“In all the world, in all of time, there will never be another girl like you. No one will ever have your same story, gifts, strengths, hopes, and dreams. No one will ever take the risks you take, learn the lessons you learn, feel the pain you feel, experience the same joys and triumphs. So when it comes to who’s the "best,” remember that since no one can do you better than you, no one can compare.“
—  “Ask Elizabeth” by Elizabeth Berkley

You know, it’s really easy to look at a physically attractive person’s face and be able to pick out individually what is ugly on them; but why not try looking at people you don’t necessarily find physically appealing and picking out traits of theirs that are very desireable? That way you realize that everyone has something of their own to make them pretty or handsome in their own way. And then you’ll be able to do so with yourself.

You are beautiful. Find the reasons why, and when you see, everybody else will, too.