selfie advice

marta really out there motivating all the youngsters on her team, giving camila advice, taking selfies with everyone, and writing encouraging messages to gabi nunes after her injury 

reminder that she didn’t have a phone and Umeå IK had to wait 6 months to try and reach her, that she went to sweden at 18 while only knowing portuguese, that she used to play in flip flops on the street, sell fruits in a fruit stand, and was hit for playing a boy’s sport. even now she makes so many personal sacrifices for woso in brazil and people still hate on her!!


Mom tip of the day: Don’t forget to take care of yourself, drink lots of water, take a break and don’t worry about competition. Competing is fun in sports, but when it comes to creating, focus on the work. Everything you do should come from the heart. And most importantly, never let anyone try to change your voice as a creator.