North Korean M-1978 Koksan 170mm artillery piece discovered in Iraq by American forces in 2008. Several were supplied to Iran in 1987, and at the time had the longest range of any SPG in the world, with a max effective range of 60 kilometers. This example was captured and put on display along with several others on the campus of the University of Anbar.

“Burning houses, ruins and wrecks speak for the ferocity of the battle preceding this moment when German forces entered the stubbornly defended industrial center of Rostov on the lower Don River, in Russia, on November 22, 1941.”


Polish crewmen of SU-85s from the Polish I Corps. Note that the Polish eagle on their self-propelled gun lacks the traditional crown, which was omitted from the insignia of the Soviet raised units.

(Sikorski Institute)

An early example of a self-propelled gun, the gun carrier “Dublin” moves toward the front with a 6-inch howitzer and its crew. Although the howitzer could be fired without having to be removed from the carrier, the carriers were also used with the 60-pdr Mk. Is, which had to be removed to fire.