official hiatus

hey, so my mum is super worried about me so I’ve decided to put away all distractions (computers, PlayStation etc) and I’ll be deleting the tumblr app because I can’t help myself ;~; I need to get myself together and sadly this blog isn’t helping but I would never leave you guys so I’ll just give myself a break for a while!! love you all

ps. my bb ariel @mummasim I’m also deleting snapchat for the moment :^( because I distract myself with that too!! LOVE YOU 💕💕💕

Royal Support | FF15 | Angst & Fluff | Bros x OC

A lot of angst.

Triggers: Blood, self harm, depression, self loathing.

Hint the oc is me. This is kinda paired with the post I made earlier you don’t need to read that to read this. But due to the nature of this with the self harm and such I am okay if you don’t read it and skip over it for those who I tagged and those who come across it on my dash. It’s more for my personal relief to get it out of me. I did not fall to self harm today, despite I had moments of it but I didn’t. (go me) I don’t go into super detail about the wounds or blood if you are curious, it’s more of the raw emotions and feels of it all.

Word count: 2,201

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“She’s done it again.” Noctis said softly, padding out of the bathroom of a hotel in Lestallum.

What?” Gladiolus’ voice was first to rise from the quietness of the calm night, it had been a long day of them traveling around they needed a break from this havoc.

“Her legs.  . .it’s bad.” The young prince said softly, wiping some blood off of his hands.

“Is that blood?” Prompto asked, putting his phone down, blue eyes wide with shock.

The King’s Shield was up to his feet in moments once he saw the blood on Noctis, it wasn’t his but his girlfriend’s blood. His heart beating madly in his chest as he made it past Noctis moving to the bathroom looking in the small room. Noctis had her wrapped up in one of the softest towels her pale legs, covered in blood as she was shaking terribly.

“I thought she was doing better?” Gladiolus whispered as his heart was pounding in his chest, not knowing what to do, it broke his heart to see her like this.

“I thought so…she’s been smiling a lot so I thought things were better.” Prompto replied softly, not wanting her to hear, to feel guilty about it he understood what was bothering her.

“This is ridiculous…” Gladiolus muttered darkly under his breath as he pushed into the bathroom as Ignis came back into the room.

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Oh my gosh, this is the third time I’ve started this post, and I’ll be damned if I don’t finish it this time. I owe you guys four days of body positivity, including today.

First and foremost, I’m endlessly thankful for my hair. It’s been humid these last few days and I love the curls my hair gives me. Also, my hair just kicks butt in general, but that’s just my opinion.

I’m also thankful for my eyes. They tell so many stories that I don’t even realize. Not to mention they handle ~9,000 eye rolls every day and that’s quite a feat.

I’m thankful for my resilience, or as some people would call it, my stubbornness. Life might give me the short end of the stick sometimes, but I refuse to let it dictate the way I live my life, and my happiness. Last night was terrible, but I didn’t let it get in my way of coming out and having a fantastic day today. Life is good.

Finally, I’m thankful for my words. I know that every time I talk I have the ability to change the world, if only a little. I can (figuratively) move mountains and make the days shine a little brighter, all with a little diction.