selfie imitations



Reaction to s/o laying their head on their lap

Reaction to S/O suddenly hugging them to charge energy

Reaction to S/O trying to scare them & failing 

Reaction to S/O still shipping them with each other 

Reaction to S/O not liking to be called cute


Reaction to S/O laying their head on his shoulder

Reaction to S/O telling them to shut up


Reaction to s/o sticking post its everywhere

Reaction to s/o teasing them with the members 

Reaction to S/O imitating their selfies

Reaction to S/O not sharing food

Reaction to S/O rapping faster than Yoongi


Reaction to S/O whining and asking them to get something

Reaction to S/O apologizing

Reaction to S/O waking them up with coffee

Reaction to S/O message after long periods of promotions 

Reaction to S/O wanting them to meet their family

Reaction to S/O giving them a massage


Reaction to S/O making funny faces whenever he is looking

Reaction to S/O humming one and the same song 24/7

Big Bang

Reaction to S/O being the sexy one in the Idol group

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hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

  • proposes: Jasper!
  • shops for groceries: Whoever is free
  • kills the spiders: They don’t kill them >:0
  • comes home drunk at 3am: I’d say probably Jasper but that it doesn’t happen all too often
  • makes breakfast: Both of them! I’d think David would do it more because he likes getting up super early but sometimes Jasper will drag himself out of bed early enough to return the favour :D
  • remembers to feed the fish: Both of them
  • decorates the apartment: Both of them but David calls the shots a lot
  • initiates duets: Jasper if it’s a song on the radio, David if he’s singing along to a camp song
  • falls asleep first: Maybe Jasper? I’m not sure about this one :0
  • sends the most selfies: Jasper would send so many selfies of himself imitating memes and David would just comment on how lovely he looks :’)
  • makes the first move: Jasper 
  • plans spontaneous trips: Both!
BTS Reaction to S/O imitating their selfies


He is bored so he goes through your posts in hope to find something embarrassing and there he’ll find it.


As he scrolled he noticed that every selfie was similar to his and he would compare them and set a bait for you. As soon as you took the bait he’d be a ball of fluff and think this is really cute and ask you if you want to take a picture with him so you both of you could be the Selfie king and queen. 
And the Award for the cutest couple goes toooo ~


He was goofing around with the Members when a notice that you uploaded a new picture popped up on his phone, so he stopped for a minute and looked at it. The first thing in his mind would be: „ Aww she is so cute.”
But after looking at it for a little bit longer he’d notice the similarity and post a selfie himself making funny faces in hope you’d imitate it too. He’d think it’s your way to say “I love you” and be so happy about it.


He’d show one of his brightest smiles the world has seen and ask himself if you would copy a selfie of him making grimaces. And if you did it wouldn’t take long for him to ask you to take a picture together and be the fluffiest couple on earth.


He always keeps up to date with your posts and lately he began to notice the similarity to his own pictures, thinking about how yours were looking much better and how you were overshadowing his. He would start to make sexy selfies in hope you imitate it too and be a little bit jelly because he didn’t think so many guys would comment on how good you looked. You should be prepared to a Kabe-don Namjoon. 

(Imagine this is Namjoon xD)

Hoseok aka J-hope:

And this is the moment where his selfies became more strange than ever, he’d want to see you having derpy faces on your pictures and would rub them in your face everytime he could. The memes are strong ! You’d be the King and Queen of memes and be proud of it. Another new synonym for both of you would be “The sunshine couple” .

Min Yoongi:

He’d be sassy as f*** and send you a text making fun of you for not having own ideas and even though it didn’t show, he’d think you were the cutest thing alive and be secretly excited about it. He would use it as an opportunity to give you ideas and see you taking pictures he always wanted to see.


It wouldn’t take him long to notice that your selfies were similar and he’d melt, thinking his girlfriend was the best thing happening in his life.
And this would be his chance to see you in full pink, he’d post a picture of him wearing only pink and wait for you to copy. Your selfie then would be his new phone wallpaper and he’d look at it everytime he felt a little bit down.

Annyeonghaseyo, everyone! (^o^)/
I hope this reaction is as good as the other ones and you enjoyed reading as much as i enjoyed writing  ~ o(*>ω<*)o
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I was tagged by the wonderful bae bangtans-baby for this super hard photo challenge.

Rule: Mimic to the best of your ability, three different selcas taken by a bias or someone in KPOP & then tag 10 people you want to see do this!

 I used PARK JIMIN OF BTS, because he’s a cool bean and he takes nice selfies. I am gross lmfao x.x

I’m tagging 10 people: got-seoul7 iwanttobeanangstriddenteenager into-jimin pabo-monnie pandahjessie jin-kook pikamelly ERMMMM I DON’T KNOW WHO ELSE TO TAG….. *TAGS EVERYONE I FOLLOW*

You don’t have to do this, I know all my followers have beautiful shining faces that would make their biases cry tears of joy at <3

The masterpiece that is you~


So I met Ben twice yesterday. My friend and I had tickets to the LFF premiere of The Imitation Game and the After Party.

First time we met was on the carpet. He was such a nice guy and I was able to see on the cinema screen whilst I was seated how he went back to sign for my friends behind the barrier and everybody else that he could!

The second time was at the after party. I was in the VIP area reserved for Benedict and the drinks had been flowing (a lot) with both me and him. He was actively seeking more Champagne haha. We introduced ourselves, I congratulated him on an amazing movie, we spoke a bit then we got on to him being in the Stand Up To Cancer campaign which I really thanked him for and he looked (drunkenly) pleased and shook my hand then he looked a bit emotional (drunk remember) and hugged me when I said my mum has cancer. There was a slight mention of how good the alcohol was. I had my phone in my hand anyway and HE came out with something like “I’m only doing photos with my friends and family now but come on,” and I was a bit surprised as I hadn’t been expecting one. I pointed then he looked at my finger and said that he said “are you pointing?” I chuckled and said “I don’t know, am I pointing?” So then he pointed and the photo was taken. And we said goodbye went our separate ways. It was a well cool evening and nice to see him so chill! Also as I was wearing heels it felt weird him not being as tall as I expected lol!

Also the whole meeting didn’t go on for as long as it sounds haha. Seemingly it did as I was drunk and talking to the guy I’ve admired but to clarify we didn’t spend like a good half hour chatting.