It’s 3am and all I can think about is my hands on your thighs and you telling me you love me.
—  3am thoughts

I am addicted to food, the way it fills me up and sometimes I eat so quickly I can’t taste the food and then, it starts. I run to the closest toilet, wet my hand in the sink, open up the toilet lid, and stick my middle three fingers down my throat.

I am never satisfied, I am an athlete and I eat healthily, I eat too much and then purge again!

I complain so much about my body and wanting to change it in a positive way but this ‘curse’ with food won’t let me, I won’t let myself help myself.

If someone out there can help me, please!

Max - Anxiety
Rex - Anorexia
Dan - Depression
Pat - Paranoia
These are my four best friend. Max tells me it’s all my fault in every situation. Rex tells me I’m too big, and to put down the food; don’t eat it, don’t eat anything. Dan tells me that I’m not okay, even in the smallest situations. Pat whispers along with Max. it’s all my fault . every thing that had ever happened was me. He tells me all the people looking at me, are judging me. He says they all hate me and I’m not worth it along with Dan. Pat tells me they are all thinking I’m fat, along with Rex. They work together, to bring me down.