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I Love Myself Because...

This is funny, because I really really don’t, but hey!! My literal favorite blogger tagged me and asdfghjkl, ya know?

The second writing challenge I ever partook in was the lovely and beautiful @percussiongirl2017’s Barely Legal Challenge and I’m glad I’ve followed her since! 😊

I’m doing this on @wrenwritesometimes, even though @percussiongirl2017 tagged my @i-stare-sometimes blog… cuz people I know IRL and don’t know I write or get tagged in shit follow that one.. XD


I Love Myself Because Rules -
Post a selfie and list five to ten reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 people who need to know how much they love themselves because honestly, we all need a reminder sometimes.

(((My first “selfie” posted publicly online!!1! Yay?? ((It’s taken by fellow band member, but it was in selfie mode, so like. Bite me. 😘)) Dressed all snazzy ((if you could tell.. at all?)) for a band festival.)))

1. I guess you could say that I’m funny. Therefore I guess I should love my humor… 50% of the time.

2. I love that I love the things I love. Certain fandoms have brought me closer to myself and others. 👍🏻

3. I love that I put myself down on behalf of others…
Sounds horrible, I know, but I would literally rather shove my own foot in my mouth than watch other people get ridiculed for that shit. I’m used to it, I guess, so why not?

4. I love myself because my hair is fucking so soft, Iain’t even gonna fucking lie… it’s the softest thing I’ve ever touched.

5. I love myself for my role in band. I love my band environment. So fucking much. Was in leadership for trailer this year and I felt like a BAMF. A stressed bamf, but a bamf regardless.

6. I love myself for my taste in music. It’s all over the damn place, but… it’s some good shit.

7. I love myself for how I am with kids? Strangely enough? I love interacting with babs and making them feel like they’re my whole world.
Backfires sometimes, but sometimes it’s wORTH it.

8. I love myself because myself because I think I should trust my pet. Pet is my pal.

9. I love myself because even throughout all the shit that my brain has put me through, I don’t let that keep me down and I try to laugh and shake it off.

10. I love myself for the friends I keep.
Some are bad, some are toxic, some are groundbreakingly amazing.
We need diversity in these aspects of social life, so that we can recognize an unstable and unhealthy relationship.
I’ve dropped the ball a few times, but like… it’s made me who I am.

And I guess that’s okay. 

I’mma tag, even though they don’t hafta do this:

@imnoaingeal, @theimpossibleg1rl, @livelovelike555, @ghoulishfigure, @notnaturalanahi, @deepdarkfandom, @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

That’s all I gots… 🤣


you like sick ass music cool talk to me about it. you need someone to talk to about anything alright come tell me about it. oh you posted a selfie or posted anything cool tag me ill reblog it. you fav band member is being problematic? come tell me we’ll vent together. just need a friend cool im here :)

#We Exist Everyday

Last night, after being inspired by #PreservationDay, I asked my followers if it would be cool to do a day where diverse (LGBTQ, Disabled, POC) people in the Punk/Emo/Rock community would come together and post about ourselves and stuff and different band members we look up to. For example, did you know that Brendon Urie is bisexual? You may have not, because most band members are set under straight, white, abled male Christians, and that’s the stereotype for a rock artists and their fans. On May 8th, every Bandom member who falls under the category of POC, non-Christian born, disabled (mentally or physically), or LGBTQ+ will post stuff about themselves, band members they look up to, selfies, things about their sexuality/culture/disability, everything pretty much! It would be wonderful if we could do this. The tag will be #We Exist Everyday. That tag has come to be because we shouldn’t be afraid to show who we are in the Bandom, and we don’t just exist on May 8th. May 8th should just be a day where we show that we exist, not just when its popular to be who we are. Please give feedback, and if you have any questions, hmu in the comments/in my ask.

alrightttttttt louis it’s time to post selfies of you with your other two band members… you’ve posted one niall so the next is liam…. and then the other one…….