Just a reminder that your popularity on tumblr does not define your worth. You are a part of a fandom even if you don’t get as much as notes as other artists or your memes don’t spread as widely as that of other bloggers. You are appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you are too shy to actively participate and just silently reblog other people’s posts. Don’t feel intimidated by big accounts, they are humans just like you and they have their flaws as well. If a popular blogger threats you bad or kinkshames you they might get backed up by their followers but that doesn’t make their actions right. They aren’t perfect beings just because a large crowd is following them and your opinion is as valid as theirs. So don’t be afraid to stand up for your opinion and just be yourself. You are allowed to enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. If you are happy just being on tumblr that is fine, you don’t need to be popular. Don’t delete your posts just because they didn’t reach a certain amough of notes. Even if only your close friends follow you that is already fine. You don’t need ghost followers. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You are doing fine and as long as you are having fun your blog is important ♡

You sometimes forget your value, you sometimes forget how beautiful you are. You sometimes settle for less because you do not want to be alone and you would be okay. You sometimes forget what your smile does to people. You sometimes forget how much you deserve to be confident.
—  I want you to always always remember you are beautiful and you deserve the best. Before you fall in love with yourself, you will keep giving everyone a ticket to hurt you.

Restorative Bath Ritual for Healing and Self Esteem
(Personal Ritual)
*Prepare to do this ritual bath on a new moon. This bath is meant to physically soak and restore skin, so no soap or shampoos are needed.*

Items Needed
- Rose (or your favorite floral) body oil
- Lavender flowers tea bag
- Peppermint tea bag
- Fresh rosemary herbs
- Dried rose petals
- White candle
- Rose or Lavender incense
- Sea salt (Himalayan Pink Sea salt if you have it)

Rose: beauty (self esteem)
Lavender: relaxation (drawing out impurity)
Peppermint: renewal (healing)
Rosemary: grounding (balance and new beginnings)

This Ritual Bath needs to be done in the evening, when all of the day’s events are completed, preferably before you go to sleep. Meditation and deep visualizations within the mind are required for this ritual to be effective. Doing ~this~ Ritual Bath on a new moon allows the following intentions to be drawn into you.

New beginnings
Inner peace
Banishment of negativity
Personal improvement
And self esteem

Using the above listed herbs, oils, and incense enhances the strength of these energies. The white candle is symbolically used for purity and healing. Elements of earth (salt and herbs) water (bath) fire (candle) and wind/air (incense smoke) connect the physical body closer to your inner self, to nature, and to the universe, therefore allowing your mind to make a deep meditative connection. All the senses are at work here, eyes will see the flowers herbs and candle light, ears will hear running water, background music, or nothing but yourself. You will feel your body submerged into warm water. And aromas are wonderful to smell. Full use of the bodies senses should be in work here.

Begin the ritual by running the bath water to the temperature of your liking. Once the water is filling the tub, disrobe, and light the white candle and the incense. Take the rose body oil (or floral) and anoint your body while looking into the mirror. Put a single drop of this oil on your finger tip and press to your forehead, heart, just below your belly button, and on the tops of your feet. Mentally, out loud, or written in a letter to yourself, tell yourself your intentions of doing this ritual bath and what you are looking to gain from doing it.

Ex: “I need to heal myself after this bad break-up/losing a job/being depressed and I need to relax and forgive myself. I am beautiful inside and outside and it’s time I start to believe it”

Any kind of self motivation like a pep talk is great for this ritual. Your intentions can be as long or short as you like and can be just a list of words to describe what your intentions are, it can be a poem, a letter, a chant, an internal mantra, any way you feel is right will work.

Add a spoonful of sea salt to the bath water, sprinkled over your legs, next add the lavender and peppermint tea bags to the bath water, then add a cup of the dried rose petals. Lastly use the sprigs of fresh rosemary herbs to lightly stir the water and blend all the ingredients. While doing these steps, focus on your intentions of performing this ritual, relaxation, purification, mental healing, enhancing self esteem, etcetera… This is the beginning of your meditation. You must see yourself manifesting these things in your mind. You see yourself following through with your goals. You now can enter the bath water. Submerge yourself into a comfortable position. Let the scents, sights, and feelings fill you with energy from the new moon. The herbs and tea are pulling toxins out through your skin and body. In your mind see those toxins as the energy you are getting rid of to make room for new beginnings through continued meditation. You can chant a mantra to keep from getting distracted, also adding verbal power to this ritual. The chant can be very simple…

Ex: “By fire, sky, land, and sea, my ailments are leaving me”

This mantra does not have to be long, or even rhyme. You can sing it to a song you like, hum, or just think to accomplish meditation and manifestation.

Once the bath water has become cool, and the incense is finished burning, all the negativity and bad energies have been pulled from your body.

Once finished with the ritual meditation inside the bath, remove the dried rose petals and the tea bags and place them on a platter or dish and let them sit on your bedside table or near you while you sleep to dry out, this will ensure that you have a peacefully deep sleep, and that the strength of the energy from your ritual follows you beyond the bath tub. Use the bath water to snuff the candle out. Anoint your body again after you leave the bath (or right before you go to sleep)

Record the nights dreams/memories/recollections/visions/feelings the following morning before leaving the bed.

You should see your intentions begin to manifest within 3 days of this ritual bath. Look for small signs that it is working, a compliment if you were looking for self esteem and confidence, the opportunity to try something new, a conversation with someone can be very enlightening.

If you do not see a manifestation of your intentions from the ritual bath, do a full body purification ritual, and a chakra healing ritual, and try this same bath ritual again on the next new moon.

This is my own personal favorite ritual bath, ritual baths can be done in many different ways, with many other herbs, or objects like crystals, this is just how I do this bath when I’m feeling a little less of myself, or when I need to clear my head of negative things that bring down my mood. I hope this ritual at least inspires someone else to make their own ritual bath or that my eclectic ways of doing things helps someone somewhere. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Moon Kandi Bones

Self Esteem

By: Michael Gibson

Mirrors and scales I stay away from,
Because I’m hoping to hide how much I weigh and the way I look, probably dumb.
There’ve been those who make me feel good,
Because they care for me, and they take off the hood,
Of worry and self hate.
I meet them when I’m at my wits end, maybe it’s fate,
But by a certain date,
They’re always gone,
And by dawn,
I’m out of a dream
And wishing for self esteem.