it just struck me, after listening to it again for the n-th time, how much i love young forever. i’m really close to saying that it is probably my favorite song of bangtan or maybe i’m just having these feelings tonight but nevertheless this song is really beautifully put together.

all you need is there. namjoon’s whispery rap-vocals; yoongi’s melodic rap talking and oh my god that goosebump-worthy shouting followed by hoseok’s expressive voice and a really strong ending rap; taehyung’s and seokjin’s perfectly arranged vocals that thankfully go on for more than one line; jungkook’s strong main vocals; jimin’s high silvery voice and the very end with a beautiful harmony of their voices all together become something so inspiring and heartwarming that i want to look up to the sky and sway my head from side to side, preferably with the accompaniment of the wind.

it also speaks to someone like me, because i do want to stay young forever and i am scared of the future and i do get discouraged more than i want to, more by myself than by others, too. you don’t really need to learn all the lyrics because those two english lines are just enough to wake something up inside.

and then you realize that 2 minutes and 51 seconds of that is not enough so you go through it again, and again, and again..

There is an inner beauty about a person who believes in him or herself, who knows that they are capable of anything that they put their mind to. There is beauty in the strength and determination of a person who follows her own path; who is not thrown off by obstacles along the way. There is beauty about a person whose confidence comes from experiences; a person who knows they can fall, pick him or herself up, and carry on … There’s beauty in that!

Peace & Blessings … Our Journey to Balance 

Halo, kendali! Semoga kamu betah saja dengan aku yang kadang bodoh, kadang bodoh sekali. Tetap di tempatmu agar aku tidak semakin ditertawakan oleh kesulitan sebab ulah sendiri.
Don’t believe yourself mainly when you are using the voice against yourself. The voice can make you afraid to be alive, to express who you really are. It can stop you from doing what you really want to do with your life. That voice has been in control of your head for so many years, and, no, that voice will not give up just because you want it to leave you alone. But at least you can challenge that voice by not believing what it’s telling you. That’s why I say, ‘don’t believe yourself.’
—  Don Miguel Ruiz

okay but to me personally yoongi’s mixtape won’t be just evidence of his musical journey and improvement, won’t only be his blood and sweat put into a sequence of beats and kicks.. i am mostly excited about the personality he will put into them and the stories he will tell. i guess for me it’s the most unique thing about his music and to be honest i am seriously concerned about me not being able to handle such a burst of inspiration the mixtape will give, can we form a circle of support please

Today’s Self Talk

*  I am not getting a cold.  This is not a sore throat and I do not have a runny nose.

*  I am not a failure.  Just because I can’t think of anything that I have accomplished this year aside from gaining 20 lbs….

*  People do not hate you.  People are busy and it’s ok for people to drift away from you.  It doesn’t mean they hate you.

*  You CAN do this.  You just have to work at it.  It won’t come easy, but you can do it.

*  You are not fat or ugly or stupid. 

*  Nothing is going wrong.  Everything is fine.  It’s all good.

I Need Some Positive Artist Self Talk

My art, all art, has value

My art doesn’t need to be the best to have value

I do not need to prove my art has value with money

But I will not let others undervalue my art 

I will not put down others’ art because their art has value as well even if I cannot see it

Supporting other artists reflects the support I feel for myself

There are infinite ways to be a great artist

What does being a great artist mean to me?

Every artist has different strengths, 

Every artist has a right to make art how they like

There is no correct way to make art

I should nurture what makes my art special and not try to be someone I am not 

It is okay to feel jealous but I will not let that stop me from loving myself

Nothing is impossible if I work at it!

Failure is okay because I can always try again!

I know how best to pace myself and work, and no one knows better!

I am more than my art, I have value beyond my artwork

I must not forget to take care of myself

Being an artist is just one part of myself

And no matter what I am worthy of love and acceptance