selfie while working

Dan and Phil themed asks
  • Pinof: talk about your best friend
  • the vday video: what's your biggest regret?
  • dan: if you need to vent about a show/movie/artist that you love for like 3 paragraphs since no one in your life cares do it now. or vent about what ur currently stressed out about. or both.
  • phil: what are some of your favorite animals?
  • day in the life: talk about your typical daily schedule
  • I will go down with this ship: talk about your otps
  • draw my life: draw a picture of yourself and post it
  • krave challenge: what's something you're craving right now (either a physical thing or a goal)
  • sexy internet dating: describe yourself as you would on your dating profile
  • my google search history: post the last 5 things in your google search history and be honest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • things i thought were true that are not true: <-name a thing
  • my secret files: open a random screenshot you took and post it
  • a to z of me (send a letter or a few for this): talk about what the letters the person sent are in relation to you
  • 51 things in my room: talk about one of the things you like that's in your room, pictures optional
  • hi my name is [dan]: talk about something you're embarassed by

I write a lot more than I breathe. I get excited over nothing, sometimes the rain, sometimes over a speck of dust. Movies are good for my spare time, Netflix is always welcoming me home. I doodle like my doodles would doodle me. I walk to the sound of my playlist, music is water. I like morning breeze, coffee too. Photography takes me to places I’ve never been and my camera kisses my eye lids in every adventure. Love was good, still is - tasty with a tinge of rainbows on its sleeve 

where Sappho had left me with her prints and my Sapphic skin yanked me out of the closet a long time ago 


My old guitar sings to me when her body and my fingers touch each other. Fandoms are lovers dwelling in my head. Be a reader and you don’t have to knock on my door to borrow my books. I travel like the word travel means. Last but not least, if you are the unknown, the hospital corners to the hospitality term, the black abyss, the sheet of philosophy, the master of criminology, the cook of your roof, the laughter of the earth, the universal phantom of the world, the ocean of poetry, the lover of vintage, the shutter to the cameras and the seeker of literature, then come by and we shall be acquainted.

D C de Oliveira - The biopsy of the self  02.09.2017 - 9.29am

Mermaids do it better 💙🐠


Finally got the confidence to take a couple selfies again