selfes as self care

If you need some alone time, take it. Some people need time to themselves to recharge so that they can be their best person, and that’s okay. Do what you need to do.







hello everybody! i’m back here with one of my awful guides about how to survive university. i’m back because i struggled a lot last semester (aka my first academic semester, yay) but i guess i’ve finally found my balance!

What was hard to get is that the fact that i’m very busy with academic life doesn’t allow me to let myself rot. You heard that: you gotta take care of yourself, buddy. It was hard to learn, at least to me, because i get totally absorbed by work and everything but i’m trying to think about myself as well. Here’s what i wish i knew when i first move out:

  • eat yummy food: i spend four months dying to go back home just to eat something which wasn’t almost uncooked meat or terrible veggie burgers but this semester i’ve somehow decided i wanna treat myself. I trying to cook myself food (a+ food) and sometimes i make extra food so that i can freeze it and eat it whenever i don’t feel like cooking. I’ve discovered nice recipes just browsing the internet! (unfortunately, i’m italian and i can’t link you my cook blog references but i’d be happy to translate it for you so just text me if you wanna know more!)
  • body lotions: fucking use it! they make you skins softer and scented and i swear they make me feel like i’m truly taking care of myself!
  • clean your room: sometimes you are just overwhelmed by work and everything but you’ve gotta remember that a nice and tidy environment is truly helpful! (i can’t tell you more because i’m still working on it lmao)
  • allow yourself to relax: sometimes i feel guilty when i’m not studying so i force myself to keep my eyes on books but sometimes i feel like it’s  counter-prodictive.  The more you study the more tired you are and it’s tolerable when exams are on because you know you’re gonna relax as they’re over but how about when they’re still far? Just chill: you’ll be refreshed and stronger for your exams!
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Maybe you’ll collect art, and I’ll get lost
In the universe that art is.

Maybe you’ll get lost
In the universe I am,
And my art is.

Maybe you’ll see the beauty, and not the flaws.
Maybe you’ll see the me that I couldn’t,
If I wait enough, and give us both time.

—  To That Future Someone
When I’m in a good book, it’s all I can think about. When all I want to do is read, all I do is read. This might seem like a perfectly okay thing. You like to read to recharge? Reading is self-care for you? Great! But when I don’t have balance, that method of self-care can become counterproductive.

If any of these statements apply to you: 

- i feel restless and unable to relax 

- i feel unable to enjoy things i used to enjoy 

- i feel constantly tired 

- i lack energy for my normal daily activities (showering, going out with the dog etc.) 

- i sleep less than 6 hours at night 

- i don’t enjoy social activity that i used to enjoy

- i’ve lost weight because eating is too exhausting 

- I want to hurt or kill myself 

- I think about hurting or killing others 

Please talk to a doctor or another medical professional, especially if you’ve felt that way for longer than two weeks. Those things deserve to be taken serious as they can be symptoms of serious physical or mental illnesses! 

If either (or both) of the last two statements apply to you and those thoughts get overwhelming or are acute (I want to do that right now/I have a plan how to do that), please call your local emergency number. No, you’ll not keep them from caring for “more important” or “more serious” cases - You are important and you deserve help.