i love this year of selfies thing going around. bless selfies. bless duck lips or instagram or high angle shots or taking ten pictures and uploading one or whatever people do to take a picture of themselves that improves their self image, that lets them celebrate themselves

bless selfie culture


I don’t feel awesome today. I had a full blown panic attack last night and I’m just having one of those low self confidence/self esteem days. (Weeks? Months? Lifetimes?) 

Sometimes the only way to combat a night spent wide awake listening to records on your closet floor alone is to wear your highest, brightest red heels and matching lipstick. 

Fake it, til you make it. That’s what I always say. 

Dress from Forever21, shoes are Steve Madden platform heels, cardigan is Target I think. The smile is fake but it’ll be real by the end of the day, I promise.