selfie imitations


So I was tagged by to do the bias tag by jisooshoe while todanhowell & acrylicduckie to do the 20 beautiful people tag so I decided to combine them together because I’m lazy oops.

I tag (You can do either or you can do both lmao idk what this even is):

phanbeans || danscrotch || dropthebones || avidhowell || sarcasticphan || callmeshinsenpai || blossomphan || dogedan || ohphil || lesterotic || hcwell || yeezydan || flannelhowell || constipatedhowell || thorlester || kokorofranta || nerdphan || hester-lowell || dankmemeshowell || & anyone else who wants to do this

P.S: You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to~



HISTORY are in pain! We’re showing our support to help them through this rough time with #StoriaMightDie. Take a selfie of yourself imitating any of the face palm moves that are in HISTORY’s #MightJustDie teasers and Submit them to us to put together to send to HISTORY! You can either submit them directly to us or tag your pictures on Tumblr/Twitter with #StoriaMightDie with the following optional information:

- Name

-Tumblr/Twitter Handle


Deadline to submit pictures is May 28th, 2015 

Let’s show our support Storia!