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I love the way other girls think of themselves/treat themselves like goddesses but I feel like I'm not worth it, I feel like I'm not worth splurging on makeup, etc. and it's so out of character for me to post selfies. Any advice on how to stop this way of thinking??

You only have one body, one you and one life. Why not spend this life loving yourself and making yourself and your life it’s own beautiful masterpiece? You don’t want to look back and regret not enjoying anything for yourself or taking the time to appreciate the beautiful and one of a kind person you are


Mom tip of the day: Don’t forget to take care of yourself, drink lots of water, take a break and don’t worry about competition. Competing is fun in sports, but when it comes to creating, focus on the work. Everything you do should come from the heart. And most importantly, never let anyone try to change your voice as a creator.

How to make her feel loved

If your lady gets undressed in front of you, don’t ignore her. Compliment her skin, curves, lines. Make her feel noticed. If you don’t, she’ll make note of it. You can go out of your way to look at other women, especially on the Internet, but not her? We notice. No matter how long you’re together. Compliment her naked body with your attention. I promise this is sage advice.

Go to bed at the same time, at least sometimes. With exception to different schedules, if that’s not the case, waking up and going to bed together builds trust and allows for the bond to grow. You’re more likely to do things together, get hungry together, laugh together. There’s more opportunity for spontaneity, sex, and affection. I’m not saying every day, but on the days you do, notice the difference it makes for you both.

Staying up later than your partner to game, play on the Internet, or stay out with friends will always and forever create space between you. It is space. Not for everyone, but the majority. I know when my ex used to stay up on his phone, it hurt me. I was suspicious. Turns out he eventually went too far with someone on a chat and it turned romantic. I was devastated.

Chances are, this is common. Just be aware of how your lady is feeling about whatever you do that doesn’t include her besides obvious things like work, certain family affairs, etc.

Whenever your lady posts selfies to social media, compliment that shit! It’s so simple! Don’t just do that to get her because that’s basically a lie. If you stop after you are together, she’ll notice. It’s just bad news. Comment on her social media pictures! It will get you so many brownie points you’ll thank me. Promise.

Ok that’s it for now, thanks for reading and don’t forget to communicate! If you want this stuff done for you as well, tell her!

Much love