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Um...I've been stanning B.A.P for point 5 seconds, and I have like no idea who anyone is, I have to many other groups in my head...mind helping me out?

Member wise SURE, btw you made a good choice stanning B.A.P they are lovely people ANYWAYS 


Bang Yongguk 

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Leader - Rapper - oldest - awkward dad - Tigger enthusiast 
Yongguk writes and produces like all of B.A.Ps music, people who don’t follow B.A.P usually find him intimidating but he’s actually so incredibly soft and sweet and shy. He’s an introvert at heart that is scared of going over 30 MPH on his bike. Is a soft man but writes the darkest music, Has a small dog he must protect! Biggest Sleepy/Untouchable fanboy probably. 
-How to tell him apart is music is his deep ass cave voice
-How to tell him apart from the group he’s usually the quiet shy one who awkwardly smiles and laughs at everything in the back. 

Kim Himchan

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Visual - Vocal - Gorgeous - Aesthetic mom - Bunny teeth ;;; 
Himchan is loud and adorable and needs to be protected. A Soft adorable man who cares about his fans sososososos much, Visual king, like he’s so pretty in pictures but irl??? fucking f l a w l e s s. Wine mom, his instagram is just the most beautiful thing you’d see ever. his vocals are sosososo neat ;; 
-How to tell him apart in music: voice is a lot more horse than the other members, in their heavier songs his voice SHINES but usually his voice is a lot deeper than the others in the vocal line 
-How to tell him apart in group He’s usually fighting with Daehyun, or loving up and being really soft with Jongup, “Dance Machine~” and just honestly usually loud all the time. :D 

Jung Daehyun

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Main Vocal - Face of group - Baby advocate - Adorable - Professional bias wrecker - Back tattoo that everyone fucking craves to see help. 
Daehyun is honestly the cutest human alive???? lives and breathes for B.A.P, spoils the fandom/his stans with content. Vlive king, inhales when he laughs, gushy lovey greasy boy. His instagram is selfies galore, deletes everything honestly. B.A.Ps biggest fan, Yongguks hype man, honestly a blessing (he’s my ult bias I’m sorry)
- How to tell him apart in music: high notes that make you actually want to cry????
- How to tell him apart from group: L O U D, singing in the background of any video, Hearts everywhere, Picking on Jongup or fighting with Himchan or gushing over Youngjae. 

Yoo Youngjae

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Lead/main vocal - apple cheeks - King of aegyo - Original snake
Youngjae is the sassy fuck we need in this world, the most extra when around Daehyun or Zelo, Super greasy with fans, Inventor of chokers, COLLAR BONES!!!!!!!!!!, honestly he is so soft and cute, quiet on SNS usually so when we get IG posts from him the fandom collectively cries. Constantly throwing shade at everyone, B.A.Ps appointed MC for everything. Also a loud son. Just such a precious boy. 
-How to tell him apart in music: amazing vocals usually a bit more nasally, On stage he squints his left eye, like alll the time every song no matter what it’s a blessing. 
- How to tell apart from group: fluffy hair no matter what, throwing shade at Daehyun, probably standing next to Zelo and looks extra small. He is actually small tho protect. 

Moon Jongup 

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Vocal - Main dancer - Snake 2.0 - Choreographs B.A.P dances - Shake shake and Chocolate Milk advocate 
Jongup is the quiet awkward one that makes everyone cry. Actual angel, Has not one bad bone in his body, is actually high key rude asf and throws the hardest shade at everyone, no one is safe from his smartass shit. Literally a fucking meme. “Look at this precious boy” you’ll say, “He’s so adorable and soft” wrong, He has the rudest stage presence. His solo songs are dirty and we love it. Likes Anime and Manga and being naked and dong coptering around the dorm before showering, I’d say “Protect Jongup” but Himchan has that covered. Everyones favorite son. When he laughs everyone stops breathing for a while. 
-How to tell him apart in music: I actually get him mixed up with Youngjae often I’m so sorry, but he has some amazing vocals during his verses, stage wise is completely different. ALSO HAS SOME BAD ASS POSE TO FUCK US UP WITH AND DOES LOTS OF BACK FLIPS.
- How to tell him apart from the group: Awkward, does weird fucking shit sometimes that make us go ?????, looks and acts like an angel, Probably being teased by Himchan. 

Zelo (Choi Junhong)

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Rapper - main dancer - Maknae - Tallest small - Choreographs BAP dances - Will skateboard over your dead body while salt bae-ing - 3am Vlive king - Only member with a stage name and we don’t know why (and neither does he)
Zelo is everyones favorite son, “Dont’ call him a child>:(>:(>:(”, Lowkey greasy, Buff as fuck, TEASE ON STAGE, Meme off stage, Instagram lives are his aesthetic, has a small dog he loves more then himself. Has an instagram for his small dog. Yongguks biggest fan, Was literally raised by B.A.P into the most respectful son ever. One of the fastest rappers in South Korea, not as loud but is HELLA EXTRA, illegally drinks in America bless. 
-How to tell him apart in music - Rapper who doesn’t have a cave voice, On stage is probably spinning at high speeds or humping the stage, or doing a air gutar move, really any of those
- How to tell him apart from group : T A L L A S F U C K, a massive goof ball, He does this face a lot that when you see it you just go “Damnit Zelo”. Usually with Youngjae and they are loud together. bless

Their newest MV really has them shine the most in each of their positions, plus the visuals are beautiful so like yeah. ENJOY B.A.P MY FRIEND YOU’RE IN FOR A HELL OF A TIME

Sza from “Love Galore” inspired Halloween look 🦋🎃. 

I wanted to do an artist/celebrity inspired look for Halloween & I like Sza’s hair and all the butterflies in her music video so I wanted to give it a try :).

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Do you think if the RFA+minor trio were genderbended, they would be different in any way? In what ways would they be different?

Hope this is what you were thinking? This was fun to think of. 


  • She does so much with her hair
  • So many hairstyles, and all of them come out perfect
  • She is a make up expert, maybe even becoming a side make up vlogger to share her secrets
  • Other than that, she’s the same…flawless selfies galore and gorgeous looks and sweet personality


  • She would be the tomboy/lazy girl
  • Always gaming late in the night, so she never bothers with hair or make up
  • Most of the time, she ends up wearing snapbacks to school because she’s running late
  • She does love cute hairclips though
  • She’s one of those super cute girls, but she would get shy if a guy she found attractive walked by


  •  He’s still a little stiff
  • He’s super organized and on track
  • He can be a little tsundere
  • He’ll scold people, but make sure they’re taken care of
  • He’s not as big of a “fangirl” and more of a casual fan of Zen’s soundtracks


  • Her fashion sense was on point
  • Always looked classy in a dress or business suit
  • Instead of different ties, she wore different broaches every day–sometimes even with cats
  • Her love for cats stays the same, but she could only have one
  • Cat trinkets in her house everywhere
  • Top of the top career woman, so she often refuses the hundreds of confessions


  • Even more insecure as a girl on most days
  • She feels really uncomfortable with her body a lot of the time, since she has a little chub and always looks baggy in her sweats
  • Her hair also was frizzy and curly, so she always put it in a bun
  • But she knows how to clean up really nice
  • And her make up is always amazing


  • She hates long hair, so she still keeps it pretty short
  • Kind of like a bob cut
  • Loves dying her tips all the time
  • Resting “Get out my face” face
  • You would think she would a really emo style, but no…she likes fluffy sweaters
  • Sweater paws


  • Very artsy kind of girl
  • Sundresses, long cardigans, her camera hanging around her neck
  • Her hair is always in a ponytail because it gets in the way
  • But when she has it down, combined with her pretty smile, it’s gorgeous
  • Like the perfect waves
  • She is sweet to everyone


  • Literally the same personality
  • Same length hair
  • Same blazer
  • Same snark
  • Just female

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literally posting this cause i want sympathy for my bruised knuckle and sore knuckle bone lol and also cause even tho i look a mess, i feel good ya know? like stop being ashamed of messy days, love yourself you deserve it



(mem. read photo captions for effect.)

Friday, March 17th (late, late evening)

Dear Mr. Joker (& those that apply),

On the train and heading back to the hideout.  Took selfies because I was bored and needed to get my mind off of Batman for a while.  Even though he’s an absolute jerk sometimes, I’m still looking forward to tomorrow’s gig.  My girl buddy just texted me and told me that she made ice cream floats for the two of us to share!  Woohoo!  I told her about what happened today and she said that she knows I’ll do great tomorrow.  She sure knows how to keep me from feeling blue.  x^) 

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"His team is hand feeding this shit to JJ, it’s gross." SO gross. I don't begrudge having ambition, but I reserve the right to judge the f-ck outta anyone not maintaining dignity and integrity while doing it. Funny how other actors are able to at least give the illusion of that while climbing. Also funny how he once said after a week of the LA scene he had to gtfo, yet now his whole public face seems like an LA scene.

I agree with this, but I also still see glimpses of who I believe Sam is or was. It just feels like he’s working really hard to remain ~professional and distant from Cait, and it’s unfortunate because the two of them are so much more dynamic together, whatever that “together” is or was. But this Hollywood shift with the pre-planned pap walks at airports and in the street, the matching outfits, the frankly shameless self-promotion…it’s kind of embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing, I’m a shameless selfie beggar on twitter. This is their main week of promo before the new season and not ONE selfie was taken of just the two of them and posted to one of their social media accounts. In fact, Sam plugged the wait almost being over with a picture of just himself. My reaction was lulz WUT?? I wish whoever runs their accounts or helps would take a look at the Scandal Cast’s accounts. Selfies and BTS pics galore all the time. That cast loves each other and they aren’t afraid to hide it.

And FTR, I don’t begrudge Sam wanting to accelerate his career. But the way he’s been going about it recently leaves a lot to be desired. I’m getting to the point where I just want to see Jamie onscreen and I hope Sam and his many many adjacents take a long break.

Girlfriend Yeonjung

Anon: Yeonjung(wjsn) as a girlfriend? 😚✨


She’s a really silly and fun girlfriend ~

Yeonjung is, of course, very committed to you. But she’s not quite ready to talk about settling down or buying a house just yet. So your relationship is the sweet and innocent type. The type where you share milkshakes and blush when holding hands.

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This girl is meme central.

You get selfies galore of her getting her hair and makeup done, alongside pictures of filming locations and even the celebrities she’s working alongside with. If it’s an actor or actress you like, she teases you and makes you jealous by sending lots of pictures of them, many of them stealth shots.

She got caught once taking a picture of them and was so embarrassed that she hid behind Soobin for the rest of the shoot.

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She’s not really the jealous type.

If you spend more time with one of her members than her, she will bug you and pout, but only in a playful way. Deep down, she’s not actually hurt or annoyed. She has full faith in you and as mentioned earlier, this is a sweet type of love.

That’s not to say you’re not dedicated to each other but it’s not like you need to be together 24/7 either. You have your space and she has hers.

She’ll still fake pout to get some cuddles, though ;3;

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She’s shameless when it comes to her talent. She might pretend to be shy (”No, this is embarrassing, I don’t want to - Okay, if you insist~”) but ultimately she’s a vocal queen and knows it.

Your karaoke dates are always wild.

You both got kicked out of a karaoke bar once for hogging the machine but Yeonjung is adamant that you two were the best in there anyway. It’s even a joke among the girls than you’re an honourary fourteenth member.

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Her terrible wonderful aegyo is used to make you give in. Not because she’s cute but because her over the top cutesy voice makes you give in so you don’t have to hear it anymore.

When she’s in a hyper mood, her and the other WJSN maknaes like to do random things to bug you. But they’re honestly so cute that you’re not even annoyed.

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Overall, this truly is an innocent relationship. She’s young and not only that but her career has her very busy. But that’s not a bad thing! Young love doesn’t have to be as dramatic or fast as in the movies. You both take it one day at a time, enjoying your time together and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“You look kinda cool today.”

“Are you trying to flirt?”

“ … You’re meant to say it back!”

“Not a chance.”

“Mean!” she huffs.

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