selfies lols


tagged by @mouth-of-leviathan & @hera-salander for a selfie, thank you guys💕 but look what came in the mail today😎

i tag: @highkingofskyrim @tarinya-quinn @gipsyspirits @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross @pugdestroyer666 @melancholy-moonchild @baronessofmoonlight @shakespeare-was-a-metalhead and anyone else who’d like to post their beautiful face

Sooo haha I’ve never done this or been tagged to do this, but I thought “eh why not?” Sorry if I tag you and you have no idea who I am or what the hell I did this for….soooo this my mug…now post yours…I mean if your want to…you don’t have to….but you should because y'all are pretty people….but not if you don’t want to….but you should….k….um bye 😬💩
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I literally bought my boyfriend a mug with my face on it. I plan on filling it with Hershey’s Kisses (because that’s his favorite candy) and giving it to him. You could choose to put it along with a little note so I put “this is so you can put your lips on my moist face when ur sleepy in the morning.”

after this, I dunno what else to do. I feel like I can’t go back to just cheesy little gifts after this. I need to plan something big and amazing. Help.