Met, hung out and took selfies with a bunch of cool folks at Katsucon this weekend!

In order of appearance:
Legolas and New Thor - peppermonster (who also took these two photos)
Wiccan - pantydragon
Loki - spectregeneral66
Astrid - nokki1
Storm - sassyblacknerd
Sherlock - myrddin-emrys
Mary Morstan - theshatteredshouette
The Man at Arms guys
Black Widow (IM2 party dress) - moonriot
Eddie Gluskin - spectregeneral66
Black Widow (Age of Ultron) - moonriot


SELFIECON 2014 - Aka Metrocon 2014

Thank you again to everyone who made this weekend so magical. Thank you to everyone who stopped us in the hallways. To all the crazy people who attended our panels. And to everyone who shared such lovely words with us. 

Thank you a million times over for changing our lives.

Feel free to share, post, download, save and print these photos. :)


SELFIECON 2015 [Metrocon, Florida] - PART THIRTEEN & FINAL

Sorry I didn’t take quite so many photos this year. We were running on such a tight rota and we were dipping in and out of costumes so frequently that I didn’t catch the time to take as many photos.

Metrocon, as usual, was perfection. Now I’m sitting here jet-lagged, pining for everyone and exhausted but so utterly content.

This convention was so brilliant. I had the chance to hang out with some truly amazing people, meet up with old friends and spend time with new companions.

Thank you, once again, to everyone who made this convention. To everyone who asked for a photo, sat through out awful panels and laughed at our ridiculous, English jokes. 

Now raise your rum in hope for 2016 and always remember; when you’re a Parle Pirate, you are part of the crew & part of the ship.