selfies y'all

happy bellarke fam selfie night, ya gal had a pretty fun last night followed by a rough morning that includes a nasty hangover, but thank goodness that’s all gone and thank GOODNESS today’s show day. sad it’s the season finale but excited to see what’s about to go down. regardless of whether or not the spoilers are right, i’m psyched to see how the show will keep us on our toes.

i would tag people but i don’t want to tag people who have already been tagged, also even though i napped i still haven’t slept nearly enough fml so lemme see your beautiful faces


Tagged by my fluffy bunny @myngii to do the lockscreen/last song/bias/selfie tag!!! 🐰🐼

(And just btw wonho isn’t replacing wyf as my fav and this isn’t the bias selfie tag but oh well)

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