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Saw your post about the da:i dlc not included in the ps3 and xbox360 and yes thank you for that i only have a ps3 and i feel so damn sad rn because i cant properly play the ending of this game :( i guess ill just watch playthrough *saddest sigh* but thanks for that post glad someone pointed that out

Oh, you’re welcome, I’m just kinda bummed that here we are, hyping this thing up, and forgetting that half the people can’t play it. 

And though I’m excited, I don’t want this fact to be ignored, and I wanna keep calling it out.

TBH, I wish I could make everyone give me their save files and then let everyone borrow my computer to play it :(

I mean, it’s not fair to you guys - and you can’t transfer saves from Playstation to XBox and vis a versa, so if you don’t want to play hundreds of hours of the Dragon Age Inquisition base game to play the DLC, then screw you, you have to get a PS4.

(although, let’s be real here, the more likely problem is you’re trying to transfer from an Xbox 360 to PS4)

Bioware, EA Games: Release of Future Dragon Age Inquisition DLC on Last Generation Consoles
Bioware has stated that the next line of DLC (Downloadable Content) for Dragon Age Inquisition will only be next gen (PS4, XBOX One, and PC). In light of this news Bioware has told us last generation players ( PS3, XBOX 360) to spend money on purchasing a new console and game if we want to play the DLC they are releasing in the future. The future DLC will not only include new items and locations, but conclusions for plot lines set up in the game. This idea alienates the players of the last generation of consoles who support the release of Dragon Age Inquisiton and who paid about the same amount of money that the new gen players paid in expectation of the same game. Some players cannot afford or wish to buy a new console or new game. These players should not be expected to. At no time before the games release did Bioware say at any point that the future DLC would be excluded from last generation consoles. Bioware, I beg of you to reconsider your stance on this matter. I don't care if we last gen players have to wait a year or more to receive it, I just want to finish the story and game that you promised us when you released it on our last gen consoles. Please don't go back on our trust. Just allow us to play the DLC we should be given as consumers of your product. As customers and lover of your games, you should give us what is rightfully ours which is the game in its entirety DLC and all. Please sign this to petition Bioware and EA for the release of all future DLC to have release both on new and old generation consoles.

Okay, I rarely make a huge deal out of this kind of thing, but this seriously pisses me off. It’s not just that a lot of people are too broke to afford the absurdly priced new gen consoles. It’s the fact that a LOT of people bought DA:I for 360 under the impression that future DLC would be available to them. This is a seriously dick move. I’ve followed the franchise, and a lot of other Bioware games, for years. And I just think that if you’re going to pull a move like this, at least have the decency to warn us before we spend 60$ on a game we can’t fully enjoy. If you’re going to release the main game and one major DLC on 360, have the gods damned decency to release the rest of the DLC. I understand pushing for the new consoles, but this is bullshit. If Bioware/EA refuse to address this, I’m actually considering being done with them, and believe me, that’s no small thing. I’m asking that people spread this petition in the possible vain hope that it gains traction. As a commenter mentioned, if we can at least get them to offer free trade in for the game, then that would be slightly less of a dick move. Here’s hoping. 

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