selfie imitations


So I met Ben twice yesterday. My friend and I had tickets to the LFF premiere of The Imitation Game and the After Party.

First time we met was on the carpet. He was such a nice guy and I was able to see on the cinema screen whilst I was seated how he went back to sign for my friends behind the barrier and everybody else that he could!

The second time was at the after party. I was in the VIP area reserved for Benedict and the drinks had been flowing (a lot) with both me and him. He was actively seeking more Champagne haha. We introduced ourselves, I congratulated him on an amazing movie, we spoke a bit then we got on to him being in the Stand Up To Cancer campaign which I really thanked him for and he looked (drunkenly) pleased and shook my hand then he looked a bit emotional (drunk remember) and hugged me when I said my mum has cancer. There was a slight mention of how good the alcohol was. I had my phone in my hand anyway and HE came out with something like “I’m only doing photos with my friends and family now but come on,” and I was a bit surprised as I hadn’t been expecting one. I pointed then he looked at my finger and said that he said “are you pointing?” I chuckled and said “I don’t know, am I pointing?” So then he pointed and the photo was taken. And we said goodbye went our separate ways. It was a well cool evening and nice to see him so chill! Also as I was wearing heels it felt weird him not being as tall as I expected lol!

Also the whole meeting didn’t go on for as long as it sounds haha. Seemingly it did as I was drunk and talking to the guy I’ve admired but to clarify we didn’t spend like a good half hour chatting.


A pic of our selfie with benedict from BBC news!!

What a moment, and to have our faces on the breakfast television was surreal to say the very least!

Benedict was a complete gent as you can imagine, and signed my drawing below. You can just about see it (he signed over Christopher - THE FEELS!!) and it says “amazing” above his name which is wonderful.

And then today, after that high, came the crush of my heart watching the actual film.

I do not want to give anything away, and it may have just been emotional exhaustion on my part, but I started crying and I could not stop. I am still emotional now, several hours later. It’s a masterpiece of a film and Benedict’s portrayal is a tour de force. Oscars all the way. It’ll be an injustice if it doesn’t win.