memes. No one has the guts to tell him.

Super Macho Man: E V E R Y T H I N G. Seriously, if theres something you can sign up for, he has it. (Probably has a Webkinz account.)

Mr. Sandman: Snapchats his workout routine every morning. Posts the CUTEST pictures of himself :’).

Little Mac: TWITTER ADDICT. Definitely doesn’t stalk Aran’s account idk what makes you think that :).

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56 & 47 & 90 :)


56: what are some things you find endearing in people?

small stuff like i love little stims (makes me feel better abt my own lol) and when people feel comfortable enough around me to ask for cuddles or slurp at noodles or not clean their place up too much when i go to visit or take selfies (summer i give u shit for that but u know ur cute)

47: what food do you think should be banned from the universe?

bananas. i have a lot of food aversions but i hate bananas with a fiery passion and hate how people eat them in public and make me gag :///

90: talk about your one of you favorite cities.

just gonna talk about melbourne because i do love the city i live in it’s like. huge. because i mean population-wise there’s 4 mil or smth but everyone’s spread out in suburbs, apartments aren’t as common as in other big cities. and like the suburbs can be rly trashy or horrifically trendy or disgustingly posh but if you go just a little bit further out then you get what is essentially country living within city limits. plus the actual city is pretty fucking amazing i mean our shopping is a+++++ and there’s a sushi place on every block which is of personal interest to me and it’s a lot more progressive than pretty much any other city in australia. i mean there’s a literal clinic that is almost entirely staffed by and made for gender diverse folks??? it’s so useful?? (i go there to get my t shots and it’s so surreal and amazing knowing that the people around you aren’t cis like the receptionist Gets what you mean when you say your appointment is ‘kinda urgent but not like…. life threatening’ yaknow?) and just. there’s queer folks and organisations and events and the city is pretty fuckin diverse and anyway it’s Good. 

of course at the same time our public transport is basically a huge mistake and the weather is fucking ridiculous (really four seasons in a day type shit) the cost of living is pretty steep and we have racism and homophobia and transphobia and classism like everywhere else in the world but honestly im worried to leave because for me (a trans queer individual who is medically transitioning) there’s definitely nowhere safer in this country tbh


I’m from Zhuhai, China, and I moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old and I’ve been here for 9 years. Ive felt like I needed to hide my background or not embrace my culture or language because its not commonly accepted for other cultures to outwardly express themselves in public. there are so many injustices in the world and most of them are subconscious, something we grow up accepting because we hear it or see it a lot.

“because you’re asian”

“you’re pretty for a asian girl”

“do you speak asian”

“my eyes look asian in this picture bc they’re squinted”

“you don’t act like you’re asian”

“is your favorite food rice”


“all asian people look alike” (but no every blonde girl with blue eyes does not)

*pulling eyes to make them go upward*

Instead of making fun or degrading another culture because it’s different than yours, be aware and be respectful. I feel like all these other countries love America and the culture here, but we pay no attention to theirs and don’t really care about it. I know most of the time when I talk about China, people don’t listen or think its interesting and it discourages me to talk about it. And when someone says something negative about my race, I usually won’t argue.

So here’s to being able to talk about and express the Chinese culture (and no, not every country in Asia has the same culture, we may look alike but traditions and customs are extremely different so please do not categorize every person with asian features together.)


Transformation Tuesday ( a day late)

When I re-started my weight loss journey a few years ago (one of my many restarts), I began by working out in the spare bedroom doing old Jazzercise routines that I remembered on my own. I was 350+ pounds and too embarrassed to try and workout in public.  I told myself the reason was the long drive to the center (a drive that I had made in years past, but was now ‘too far’).

After losing about 60-70 pounds that way, I moved and was pretty close to a  Jazzercise center. I couldn’t really use the long drive as an excuse for not actually going to class any longer.  I was petrified. Even though I’d done Jazzercise before off and on for many years, I was still so out of shape and overweight. It took all my strength to muster up the courage to go that first time, but, once I got there, and everyone was welcoming and the workout was just as awesome as I’d remembered, I was so glad I did. I was back! Still obese, still a 3x, but I was out in public working out.

Then, by chance one day, my friend and the Jazzercise instructor ‘challenged’ me to go to hot yoga with her. I’d never done yoga at all, let alone hot yoga. I accepted her challenge (mostly as a joke?), but then realized she had taken me seriously. OH SHIT. I watched one yoga video and then, in desperation, I went to a beach yoga class the week before the hot yoga challenge just to get some kind of practical knowledge of it before going with my friend. Once again, I was petrified! I kept praying for rain or a flood or something good like that to cancel the class, but it didn’t happen. I again mustered up my courage and I went to beach yoga, thought I would die, but I didn’t.

The next week I thought I was gonna be sick the whole day before hot yoga. I was still sore from the beach yoga (and I might’ve still had sand in places there should not be sand!). I drank and drank and drank water that day, took magnesium and potassium tablets, and felt like my stomach was full of wasps all day.  My friend actually gave me an ‘out’ when I emailed and told her how nervous I was, but I didn’t take it. I took lots of deep breaths and mustered up that courage again, and I went. I sucked at it. I thought I would die. I felt like I might puke (but didn’t). I loved it.

After that, I started biking. Once again I had to muster up the courage cos I was sure I’d fall and look ridiculous, but I didn’t. It really is just like riding a bike! 

Lately, I’ve gone swimming at a public pool, to an aerial yoga class and a spinning class, and, you know what? I didn’t have to muster up any courage. I didn’t feel nervous. I felt excited to try something new. Next week I’m going to a kick boxing class, which I admit I’m a little intimidated by, but I don’t feel nervous about it. I’ll probably be the fattest person there (as I am in most workout places, even after losing so much weight), and I’ve never hit anything other than a pillow in my life, but I feel strong from all those times I’ve stepped past my comfort zone.

Every time you muster up your courage and get out of your comfort zone, no matter if it’s working out, or doing anything that you think is beyond your boundaries, you expand those self-imposed boundaries! They are not real boundaries! They are limits you put on yourself! Break them down! You’ll find confidence and strength that you didn’t know you had. You’ll find joy in stepping over that line and look forward to new adventures and challenges! 

I’ve come a long way from that girl working out alone in the spare bedroom, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I’ve gained confidence and mental strength and courage. And you can too! Do the thing that scares you! JUST DO IT! It just takes a few seconds of insane courage and then you’re there! You’re doing it! And you are stronger for it! No matter what happens, just the act of trying makes you a winner! DO IT! DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU! You will be amazed at the feeling afterwards! You will be amazed at your strength. You will gain confidence with every step. 

DO IT! If I can do it, you can too. Trust me on this!