i love this year of selfies thing going around. bless selfies. bless duck lips or instagram or high angle shots or taking ten pictures and uploading one or whatever people do to take a picture of themselves that improves their self image, that lets them celebrate themselves

bless selfie culture

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to organize a body positive challenge for this February, with a small daily challenge for each day of the month. I would really love to see a lot of people participate, because I think that body positivity is such a great way to spread confidence and love! If you’re interested, read on…

Each day of the month, there is a small task to complete, listed in the image above. Some days require writing something, and others require doing something in real life, which you can then reflect about online if you so choose. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing one of the challenges, please don’t hesitate to skip it. There’s no obligation to do each task, but try to do as many as you can! I’ll be posting my response every morning, so if you are looking for inspiration you can check my blog!

Post your responses with the tag #bodposfeb, so that everyone can share their opinions and spread the body positivity! 

Please help me out by reblogging this post so that this challenge can reach a broader audience! I’d really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this challenge, so that more people can experience body positivity and self-love!

30 Days of Fat Selfies

In order to boost the amount of pictures floating around in the ‘fat selfie’ tag, I decided to create this 30 day fat selfie challenge! Feel free to join in at any point, I hope this inspires lots of people to take selfies and show themselves a little bit of love! 


-Start whenever you want! There’s no time limit, and even if you miss a couple days just jump back in where you left off! This is about promoting self love and learning to love taking pictures of yourself, so there’s no pressure.

-This challenge is open to people of every gender, orientation and race! 

-Either submit your selfies directly to me here, or post them to your own blog under the tags #fuckyeahfatselfies, #fatselfiechallenge, #fatselfie or #30daysoffatselfies! I’ll be checking these tags daily for fabulous selfies to reblog and showcase on this blog and on my personal blog fattyforever

-Please be kind and respectful to every participant of this challenge. This is a self love learning process, so be supportive! Rude and hurtful comments will not be tolerated, and anyone found doing so will be given an embarrassing shout out and then will be blacklisted. 

-Follow fuckyeahfatselfies to see the submissions and showcase selfies! 

-Help others discover this challenge by liking and reblogging this post.



Day One : No make up/No filter 

Day Two : Resting Bitch Face

Day Three : Outdoor Glam

Day Four :  You & Your Pet(s) 

Day Five :  Your Feet 

Day Six : Fierce Face

Day Seven : Colorful Lips 

Day Eight : Outfit of the Day 

Day Nine: Funny Face 

Day Ten : Snack Face (You eating a snack, hello.)

Day Eleven : Bare Arms! (Shoulders in the sunshine, babe.)

Day Twelve : Full Body Pic 

Day Thirteen : Pajama Glam

Day Fourteen : Self Care Selfie (Show us something you do to treat yo self!) 

Day Fifteen : Eyes!

Day Sixteen :  Big Smile :) 

Day Seventeen : Thunder Thighs 

Day Eighteen :  Sunshine Selfie

Day Nineteen : Your Favorite Feature

Day Twenty : Booty Day

Day Twenty One :  Hat Selfie

Day Twenty Two : Full Glam Face 

Day Twenty Three : You & Your Bae (Person, pet or pizza? Who’s the bae in your life?)

Day Twenty Four : Hobby Selfie (You doing your favorite just-for-fun activity!)

Day Twenty Five : Work Day Selfie

Day Twenty Six : Double Chin Win (Show off your cute double chin!)

Day Twenty Seven : Belly Roll Babe

Day Twenty Eight : Imperfection Perfection (Show us the beautiful parts of you that you’re still learning to love.) 

Day Twenty Nine : My Happy Place (Where do you find peace and solace in your day to day life? Take us there!)

Day Thirty : I Love Myself Because… (Pick your favorite selfie ever and post it with a short paragraph about how awesome and wonderful you are! Congratulations! You made it all the way to the end!)