Hello everyone, making a tentative return to this blog after almost a year, so if you’re interested in interacting with Sloth from the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime, why don’t you give this post a like/reblog! Thank you friends!  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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 this is a 2-1 So I really wanted to thank everyone I’ve interacted since these recent months and tolerated my slow rpness and oocness at times lol. I think you all are great wonderful to see on the dash, each and every one of you (even if some of you are no longer here, but the one who are still here I do hope you really stay a while I enjoy reading many of you guys stuffs at work and on my lurking time, some of it even helps me with writer block).  I’ve talked to some of you on Skype, and it’s always interesting to talk your muses or whatever topic we have.  Now this list has been the real task over the weeks because I’m such a picky little person and try to be accurate. So if I missed you I’m sorry just hard getting everyone, if you see doubles?  - Well, I got paranoid. Now I will be dropping my giveaway sometime in August now that I have enough funds

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Annyeong Haseyo…This is 2NE1’s Maknae Minzy… 
I know i have over 700 Followers… And some really close friends… But I am still feel me lonely… So I want more friends… And of course a bf…

Till yet… I had never found a guy where can handle me… If you’re interested… Read the about me… *chuckles* And stay in contact with me… *smirks*

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anonymous asked:

Hi im new to tumblr, could u teach how u can link a link to a word? Lol idk if u understood But i mean how can i link my tumblr url to a word underneath a text post? Thanks for the help love

Welcome to tumblr! And of course, I understand!

Write whatever word or sentence you want, like this:

Then mark what you want to be linked:

Click the tilted “eight” and put your url in the box that shows up:

Click “insert link” and the text you chose should now be underlined! 
That’s it!
I would suggest you to copy and save it in a draft so that you won’t need to re-write it every time!

Hope that helped! xx