selfies a lot of selfies


@kitty-bandit tagged me in the phone meme, so here’s my lock screen (unicorns are nice, swears are funny), my home screen (it’s normal to have a picture of your boyfriend), the last song I listened to (from one of Doomtree’s top albums), and a selfie I definitely already posted.

I’ll tag @whimsywillow, @harkerling, @incurablenecromantic, @angharad-of-the-west, and @comorbidities to suffer as I have (jokes, I love memes, I am vanity itself)


I was tagged by @bushidoblues to post 8 pictures of characters I relate with & me in the middle
Thanks for tagging me this was fun! 😸💕

I tag @skhaan @g-riffth and @midaremidare only if you wanna do it ofc~
Anyone else who wants to do it also feel free ^^