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It’s been a while since I’ve put a cemetery photo up here. This is from an early morning walk this past weekend.

Oakwood Cemetery / Austin, TX

Mamiya 645 + Kodak Tri-X + HC110b

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An educated sugarbaby is a successful sugarbaby. I’ve learned a lot from this book already and I’m only on chapter two.

There’s a difference between reading a book and reading a book then putting what you learn into practice.

When I was younger I oils read all these self help books and know all the tips, so I was full of all this advice, but the thing was I didn’t actually practice what I had learned. I’m sure some of you can relate to this. Then at some point my mentor called me out, she told me there was no point in knowing all this information if I was not putting it into practice. I was just filling my brain with information.

So I encourage you, next time you pick up a self help book and learn a new tip, take a second to think about how you can implement it in your life… Then do it.

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“Every empty glass is full of potential.” - #Inspirational #quoteoftheday by Book of Zen. Find #fashion and #gifts to inspire your world and motivate positive change. - #quotestoliveby #positivity #positivevibes #lifestyleblogger #daydrinking #shotglass #motivational #creativelife #makeadifference #positivethinking #loa #zen #inspiration #potential #selfgrowth #selfdevelopment #lifecoach #lifelessons

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