selfies in your face

anonymous asked:

Your face in that selfie is like 'i got you fam' and katie's like 'your welcome you thirsty lesbeans'

that was QUITE LITERALLY what i was thinking with my own face, and i couldn’t see katie’s but i just KNEW she was delivering on her end. hahahhahaha just giving the gays all they want <3

Just a warning for those who aren’t aware: the porn bots on here are becoming out of hand, and are now starting to reblog people’s selfies and are actually adding sketchy links along with sexual captions. I think, until this problem is fixed (let’s hope it will be), it’s probably wise you don’t post any selfies if you don’t want your face being on a porn blog, especially if you’re a minor. Take care!


ask me about my discounted wannabe carefree black girl looks ™ because I’m lame, broke, and stressed tf out but fake it till ya’ make it 😣