selfies with the egg

the signs as hilarious shit bts has done
  • aries: yoongi licking a bath bomb bc he wondered if it'd taste like a fizzy vitamin
  • taurus: when jin was so busy taking selfies that they locked him outside
  • gemini: taehyung leaving kiwis in the egg shelf and seokjin screaming bc he thought the eggs had grown fur
  • cancer: namjoon waking up at 4am and finding jungkook vaccuuming up fruit flies
  • leo: yoongi tripping over his suitcase bc he was yawning
  • virgo: jin accidentally hitting a fan in the face with a jimin photo standee
  • libra: hoseok censoring his verse in dope by replacing it with their dogs' names
  • scorpio: yoongi installing a bidet and namjoon saying thanks to that their butts are warm
  • sagittarius: taehyung seeing jimin & hobi on vlive so he rode his bike from their dorm and barged into the practice room still with it
  • capricorn: jimin grabbing jungkook by the dick on international television
  • aquarius: jimin snapping a bunch of chopsticks in half using his asscheeks
  • pisces: yoongi looking for his usb and thinking it was in taehyung's pocket but it was actually a steamed bun

19 March 2017

I am over bands. Always too loud. I went to a cyclling charity fundraiser (supporting youth mental health and suicide prevention) last night but woke up dizzy and headachy after having my nervous system blasted. I didn’t ride as planned. I needed a rest anyway.

It was a beautiful morning so The Husb & I took the dogo for a walk and I cooked brunch. I recorded the Milan San Remo race so am closing my day watching it.