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Remaining-Head-Spirits: “it’s you losers”

Red: *oh, look at this nice picture by @remaining-head-spirits. i think she caught us perfectly. yep. this is how we look. we’re nothing like fat losers or anything. nope. this is us

Blue: Submissions ARE open ;)

(ooc: this looks too nice to be the cherryberry duo tbh. XD)

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Thoughts on bendy Selfcest?

I meaaan…

I’m pretty fine with it, in a way to me it’s like oh snap Bendy totally loves himself! He’s so full of himself~
I pictured Show being like Gaston. He loves himself! Sooooo, that’s how Show’s relationships kinda spiraled down from a sheep, a cute alien, and uh… A lot of himself. It’s not hurting anyone, so I pretty much already approved of it

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Hi! Do you know of any fics where Steve and Bucky have group sex with themselves? Like pre-serum Steve/Bucky/Cap or Bucky/Cap/Winter Soldier etc. Maybe it's due to time travel, or magic or something. Doesn't matter. Just want sexy times with many Buckys or many Steves, and I can't seem to find a good ao3 search for it. Thanks :)

Ao3 ship tags have your back :D

Multiple Bucky’s (this list contains restricted works, so you should be logged in before clicking it to see everything)

Multiple Steve’s

There’s also tags for when one of them is a woman, if that’s okay too let us know and we can link you to those as well, or you can just swap some relationhip tags around in one of the sample searches.

Also I’m not entirely sure anymore but there might also be some of this going on in  Dishonor On Your Cow by mandarou? It’s not tagged, though, so I might be mistaken. 

We also have a selfcest tag you can try.

Please let us know if you want to make a selfcest-y recommendation!

EDIT: Someone wrote in to recommend:

I, The Paradox by DrowningByDegrees, Hopeless–Geek (wuzzy90), Riakomai

Sharing a life with a recovering Winter Soldier means never quite escaping what Steve sees as his biggest failure. When one of Tony’s machines functions differently than advertised, Steve is given an unexpected opportunity to change the past. He’s spent so much time mapping out all the ways he could have saved Bucky from falling, but in the moment, he never stops to consider whether or not he should.

Actions have consequences, and meddling with time has more drastic ones than most. Steve wakes with two divergent timelines in his head, and two very different versions of Bucky in his bed. With the machine broken, and no idea whether their situation is permanent, this new arrangement promises to be an adjustment for all three of them. Only, that may not be the worst of their problems…

EDIT the second: Someone also recommended:

Except it Abide in the Vine (heed the tags and prepare to cry, also includes poly and /others) by spitandvinegar

Steve is dead. Sam’s a wreck. Bucky’s barely coping.

Then Bucky shows up.

(This work is restricted, which means you will have to be logged in to AO3 to access it)

This post leads to a sequel of sorts to Except it Abide in the Vine.

Hey y'all

Please stop tagging things that aren’t Rickcest as Rickcest. 😢 Most of the time, I don’t see Rick on Rick in the selfcest tag that’s supposed to be specifically for him, and I find that frustrating since I follow the tag to see Rick on Rick. Most of the time what pops up is completely unrelated like a theory or a singular ricksona or c-137cest. I don’t mean to sound like a dickhole, but there’s a reason we have separate tags for all this. Makes finding actual Rickcest a huge pain in the ass, and that shit is what I’m here for. Literally, that’s what I made this blog for originally lmao I was surprised and sorely disappointed to find that it’s rare (which to me makes no sense. Nothin’ against y'all shippers out there, but I can’t see how rickmorty is more appealing to the fandom than Rick on Rick. Whut'thuhfuhck??)

Please give a poor sick fuck a break, tag Rickcest appropriately

Thank you for your time and consideration

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concept: sugasugasugasuga ot4. there are no other characters. only suga. suga loves suga. everything is nice in the suga-universe. ships are pure. suga is all.

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I did these for a… pseudo story pitch for my scripting class final o(-< Basically it was about Mal and a robotic clone of himself and is tied between training it to be the killing machine it’s supposed to be, or teaching it more of the world. Might develop this more??? IDK??? 


Sunday Jan 15: Family- Draw an alternate Strider hanging out with one of their siblings, or just try to draw the whole Strider clan in one picture!
Monday Jan 16: Brorails- A day just for Davepetasprite^2 and ARquiusprite
Tuesday Jan 17: Ships- Draw your favorite ship involving an alternate Strider
Wednesday Jan 18: Animals- Draw some Strider fursonas! Or you could just draw your Davesprite cawing at some crows or Brobot petting a horse.
Thursday Jan 19: Robots- A day focusing on the metal branch of the Strifamily.
Friday Jan 20: Honorary Striders- Draw your favorite non-Strider with a pair of cool shades 😎
Saturday Jan 21: Free Day- Draw whatever you want!

Rules under the cut!

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