selfie with a turtle

modern hamilton au: snapchat stories

alexander: covers the camera to take black pictures and proceeds to vaguepost about people he has added on the app

john: videos of alex from across the room, zoomed on very fast and suddenly. also the selfie filters that distort your face. he puts the filters on his turtle, too.

lafayette: always. selfies. always. he uses the “pretty” filters like the dog filter, the flower crown, and the bear one with the yellow face mask

hercules: videos of supportive messages, the general pick-me-up user.

burr: he never posts but you can bet cash money he’s the first to see everyone else’s stories

eliza: flowers, plants, snails, animals, etc. that one Snapchat friend that always seems to be going somewhere and has an anonymous friend to take “candid” pictures of her in beautiful scenery

angelica: is the one taking eliza’s pictures. she has generally the same content, but never has herself in the pictures. eliza insists on taking pics of her, but angelica’s too insecure

peggy: dogs

maria: selfies of her and eliza kissing

jefferson: pictures of food (usually pasta) and selfies where he’s trying too hard. teaser-nudes with the caption “pm for my premium snapchat ;) ”

madison: he shitposts on his story in the middle of the night but deletes them before anyone can see

george washington: why would he have snapchat


philip: cute selfies, mostly the dog filter. he does peace signs a lot and always has his eyes closed with the biggest smile. occasionally, videos where he’s asking eacker to take a pic with him and gets flipped off.

eacker: the type of person to post videos of him taking a bong hit. every day. videos of Philip doing the same because he’s a bad influence on pip

lee: a 500-second long story only consisting of his dog

KGIII: “ootd” every day. it gets kind of annoying but he has a good fashion sense so its okay yknow

seabury: vagueposts about alex, because he knows half of Alex’s are directed at him. they kinda go back and forth like that but never actually talk privately. everyones a little annoyed.