selfies with band members

Are you a female? Do you like bands? Are you in a band? Do you like females in bands? i know halsey isn’t in a band i wanted her there

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this net is for you!

rules ew:

-must be following me, and my main blog

-must fill out this typeform

-must be tracking the tag #femalebandmembersnet

-must be following the net blog

-must reblog this post


-friends who you can rant about band members to!

-selfie reblogs/likes

-my undying gratitude 

Thats it! Feel free to message me if you have questions/concerns and i’ll be announcing the members early October sometime 

anonymous asked:

I always thought a subtle way to do promo would be for the guys to post more selfies of themselves with another band member. It would show "brotherhood" and that they're a group. Like Niall and Harry posting a pic together. Liam and Harry. Niall and Louis, etc. Writing together, singing together, just generally goofing off, or anything. There's nothing 1D fans like more than interaction between the boys.

I completely 100% agree.  And I’ve got no excuses for why we aren’t seeing that.  But I also 100% feel that there is no bad blood between any band members.  I don’t know why we aren’t getting this but the on stage and backstage moments between the boys make me very happy.  I’d love more social media interaction though, I won’t deny that.


This shit pisses me off.

I see multiple account, but mainly THIS ONE crop people out of their selfies with Ash, edit them a little bit (like in the one she flipped the photo) and then post it to their fan page. I don’t see these people ask permission to do this either! Do people not realize how rude this is?? It actually bothers a lot of people.

I love it when people post other people selfies other band members, but do not edit the photos at all, and tag the person in the picture, and, most importantly, ASK THE PERSON WHO PICTURE IT IS IF THIS IS OK.

Please, if you’ve posted pictures of yourself and Ashley on ig, check this account because chances are, they’ve done this to you. They haven’t done it to me and I’m glad they haven’t because I will be PISSED.

(Please reblog this so it gets around. I want everyone to see this.)

anonymous asked:

Would you rather do something relatively harmless and fun but illegal with your favorite band member or just take a selfie with your favorite band member?

ooooh, that’s interesting. i think i’d do something something relatively harmless and fun but illegal with them because that sounds like actually spending time with them.