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Street Vendors in Hanoi from Above by Loes Heerink

Loes Heerink is a talented self-taught photographer and communication officer based in Enschede, Netherlands. For her photo series “Vendors from Above”, Loes has spent days on bridges to capture the diversity in colors and the beauty of street vendors in Hanoi.

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Latent image proudly present a new member  of the collective…

 Simon Deadman

Simon was born and lives in Perth, Australia. He is a self-taught photographer who is influenced by the New Topographics and American colour movements. His photos capture the suburban strangeness and quiet, empty spaces in and around one of the most isolated capital cities in the world.

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My name is Amarachi Nwosu and I am a Nigerian-American self-taught photographer, filmmaker and writer. I have worked with a number of brands, organizations and companies in cities like Lagos, Tokyo, New York, London and Los Angeles.

As a writer for platforms like Highsnobiety and Okayafrica, I am dedicated to telling unique stories that bring identity and culture to light. My work has been featured on platforms like CNN Africa and I have worked on documentary projects with VICE Japan. I have also produced and shot social campaigns for Adidas Tokyo that featured the first woman of color on their Instagram page.




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Great chance to gawk at photos of rare, gem quality minerals.

Kenneth Don, an electronic technical services specialists at UA’s Steward Observatory, takes high definition images of micromount gems, metals and mineral specimens. Some of them are rare and all are too small to view clearly with the human eye. A self-taught photographer, Don produces the images for UA scientists and also volunteers for community organizations.


the fair at night

Holga 120 & Diana Mini w/ Lomo Redscale and Fuji Velvia


These spectacular long exposure shots are courtesy of Beth Maciorowski who is a self taught photographer who shoots primarily with film, often manipulating it and developing at home. She has a vast collection of cameras and expired film and feels most inspired by nature. You can find more of her work on her Flickr! or follow her on IG @bethmaciorowski Don’t these images just make you want to grab that tripod of yours and head out into the night to capture something just as splendid right at this very second??! It takes patience and preservation for long exposure photography, AND on film to boot, but you know the results will always astound.

Thanks once more Beth for your psychedelic pop-images, which acted as the kick in the tush I needed to jump start this blog. Yes, CGSF did take yet another leave of absence and no excuses will be made on behalf of our tardiness!! Shame on us!!! Boo! Despite us being AWOL, we still received tons of submissions from our amazing readers and we promise to return the endearment  from all of you for not giving up on us by sharing them in the following days. Keep up the amazing work girls and boys and always BELIEVE IN FILM!!

In other news, eleanorrigby236 has just recently moved to Berlin and hopes to start shooting on film again as she explores the city made for walking, one day at a time! 


marchenshoujo  asked:

Your photographs are so enchanting! They have a dream-like, ethereal quality to them. You're self-taught?! They're incredible, I hope you never stop. ;3;

Yes, I am a self-taught photographer. Thank you Youtube!!! :D Photography is a learning process that never ends. Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words! :)

Mr. Staley should be recognized for the exceptional talent that he was and honored respectfully for his impact and influence on music. His contributions have been significant.

Facelift was released August 21, 1990, a day before Layne’s 23rd birthday. It was the 1st grunge album to be certified platinum and has gone on to be certified double platinum by the RIAA.

Dirt, released September 29, 1992, peaked at #6 on the Billboard 200, has been certified four times platinum by the RIAA, and has gone on to sell 5 million copies worldwide, making Dirt the band’s highest selling album to date, as well as the last to feature the original band line-up, with Mike Starr as bassist.

Sap, an EP, was released February 4, 1992.
We Die Young, a single EP, was released in July 1990 and was their 1st EP.

Jar of Flies, release date January 25, 1994 is the 1st EP in music history to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart with the first week sales exceeding 141,000 copies in the U.S. and was well received by critics. It has been certified triple-platinum by the RIAA and has gone on to sell 4 million copies worldwide, making JOF one of the biggest sellers in AiC’s catalog.

Tripod, released November 7, 1995 as it is affectionately referred to is the self-titled 3rd studio album.  The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and has since been certified double platinum.   

MTV Unplugged, released July 30, 1996 has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

Later official releases included Music Bank (1999), Live (2000), Greatest Hits (2001), Nothing Safe: Best of the Box (1999), and The Essential ALiCE iN CHAiNS (2006).

Layne was also featured on recordings with bands such as Heart, Second Coming, Class of ‘99 and formed rock supergroup Mad Season with Mike McCready, John Baker Saunders and Barrett Martin.

He appeared in the movies Father Rock and Singles. And prior to ALiCE iN CHAiNS, Layne was a band member of ALiCE ‘N CHAiNS (formerly Sleze) and Diamond Lie.

Mr. Staley was also a talented artist, photographer, self-taught guitarist, drummer, phenomenal lyricist, as well as a superb, influential lead vocalist.

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Artist on Tumblr

Mikko Lagerstedt | on Tumblr (Finland) - n i g h t II

Self-taught fine art photographer Mikko Lagerstedt has a stunning collection of photos that apprehend the essence of stillness and solitude. Inspired by the simplistic Finnish landscapes, Mikko Lagerstedt successfully creates visually and emotionally interesting photographs that capture the feeling of a moment.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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anonymous asked:

How does one go about making a career out of photography? & do you suggest going to college for it?

If photography is something you love and have a passion for, then I do not think getting a degree is necessary for your success. As a self-taught photographer though, I am a little biased. 


FILM FRIDAY – This is a selection of images created by middle school students from Houston’s Robert M. Beren Academy. I had the opportunity to teach a three-part film photography workshop with the students at the end of this school year. 

Part one involved about 10 minutes of 35mm-film-camera instruction, followed by about 30 minutes of shooting time. For the second session, we learned to process the black-and-white film (HP5+) in class. Finally, the students had a chance to experiment with film scanning, editing via Lightroom and Photoshop, then printing some of their images on Hahnemuele’s beautiful 4X6-inch and new 5X7-inch photo cards. 

The students worked in pairs and were assigned a shot list, challenging them to create images based on symmetry, rule of thirds, leading lines, contrast, repeating patterns, story and a few other parameters.

The entire group was new to the medium of film, and most had only limited experience with digital. The cameras they used for the worksop were all vintage and fully manual (the earliest model being a Contax II rangefinder and the newest being a Nikon FM), and only some had working light meters, if at all. I was impressed with how well most of the students correctly calculated exposure. 

The highlight was how excited the students were throughout the experience. Beren is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school, known for its academics and Judaics curricula. The school was slated to invest in its digital photography program for next year, but now is planning to launch a new, full-blown film photography unit, instead. 

I’m a self-taught photographer, who only learned film a year ago. I’ve found that it’s great fun to engage kids through this medium, and it’s wonderful to see them connect with it and keep film alive in the process.

Photography has done so much for my life. It’s nice to share that with others–especially kids.