Self Harm is not a joke. It never was and it never will be. Sometimes, people think that making fun of it won’t hurt anyone but the truth is that words do hurt more than people might imagine. And for everyone who’s dealing with self harm, know that things will get better (: Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But they will get better in the future. Don’t lose hope. You’re stronger than you think you are. And you’re better than a razor blade. You deserve the best in the world. You deserve to be happy. Don’t let anyone bring you down because how does that don’t deserve your attention. Don’t give up beautiful. You’re never alone. I’m here for you no matter what. Keep Fighting ♥ I love you!

It’s #selfharmawarenessday today😊🌸 I just want to tell all you self-harmers that one day it will get better and one day you won’t think about self harm for even one day. Don’t let this addiction control your life, fight back like there’s no tomorrow. Your scars/cuts are not ugly but they ain’t beautiful either but you know what they are? They are the scars that tell you about your past and that you HAVE survived💪🌸 If any of you have ever considered self-harm, please don’t start because it isn’t worth it and you will regret it. Keep fighting my beautiful followers💪🌸😊 #recovery #selfharmawareness

Today is self injury awareness day. I believe that people need to be more aware of self harm and the mental illnesses that often come with it, unfortunately although most don’t know about it, almost everybody will know somebody who suffers. Please, if you do know someone who is suffering, let them know you care, support them and be understanding. Sometimes, just a hug or even a smile can make things seem better for a while, so even if it’s the smallest of gestures, if you think you can help someone please do! If you suffer yourself, know that you’re not alone and people care about you so much, stay as strong as you can and keep fighting, you CAN do this! #selfharmawarenessday #youCANdoit #believe