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concept: sugasugasugasuga ot4. there are no other characters. only suga. suga loves suga. everything is nice in the suga-universe. ships are pure. suga is all.

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Sunday Jan 15: Family- Draw an alternate Strider hanging out with one of their siblings, or just try to draw the whole Strider clan in one picture!
Monday Jan 16: Brorails- A day just for Davepetasprite^2 and ARquiusprite
Tuesday Jan 17: Ships- Draw your favorite ship involving an alternate Strider
Wednesday Jan 18: Animals- Draw some Strider fursonas! Or you could just draw your Davesprite cawing at some crows or Brobot petting a horse.
Thursday Jan 19: Robots- A day focusing on the metal branch of the Strifamily.
Friday Jan 20: Honorary Striders- Draw your favorite non-Strider with a pair of cool shades 😎
Saturday Jan 21: Free Day- Draw whatever you want!

Rules under the cut!

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I did these for a… pseudo story pitch for my scripting class final o(-< Basically it was about Mal and a robotic clone of himself and is tied between training it to be the killing machine it’s supposed to be, or teaching it more of the world. Might develop this more??? IDK???