Just a reminder that your popularity on tumblr does not define your worth. You are a part of a fandom even if you don’t get as much as notes as other artists or your memes don’t spread as widely as that of other bloggers. You are appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you are too shy to actively participate and just silently reblog other people’s posts. Don’t feel intimidated by big accounts, they are humans just like you and they have their flaws as well. If a popular blogger threats you bad or kinkshames you they might get backed up by their followers but that doesn’t make their actions right. They aren’t perfect beings just because a large crowd is following them and your opinion is as valid as theirs. So don’t be afraid to stand up for your opinion and just be yourself. You are allowed to enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. If you are happy just being on tumblr that is fine, you don’t need to be popular. Don’t delete your posts just because they didn’t reach a certain amough of notes. Even if only your close friends follow you that is already fine. You don’t need ghost followers. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You are doing fine and as long as you are having fun your blog is important ♡


she is the type of woman who needs alone times. She feels deep, she thinks even deeper. her alone time allows her to figure out her mood, where her energy is & how to take each step in life. That was her secret. Thats how she survived. Thats how she kept her spirit strong and her heart clean.

You sometimes forget your value, you sometimes forget how beautiful you are. You sometimes settle for less because you do not want to be alone and you would be okay. You sometimes forget what your smile does to people. You sometimes forget how much you deserve to be confident.
—  I want you to always always remember you are beautiful and you deserve the best. Before you fall in love with yourself, you will keep giving everyone a ticket to hurt you.

Yassssss to my Queens !!!! Yassssss 💞💞💞💞
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How Do You Measure Progress?
How do you measure progress outside of the systematic approach of institutionalized education?

How do you establish your worth and value, when your teachers can shit on your dreams because they had a bad day?

Why do we expect ourselves to conform to an outdated belief system and way of life?

We are allowing our self-esteem to be influenced by the destructive ways of society and the powers that be, instead of recognising that they don’t hold any powers over us if we choose not to play the game.

Generations before us led a life based on greed, violence, and dishonesty; however, we can make the conscious decision to put a stop to it. This does not require a mass revolution. All that is required is that each of us wake up every day and choose a life led by integrity.

We are seeking approval by those that have misdirected dignity and no integrity or honest character and have given them permission to make us feel bad about aspects of ourselves that we shouldn’t feel bad about.

Thanks to Marissa Rei for this beautiful initiative

Selfcare top 5#

1#Say What you feel those that care dont mind.

2# protect your energy, Trust your innervoice If it doesnt feel right, you need to cut it ✂️

3# Cleanse your mind from time to time: mindfullnes, yoga, walk in the park, conversation with yourself, writing in your dairy, off time from
Social media. Theres no place for positivity When a mind is filled with negative memories.

4#Alone time, spoil and love yourself: make your favorite dinner, give your self a footbath with rose petals, full body scrub and mask

5# Surround yourself with positive people who dont complain. Who Will support you, motivate you and most of all be there for you