selfie ugly

@thatgirlfromhyrule tagged me for a selfie

I hereby tag @sonn-av-fenrir @leafabulous @a-wish-for-the-night @ddraconian-love @viking-badger @hobbitsmind @codeinezeppelin @punkpayton @transylvanianmoroi @waiting-in-solitude @tyburn-dancer @theweirdgirlthatlikesmetal @withfreyjaonourside @death-and-the-healing @dragon-on-the-sea @through-byzantine-hemispheres @adalbertfrigidus @ihonestlydontknowwhatsgoingon to post a motherfucking selfie. Bring it on ^^

anonymous asked:

can u post some more selfies if you get a chance? having a rough day and seeing pretty people always makes me feel better

this is so sweet??? wtf

i just washed my face n my hair is Gross but here u go ♥♥♥ i hope you feel better!