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so i hit up the amazing @non-fatmilk to do a commission for me, and here’s the result! i’m so happy with this and you guys are missing out if you don’t grab them up while they’re taking commissions!! law enforcement 76 is my writing partner, @dog-of-war, and nurse jackie is mine in an amazing, soul shattering, life consuming modern au we have. 

do not edit, use, or re-upload anywhere unless you’re one of the people mentioned above! thanks!!

//just keeping track of all the verses I have so far + tag dump, don’t mind meee

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I did these for a… pseudo story pitch for my scripting class final o(-< Basically it was about Mal and a robotic clone of himself and is tied between training it to be the killing machine it’s supposed to be, or teaching it more of the world. Might develop this more??? IDK??? 


S4!Ruby (from like 4.20ish) could go back in time to free S3!Ruby from the devil’s trap in 3.16

“you know what you’re getting yourself into if you go,” the dark-haired Ruby said. (Lilith had already caught Ruby on the run and instead of tearing her to shreds, had asked for her help, because only Ruby could help her. the clock wasn’t only ticking on Dean, here.)

Ruby was even less for these heart-to-hearts than the Winchester boys were (and really, wherever they got their rep, she isn’t sure. those boys are on the verge of tears about half the time. yeah, there’s the little “going to hell” thing, but she didn’t carry on like this back in - god, she doesn’t even remember when.). instead, she just made an even circuit of her lips with her tongue, and had to ask, “I get a meatsuit like that, huh?" 

and then makeouts and grinding each other off against a wall right through their jeans yep.