selfies with the egg

the signs as hilarious shit bts has done
  • aries: yoongi licking a bath bomb bc he wondered if it'd taste like a fizzy vitamin
  • taurus: when jin was so busy taking selfies that they locked him outside
  • gemini: taehyung leaving kiwis in the egg shelf and seokjin screaming bc he thought the eggs had grown fur
  • cancer: namjoon waking up at 4am and finding jungkook vaccuuming up fruit flies
  • leo: yoongi tripping over his suitcase bc he was yawning
  • virgo: jin accidentally hitting a fan in the face with a jimin photo standee
  • libra: hoseok censoring his verse in dope by replacing it with their dogs' names
  • scorpio: yoongi installing a bidet and namjoon saying thanks to that their butts are warm
  • sagittarius: taehyung seeing jimin & hobi on vlive so he rode his bike from their dorm and barged into the practice room still with it
  • capricorn: jimin grabbing jungkook by the dick on international television
  • aquarius: jimin snapping a bunch of chopsticks in half using his asscheeks
  • pisces: yoongi looking for his usb and thinking it was in taehyung's pocket but it was actually a steamed bun

pics from moving my mom took today!! first one is us rejoicing that my mattress fit in the car and the second one is what my bed area looks like :’) tomorrow i’m gonna focus on some more minor stuff like decorations and putting up all my posters… these past three days have been some of the longest of my life but i’m almost settled now! :)