selfie challenge


this is fine


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I’m pretty sure I was only supposed to use 6 selfies….. but mi nuh care!😌
2016 was most definitely the year of many hairstyles💁🏾

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And whoever wants to do it TBH


So I was tagged by @peymasprogess + @fit-loki for seven selfies of 2017 ☺
You’ve already seen all of these, but won’t be posting anymore for a while ^^ ♡ I’m tagging this lovely lot, and anyone else who wants to join in ☺♡ @twotontwentyone@geebee-fitness@fleximusmaximus @trapped-in-monochrome@torunwiththedoctor@thrivingtopanga@imladris14@diagetsfit182@wanderingallowed@blushbeard


🍊Kicking my spring philosophy revision off with an orange theme! Also a cheeky studyblr selfie Saturday pic! ✨

@littlestudyblrblog ’S APRIL STUDY CHALLENGE - 1 - ‘What do you have going on this month!’
I’ve just started the Easter holidays here in the UK, so I’ll be using my time to revise for my upcoming mock exams in May! (ITS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW SO THERES THAT TOO)