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First off, happy bfsn fam! But I swear if they kill Luna I will just bury myself, she doesn’t deserve this g A H .

Second, these are all very different pictures of me so that’s cool. The second one makes my hair look magical, wow.

THIRD AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (this is where you gotta read, haha), I have something to tell you guys. A lot of you may know how active I’ve been in wanting to support my LGBT friends in this fandom and in general. A lot you may not know, however, that I myself have been going through a lot of those similar thought processes over the last year or so, and a few months ago (I think? Time is weird lol) I’ve come to terms with who I am, and *gasp* it’s not heterosexuality. I am in fact biromantic asexual 👭👫🏳️‍🌈 (or maybe gray-asexual, figuring that out, but definitely far on the spectrum). I decided it was a good day to tell you guys for, I dunno, whatever reason. (((It’s actually because all my irl friends on tumblr now know, so no surprises for irl people. Whoo.)))

But honestly, the thing I want y’all to take away from this (outside of Literally No Phobia Is Going By Me Without A Thwack and also my posting’s about to get aggressively gay probs) is I’m always here to support and love you, no matter who you are. You’re all beautiful and valid and I want you all to be happy. You deserve that. <3

(Also look at my bitmoji, it’s literally me, you can’t see the shirt but it says “i can’t even” it’s ME yall.

*Much less important but I’ll be off my low-key hiatus in about a week, blessed BE.*

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“Not all those who wander are lost.” ⚘ -J.R.R Tolkien / Adventure mood board! So I was tagged by my lovelies @limechangkyun & @jinkimon do to the bias + selfie + mood board challenge (thank y'all so much :)! The theme took a while to decide but for me, nothing beats books, a nice cup of coffee, the desire to travel & Im Changkyun. ♥︎ It’s more like a getaway, if anything~ I’ll be tagging @spring-jealousy @urmomstax @keeyoun @jooheonster @hyungjooki @ckihyun @sugaxri @dat-town and I know it’s always the same people but I adore y'all all so very much! ☀︎