selfie zine

I’ve seen some other artists post their submissions from the @miracuclasszine, so here’s mine. 

Post-Reflekta episode, Chloe chooses to try to fix things with Juleka after reflecting upon her past choices.  *high fives Chat again*

Repeat after me! 

What do we want? Chloe redemption arc!

When do we want it?  Season 2!  (…pretty please~!)  XD

Noragami Selfie Challenge 2!

Rules, as explained by @noragamitexts (thanks for the tag <3 And thank you for starting another Noragami game!):

Selfie of your cute self, a little memo about your cute self, and something Noragami related you want to show/talk about! Tag #noragami selfie 2

Last time we did this, I had no Noragami stuff save for fanart and a single volume. But thanks to my awesome international friends, my collection is now wider plus bilingual! :D

I tag @yatorihell @yatorivevo @moonemi @paperypiper @scarfblogs @kurisuumakise @skadventuretime @fushiginokunino @summylise ~

Text reads: we believe that selfies can be an act of selfcare. We believe that selfies can be an empowering art form.


Deadline: December 28, 2013.


selfie art, photography & written works about selfies and selfie culture.

Selfie Zine encourages submissions from underrepresented people.*


  • 18 years or older to submit
  • must be your own original work
  • submit all works to with the subject line : selfie zine submission
  • include your name &/or online handle (ex.: Twitter @yourname) in email body if you want.
  • include what medium/materials you used (ex. instagram + iphone, acrylic on canvas, canon t31, etc.)
  • if you want to, feel free to add why selfies are meaningful to you or why your specific submission is meaningful, or something similar in a few sentences.

*PoC, LGBTQA, non-binary, female identified, differently abled, etc. 

Hello fellow women of color! I was wondering if you’d like to share Selfie Zine’s call for submissions post, for you or any of your followers who would be interested and are 18 years or older. There’s a tumblr as well:

Thank you,