It’s April Fool’s day, so have an April fool. (I’ve had the joke made to me so many times, I’ve learned to embrace it.) I’ve also claimed this entire month as mine while I was at it!

Whole milk, coffee, the garden, wasps, and spiders really don’t go together, but I can imagine.


burdened with drowsy limbs
and knotted tendons-
she buried herself alive
between the dogeared pages
of Shakespeare and Brontë.

blessed was she with an
old soul and wondering eyes.
her fingers pranced across maps
and the world she traveled
even if only in her mind.

often her spine was mistaken
with that of the book
in which she’s currently in love
and fine print appears on
her ivory underexposed skin.

Mountain 2016. Watercolour and Pencil

I’ve been practicing doing ‘double exposure’ type paintings. This one sort of unintentionally turned into a self portrait because I used my face/hair for reference.