don’t take anything for granted. today is my dad’s birthday, this is his car. he got into a head on car accident tonight. do you see that car?! it is totaled in the front and is ten times worse in person than it is in that picture. getting a call from the police and my grandma saying ’ your dad was in a car crash ’ is one of thee worst feelings ever. my stomach turned and fell to the ground crying. i didn’t know what was happening. i got to the hospital and luckily my dad was okay. he is home now, thank god. his knees are messed up and he has a headache with a few scratches and swollen here and there. but luckily he is doing good. i love my dad and i do not know what i would do if i lost him tonight, on his birthday. thanks everyone who was there for me. thank you all who will be there for me too. <3 i love you daddy and happy birthday. <3