selfie so hard


the toddlers are back in town😎👉🏼👉🏼

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌


so i took some pictures while in barcelona i went to the cathedral but couldn’t take pictures bc i was in a tour and i was so shook that i forgot and then we had to leave pls dont hate me


So my sister essentially told me I was too big to wear my old bikini to the family vacation this year, so my self confidence is in the gutter and the only bikinis I could get myself to buy were high-waisted ones. Idk how I feel about this one. I’m still 20bs over what I need to be and it’s depressing. I guess I should put these up as “before” pictures, but God, it really is depressing. AND it flattens my ass which is the one thing I have going for me. But, I’m going to get through this. I am determined.