Selfie Sunday PWS Member’s Submission

Stephi looking for…? For what? Definitely for photos worth seeing (and maybe also for Waldo). And that for now about three years already. Thank you for all of your work and of course for your selfie submission! We love it!

PWS - Photo(grapher)s Worth Seeing

A little start of the week motivation! I didn’t even think I had this shirt anymore but I found it this morning so I had to take a pic & the pic on the left was taken late last spring semester so probably some time around mid-late April. If I had to guess I’d say there’s probably around a 20lb difference between the photos (although I’m not sure my exact weight in the first one) & the shirt definitely fits a lot better now!!😂

if u struggle with depression and no one has ever taken you seriously, i just want to take a small chunk of your time to tell you that I, yves, love you, and I believe you.

ig : the_yvesdropper