when ppl take that scene of sakura punching sai out and make it all abt s//asusaku im like ok actually this is abt sakura, her friendship w naruto, and a moment of her breaking out of being the perfect quiet polite rule-abiding authority-respecting girl shes felt such lifelong pressure to be. and not just bc the new guys shit talking an old friend she has complicated feelings abt but bc hes being an obtuse ass & repeatedly antagonizing her and her close friend - to the point that narutos about to get kicked off the team + mission that both of them have been wanting & promising each other they’ll accomplish Together for 3 years. its not a cute “ss moment” its a fucking good Sakura Moment. and if any relationship is being emphasized in it, its her friendship w naruto


BTS North and South. “We spent the whole afternoon kissing…it was a tough job.”