selfie for my followers


eid mubarak to all my beautiful muslim followers and friends❤ alhamdullilah you all have a blessful syawal this year and insyallah will there be more to come ahead of us:)) happy eating and enjoy you day my smol little dumplings hehe

please blacklist puffday17!

i’m setting my queue right now because i’m about to go out + i’m trying to spread out the birthday asks ( I’M SO SORRY FOR THOSE ON MOBILE ALKSJFALJDF i really do like to save all the messages though ;;;;; )

 but please blacklist puffday17 if you can so you don’t get spammed! love you guys so much and thank you for all the well wishes! i’m so lucky and blessed for you guys! 🌸🍉🎊🎈🍬🍨🌷 


how to be a schnee: own only white and light blue outfits ( and tiaras )