selfies of service

Photo tech problems

Me: takes a passport pic for customer, shows them the result.
Cust: “I don’t like it, can we take it again?“
Me: “Sure, how’s this one?”
Cust: “Eww nooo, can we take it again?”
Me: “How about this one?”
Cust: “No”
Me: “How’s this?”
Cust: “No”
Me: “This one’s nice.”
Cust: “Eww no.”
Me: “This one?”
Cust: “No”
Me: ?
Cust: “No”
Me: ?
Cust: “No”

(30 years later)

Me: ?
Customer: “Eww NO!!!”


wizard world nola looks

the love witch
  • bow: handmade
  • keyhole top: forever 21
  • skirt: h&m
  • belt: vintage


  • bow: handmade
  • black dress: asos
  • bow belt: forever 21
  • leather jacket: vintage/adopted from @ohhisusiepie
  • necklace: h&m
  • crossbody purse: coach
  • jiji: ebay


  • bow: handmade
  • red kerchief: vintage
  • black sailor varsity jacket: vintage
  • ultraman tee: q-pop
  • red skirt: h&m

[instagram: bettyfelon]