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A list of fake dogblr names

(in joint production with @dogblr-downunder, best enjoyed with a slice of wine:)

  • generic-dogblr-url
  • 10-things-i-love-about-my-dog
  • big-wet-noses
  • canine-dreams
  • black-noses-white-feet
  • everyday-im-borking
  • who-let-the-dogs-out
  • too-serious-for-dogs
  • canis-time
  • humanity-best-friend
  • i-like-big-mutts
  • domesticpets
  • homeiswherethedogis
  • 1woof2thumps
  • 1dog2dog-reddogbluedog
  • whats-that-smell
  • release-the-hounds
  • pricked-ears 
  • i-scream-u-scream-we-scream
  • i-know-more-than-cesar-millan
  • dog-snobs
  • trash-dogs
  • dog-school-rejects
  • cheese-and-cabana
  • fureverwild
  • lone-wolf-dogs
  • 5-of-one-breed
  • 14-thousand-samoyeds
  • my-dog-is-a-malinois
  • holediggers
  • snouts-and-whiskers
  • lab-report
  • reign-of-terrier
  • spitz-in-your-face
  • whippet-good
  • not-a-horse
  • too-wild-for-you
  • hipster-dog-blog 
  • when-does-the-shedding-end 
  • my-car-will-never-be-clean
  • too-many-dogs
  • puppy-puns
  • whining-and-dining
  • the-fault-in-our-showdogs
  • not-enough-dogs
  • just-right-dogs
  • constant-screaming 
  • mottled-mutt
  • kaleidoscope-dreams
  • curls-and-merles 
  • tricks4treats 
  • dogs-with-tails
  • game-of-bones
  • 2dogs1peewick
  • purebred-mixedbreed
  • trim-the-peen
  • fifty-shades-off-fluff  
  • 4paws1heart
  • manydogs
  • must-love-dogs
  • potty-breaks
  • just-keep-training
  • 4feet1tail
  • leather-leashes-wild-eyes
  • i-spoon-my-dog-at-night
  • toothy-grins-tail-wags
  • muzzle-me-this
  • fluffy-toe-beans
  • muddy-toe-beans
  • the-nose-knows
  • tickle-whiskers
  • no-impulse-control 
  • shelter-shopping
  • comedy-dog-show
  • get-dogs-get-judged
  • organically-grown-dogs
  • professional-mud-wrestling
  • underground-greyhound-racing
  • long-dog-at-this-tiem
  • just-a-little-husky
  • small-paws-big-hearts
  • jurassicbark
  • going-mutts
  • gang-of-hounds
  • puparazzi
  • blackmarketdogs
  • k9knockoffs
  • herebedogs
  • dogdays
  • teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks
  • houndalicious
  • howls4days
  • no-cats-allowed
  • diamond-in-the-mutt
  • dogmatic
  • heads-or-tails
  • canine-conspiracies
  • 1trick-2trick-small-lick-biglick
  • k9-unit-roll-out 
  • canisk9
  • barks-and-recreation
  • down-at-the-dog-park
  • dog-squad
You are the author of your own life story. So grab your pen, grab your paper, and get to work.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Self Love Shower Ritual 🌸

Originally posted by zapatrax-blog

A little easy ritual to invoke self love and body positivity during a shower to cleanse your soul a bit and be close with your body! 

Uses the elements of fire, water, and earth.

Need: 💖2 tea lights

💖pencil/tooth pick

💖 matches 

💖crystals: rose quartz and what ever you need at the moment (example: I used amethyst and unakite for PMS) 

💖 a nice shower 😊

Steps: 1) Inscribe the tea lights with a self love and body positivity sigil into the wax. The ones I used are below but you can use whatever you’d like! Focus your energy and intention of self love into the sigils on the candles. 

credit to: @zaphaera 

credit to: @borboranoir

2) Set them up next to your shower with the crystals you chose (3 preferably).

3) Light them.

4) Focus your energy and visualize a white light of self love around the candles and you as your sigils are now activated. 

5) Get into the shower. As you shower check in mentally and continue to feel that white light spiritually cleaning you as the shower physically cleans you. If you’d like repeat a mantra of self love. Visualize the act of showering as washing off the negative energy and self hate.

6) After the shower, meditate on the thoughts of body positivity and love. Hold the crystals, visualize the white light (turning off the lights helped me but its up to you!)

7) Blow out the candles with the intention of keeping that white light with you once the candles are out.

NOTE: This ritual can be modified for any need with different sigils and crystals! 

This ritual really helped me so I thought I would share! Self love is so important but its sometimes hard to find!  💖

Inexpensive Witch Items for your craft #1

This will be my first post on places to get inexpensive items for you!

DOLLAR TREE!!! I can not explain my love for this store to be honest. Now it may be an obvious store for budget friendly people but I know many people may not think about going there for items for your altar, spells, etc but it is my go to place for all of my items! I will list below all of my favorite items you can get from there! Also they always get in new items all the time so I go quite frequently to see what I can pick up! And of course everything is $1 so to be honest it can’t get any better than that!

SALTS: 2lb boxes of sea salt, regular table salt, and they will even sometimes have pink Himalayan sea salt! Do I even have to mention why this is useful? Well I will anyway! Salt is like the boss of protection and purification. Use it in baths, spells, throw it around the house to keep negative things out, use it when you cast circles, etc. Salt is the bomb I my opinion. And why not get a huge box of it for $1?

SPICES AND HERBS: they have amazing spices to be honest. (Not just to use for cooking which I do) but they have cinnamon, parsley, ground sage, Basil, oregano, ground cloves, All spice, Ginger, etc. You can use these in jar spells, dream sachets, cooking spells, etc. They are fantastic especially for beginner witches who don’t want to spend tons on dried herbs or can’t find them locally outside in the wild or like those who live in a big city far from lots of nature where it’s hard to grow them yourself… Or for those who don’t have as much of a green thumb!

CANDLES!!! : THIS is one of my favorite sections at the dollar tree. You can probably get a better deal for bulk tea light candles somewhere else like Walmart but the dollar tree has amazing tall pillar candles, Scented candles, cute jar candles, Mason jar candles which obviously you can re-use for spells or storage! They have candles in different colors as well! For those who don’t like much flame they have great battery operated candles as well!

GLASS CONTAINERS AND JARS: THEY HAVE SO MANY GLASS OPTIONS! I love finding glass bowls, jars, vases, cups, etc you name it. All can be used for your altar for decor, spell work, collecting water, mixing stuff in, and anything else your little witchy heart desires to use for a glass container!

FOOD ITEMS: *PLEASE be aware to look at expiration dates and read labels. In my experience I’ve had no negative ones as of yet and I’m very sensitive to food and such* I Love getting my baking soda, sugar for offerings or spell jars, candies for offerings, sweets for the fae, jelly (I love their preserves they are delicious! The strawberry and raspberry ones are a house staple), Crackers, unsweetened apple sauce (it’s fantastic), teas (LOVEEEE THE TEAS they have fruit teas, camomile tea, green tea, black tea, and more) these are fabulous to use in spell work or just to drink, and mainly anything a kitchen witch or just a witch in general wants to use for offerings. *I do not advise on getting any meat or dairy products for obvious reasons. Though their vegan spring rolls are my go-to and the dark chocolate covered banana slices are also amazing in the freezer section along with their frozen fruit and vegetables I always make sure to get the ones grown in the USA. * Fruit infuser tumbler cups! Need I say more?

CRAFT SUPPLIES: GLITTER, PENS, PENCILS, STICKERS, TAPE, FLORAL WIRE, FAKE FLOWERS, WREATH WIRE, FLORAL FOAM, WOODEN DOWELS, GLUE, ROCKS, SHELLS, SAND, YOU NAME IT ITS ALL THERE!!!! Anything you could possibly need for your journal, spell books, spells, etc. Everything is there!

BATH SUPPLIES: GLAMOUR, RESTORATING, AND SELF LOVE BATHS HELLO! they sell Epsom salt, good bubble baths, bath loofas, scrubs, soaps, anything your heart would want for a bath spell! I love getting my favorite brown sugar vanilla bath soap mix it with some Epsom salt and sea salt throw in some green or black tea and have myself a self love and clearing bath!

There are a lot more wonderful things that can be found at your local dollar tree! Those are all the top categories that came to my mind. Next blog post will be on online websites that have inexpensive things for my lovely witches out there! Sending blessings to you all!

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Don’t be so hard on yourself if you find that there’s too much on your plate, for one can only take on so many things at once.
One can only accept so many challenges to overcome at the same time.
So please, be patient with yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin