selfies lols

speedpainted sketch from back in september that i totally forgot to upload until now whoops

based on this song. it’s not the kind of thing i’d normally listen to (it makes me feel too sad tbh. not that i don’t like sad songs, but idk it’s a different kind of sad) BUT when i heard it it gave me super pegoryu vibes so i just had to put it on repeat and draw this


So @nikkutz ♡ tagged me… rules: lockscreen,homescreen, last listened song, last selfie.
I think I did it once… but it changed so I was like..why not… but one thing stayed the same..(ithink) the last listened song is still the Sheep. Okay if I say it’s my will be my fav for a long time :))
Im going to tag (i dont wanna tag the same people i tagged before…:/) : @xiuminniesittybittytiddies @kasszandra03 @cutieyoungbin @valenjagi @yeoleow @shootfortheestrella @astro-lovelies and anyone ♡♡♡

When you’re tryin’ to be healthier so you decide to eat some spinach but you aren’t feelin’ it so you just nibble at it and push it around to make it look like you ate more than you did so you can feel better about yourself.