Good (Calum Hood smut)

Summary: Calum’s back from tour, but when you misbehave, your night of slow, passionate sex is replaced by something of a darker feel.

Word count: 4k

Warnings: Honestly, this is just really filthy. Includes minor sir kink, insane dirty talk, oral (male receiving), spanking, orgasm denial, fingering (fem receiving) and squirting.

A/N: I got a number of different requests for rougher Calum, so I decided to put them all together and thus this fic was born. I hope you like it! (I did the biggest double take when I edited this bc I’d completely forgotten I’d written in squirting lmao I surprise even myself sometimes hfdjhfdj)

Masterlist | Juicy July

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“Such a pretty thing,” Calum drawled, running his nimble fingers over the curve of your cheek. You felt yourself shiver as his fingertips danced along your face, burning into your skin as you shifted to press further into his touch, needing more- craving more. “Look so sweet, so innocent.” He paused, brown eyes hardening in a way that had you shivering. “If they knew what you were really like, they’d be shocked.”

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— when you are short.


• does not compute how short you are, just too cute
• but he’s really a gentleman about it
• will make sure everything is not out of your reach
• didn’t know that finding the right size for clothes could be this complicated until you two went shopping together
• genuinely surprised when you told him that your dress was actually a very big t-shirt
• “I’ve read somewhere that short people are usually mean because they’re closer to hell but I highly doubt that since you’re so pretty.”
• so smooth with you
• has he upgraded his flirting software or
• he still blushes tho when you place your hands on his forearms as a support to kiss him
• blushes a lot more when people mistake you for his little sister
• long walks arm in arm and hand in hand
• he says it’s fundamental so you don’t get lost in the crowd
• and you believe him bc he’s a negotiator model he’s good at telling (white) lies
• and because sometimes you really do get lost in crowds
• but of course he just want to hold you close to his body he’s  p u r e 


• didn’t know humans could come up in this size
• “do you have a hormonal deficiency or it’s just genetics?”
• not in a mean or teasing way, he’s purely curious
• you’re automatically ‘smol’
• every time you get mad all he can think about is ‘so much anger for such a small creature’
• ofc you always call him ‘big boi’
• what do you mean you don’t like to be lifted up
• strong arms around your body all the time
• gets things for you from high shelves
really protective
• and by that i mean REALLY PROTECTIVE
• sometimes overwhelming because “you know i can do things on my own, right?”
• he knows, he has simply decided not to care bc you are his human pup and must protecc
• over time he realizes he’s head over heels in love with how short you are
• didn’t know androids could have a ‘type’
• you’re definitely his ‘type’ 
• just picture this big sturdy mess of a man leaning down for a kiss please
• you constantly on your tiptoes
• lots of kisses on your temples, on the top of your head, forehead kisses
• gently places his chin on your head and hugs you from behind while you are lost in thoughts
• please wear his clothes it turns him on so much seeing you in an oversize something and if it’s his something??? he can deactivate and blush peacefully 


• “you’re tiny” “yeah i know” “no you don’t get it. you’re tiny
• really amused by your height
• constant jokes about how short you are
• really he doesn’t stop
• downloads jokes about short people every day just for you isn’t he the sweetest thing ever
• your head it’s his new armrest
• but don’t get angry, he does it because he thinks it’s very cute
• plus by doing this everyone knows who you belong to
• when you sleep his LED is endlessly yellow because he can’t stop looking at you and thinking at the fact that you are too cute for this world
• since you are so elfin he’s the big spoon FIGHT HIM ON THIS
• how can you be this cute just because of your height it’s outrageous
• “are you sure you are not underage?”
• you desperately want to be taller so he can shut up
• carries you on his back if you are tired
• even if you are not

Any self inserts having a rough day? I gotchu.

First off, some reminders:

  • Your faves love you!! Every single one of them!!
  • Guess what??? Your faves still love you, all of them. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, because they’re incorrect, your faves absolutely adore you.
  • Having a problematic fave is okay! Having a villain/antagonist fave is also okay! (We all know they instantly become a huge softie around you anyways)
  • It’s okay if all you did today was a minimal amount of self care, or stayed in bed all day, or you did one productive thing today,  your faves are still proud of you. (They always will be)
  • It’s okay if you don’t draw self insert or write self insert fanfics, or make any other kind of content! You’re still a valid and lovely member of this community! 
  • If you haven’t been able to draw/write/make content that’s okay too! Your faves are proud of you for the content you make and they’re proud of you in general.
  • Your faves are the luckiest people ever, because they get to date you and you’re fucking wonderful.

Nice (self care-ish) distractions from whatever is upsetting you:

  • Feeling unmotivated? Sometimes thinking “(insert fave’s name here) would be proud of me for doing this” helps! You could even imagine them giving you some encouragement before doing the thing and/or imagine them praising you after doing the thing. 
  • Listen. To. Your. Fave’s. Voice. Don’t play the game or watch the series they’re from, just liSTEN TO THEIR VOICE. It’s the actual best thing ever to just sit and listen to your fave speak. If they don’t have a canon voice, listen to some fandubs or comic dubs! 
  • Make a folder on your phone/laptop/whatever and fill it with pictures/gifs of your faves! Or even make specific folders for specific faves or sources, make all the folders, go fucking nuts. Look through the folder(s) whenever you please. 
  • In addition to folders, make a playlists! No, not song playlists, i’m talking playlists of your favorite scenes, AMVs, memes, or anything else that involves your faves! Just… DO IT. (No pressure tho, but I 10/10 recommend)
  • Imagine your faves being there with you. This can be applied to literally everything. Crying/having a panic attack? BAM! your fave is there giving you a tight hug and whispering comforting words to you. Lying in bed? BAM!! your fave is lying in bed with you and you’re cuddling and it’s great. Just making some mac n cheese? BAM!!! Your fave is there, hugging you and resting their head on your shoulder like the big dork they are. 
  • Draw you and your fave! Even if you can only draw stick figures, draw those fucking stick figures dude I support you. (If you don’t have the spoons/motivation than that’s totally fine too, art is fun but it’s exhausting, even if it’s stick figures)
  • Enjoy whatever source material your fave is from! Whether it’s a game, comic, book or show. (If your fave dies in canon I recommend stopping before you get to the scene, since that will just worsen your mood)
  • Write a love letter to your fave! Type it out first, then leave it. Come back a little later and revise it! Maybe write it down on some fancy paper, fucking decorate that shit, make it all pretty, spray it with perfume/cologne if you’re feeling that extra, put that shit in a nice envelope and keep it somewhere safe. (If you don’t feel like doing all that then that’s totally fine! You could always just post it… And tag me in it because if somebody actually does this I waNNA SEE IT)

A small metaphorical comic I’ve been wanting to do for years now. I love both Pokemon and Digimon, but the latter especially resonated with me when I was a teen for the aforementioned reasons.

I spent WEEKS trying to pick a digimon partner b/c I love so many!!! In the end I chose Palmon b/c she doesn’t canonically regenerate, so it wasn’t repetitive, and because…PALmon felt appropriate for the theme of this comic. (haha)


A lot of people asked for it in my PMs so here we go ! It will be easier for y’all to find all my stories :)

Connor x reader 

To protect you (5 parts) (fem!reader)

 •  Part 1

 •  Part 2

 •  Part 3

 •  Part 4

 •  Part 5

Hanahaki disease (2 parts)

 •  Part 1

Prompts :

 •  Pocky game (1 part)

 •  Studies (1 part)

 •  You are art (1 part)

Conner (RK900) x reader 

I don’t want your heart (3 parts)

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RK800 x reader x RK900 

Fantasy (? parts)

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Gavin x reader

Prompts :

 •  Puppy (1 part)

A Stimulating Night (Calum smut)

Summary: ??????? Calum fucks you reaaaaal good. 

(there’s no plot it’s just…a lot of intense fucking…)

Word count: 3.1k

Warnings: THIS IS VERY NSFW! Includes the following: thigh riding, daddy kink, mild bondage, dirty talk, slight overstimulation, mild spanking and choking kink!

Requested? Yup. I combined the following five requests (you guys are kinky fuckers and I love it): If you’re still taking the smut requests please please please do a daddy calum one with like overstimulation pleASE. 💕 + Light bondage with Calum pls?!?! + cal and thigh riding has been a turn on of mine forever + Calum with daddy kink too 👌👌 + rough daddy kink cal w/ choking kink pretty please?¿

A/N: Wow I’m back with 5sos writing after about half a year. Sorry for the delay. I’m thinking about restanning Calum (and maybe Luke) but I’m not sure if anyone still wants to read my writing! Please let me know if you’d be interested in reading more 5sos from me? 

Get your holy water.

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“Holy shit, baby.”

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— summer things.


• overheats pretty badly
• “can we please turn the A/C up?”
• his face a blue mess because of the heat
• finds sweating funny
• but secretly wishes he could sweat too because daMN IT’S HOT
• ‘hot’ as in ‘the temperature is very high’ but also as in ‘wow [name] looks very hot with sweat adorning her face, her hair sticking to the top of her forehead, her eyes gleaming, her neck so tempting, has her white blouse always been this transparent – fuck! I’m overheating again’
• either he wears t-shirts or his button down shirt but with his sleeves rolled up
• lots of ice-cream
• defrosting has never been this easy since sometimes he places frozen food on his face just to cool down
• but he’s a really good boyfriend so he will cuddle with you despite the temperature
• no really he’s just a dork and can’t be without physical contact for so long
• please take him to someplace up in the mountains
• he will like it very much thank you
• plus him in a snowboard jacket and all that stuff??
• straight up lovely i tell you
• his smile and the snow, really, do i need to say more? he will melt everything with that smile
• can androids get tanned?


• if you think he’s going to overheat think again, you’re wrong
• he has this really cool cooling system
• he’s actually kind of cold?? how just h O W
• you’re constantly hugging him bc honestly it feels so nice
• lowkey really happy that you basically cling onto him like a koala on a eucalyptus tree
• but also really smug about it
• like every time your face bump into his chest and the tension from your body disappears he will smirk
• “humans have such a low endurance to the weather – and such a poor coolant system”
• doesn’t know how to behave regarding human sweating
• doesn’t mind tho when you sweat in the bedroom /wink
• do you think you won’t get enough water?
• will do everything to keep you hydrated
• but that’s because he’s always very worried about you, humans are so fragile
• you take him to the countryside
• he has never seen so much green
• actually it’s really sweet he seems a big giant greek/roman god of harvest
• he’s strangely surrounded by bees
• he discovers himself good at gardening??
• he likes watermelons
• everything is so soft
• you two on a bench, doing nothing, in complete silence, with your head on his shoulder is pure bliss??????


• A/C at max
• “I got a bullet through my head but trust me this heat is much worse”
• he was repaired but his cooling system is still a bit damaged
• because of that he overheats more than Connor
• internal struggle: cuddling vs. overheating
• “i really love you, [name], i really do, but it’s too hot for hugging”
• still hugs you every now and then because he’s weak
• doesn’t eat bc it would strain his body too much
• opens the fridge to cool down
• also his cheeks are vividly blue he can’t help it
• but i mean it’s hella cute
• you haven’t taken him to a lake/the beach already??? what are you waiting for????
• “this is just water”
• but oh when he gets in he doesn’t want to get out
• him in a swimsuit do i need to say more?
• lots of skin to synthetic skin contact
• “you are not helping, [name], seeing you in a bikini makes me overheat a lot
really jealous of other guys watching you in a two-piece
• can and will pout

Real Love - Tom Holland

Summary: As the contract for your fake relationship with Tom draws to an end, you find it hard to let go.

Word count: 2.4k

Warnings: minor angst, fluff

Based on the prompt: “I love you, please don’t go.”

A/N: Guess who watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and fell in love with the fake dating trope? Hope you enjoy! Reblogs/comments encouraged! :)


Originally posted by thwiptom

“I hate this,” you mutter, voice low and hurried. “I hate this so much.”

A hand wraps around your waist, and you feel yourself being pulled into the warm side of a comforting body. “I know,” Tom murmurs, lips suddenly by your ear. “This is the last time, though. It’s almost over.”

You feel yourself release a breath as you nod, swallowing down a lump of nerves. You try to still your heart as he reaches down to link your fingers together, but to no avail. As Tom leads you onto the red carpet, you can’t help but feel a different type of nerves fill your body.

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To protect you (part 4)

Infos :

Connor x fem!reader

words : 2,2k

Summary : lmao I’m just too lazy to do one, read part 3 again if you forget something xD

Notes : This fourth part is finally done ! I got some problems with my car recently and I had to fix them, but its fine now and I have the time to write again :) Hope y’all will like it ! :) Like always, tell me in PM  if there is important mistakes I have to correct !


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

Part 4

“You know you can have problems with captain Fowler for this, right?”

A sigh escaped your lips while you headed Nina towards the bathroom. The little deviant was shaking, and you didn’t know if it was because of the cold or the fear, but you knew she needed a hot bath to feel a little better.

“I know, Connor. I’m more worried about the fact that Hank wanted to take responsibility for this, when it’s all my fault. I feel…bad about this.” you mumbled.  

“Don’t worry for him. I think that… he know what it’s like to take someone under his wings, and that’s why he proposed to help you.”

The android smiled a little at this words and you knew that he talked about you. And he was right : when you have been reassigned to the Detroit police department, the lieutenant Anderson really helped you to be ‘a part of the family’ and be comfortable with almost everyone.

“We’ll see all of this tomorrow. For the moment, I just want to take care of Nina.”

You started to follow the girl but Connor stopped you with a hand on your arm. You frowned a little and looked at him, but all you could see on his face was pure concern.

“I know she will probably not do anything to you, but be careful. She is still a deviant, I… don’t want you to get hurt.”

You smiled at him, trying to ignore your heart flutters at this. It was kinda annoying to listen to him talking like this about deviants, but you knew it was just concern, and he just wanted to be helpful to you, and make sure you were fine. Covering his hand with yours, you said :

“I will call you if she start doing anything wrong, okay ?”

The RK800 nodded and let you go, and you decided to finally go after Nina. You found her in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the bathtub. She was looking down, her shoulders gone in Connor’s jacket way too big for her. You approached slowly and squatted in front of her with a reassuring smile.

“We are going to take this off, okay ? And then you will be able to take a bath. Did you take one before ?

She shook her head as an answer and you just smiled, pushing away some hair in front of your eyes to have a better view on her. After she spoke about Gilford in the abandonned house, she didn’t open her mouth once - but it was fine, you were not the type to talk a lot, and you told her what you were doing just to reassure her. You started to run a bath and helped her taking off her clothes. Anger crawled on your skin as you noticed the bruises and cuts everywhere on her body. There was still blue blood at some places. You helped her to get in the bath, and you smiled when you saw her eyes widened in delighted surprise.

"Is the water hot enough ?”

“…yes.” she whispered for the first time, her cheeks colored in a cute blue, her hands playing with the water.

You pointed to the shower gel and other products and made a quick explanation for each of them, before sitting in a corner. You closed your eyes for a moment, playing with the sleeve of Connor’s jacket without realizing it. The fabric was soft under your touch, and it was probably very pleasant to wear this. With a sudden blush, you glanced at the deviant who was busy washing every part of blood on her, and you brought the jacket to your nose.

A lot of people were assholes with androids, talking about the fact that they were just machines, some plastic prick. Even if you weren’t like that, you can’t help but notice that yeah, they were too robotic, sometimes. That’s probably why you thought that his jacket was going to smell like plastic, or new clothes coming from the factory, or maybe like laundry. You were not ready for the strong smell of orchids that hit you right in the nose. It was almost stuffy, but in a good way, overwhelming all your senses.


It was all you could mumble under your breath, opening your eyes suddenly. You weren’t supposed to want to keep this all for yourself.

“(Y/n) ?” a shy voice asked.

You looked at Nina, blushing furiously when she noticed the android’s jacket in your hands. You put it on the side and helped the deviant to go out of the bath, leaving her to dry herself while you tried to find really old clothes of you who could fit on her. After some research, you found a red shirt with a cat on it who looked more like a dress because it was way too big for her, and an old leggings you decided to cut with scissors. After this, Nina definitely looked a little better and she let you catch her hand to bring her to the living-room. You gave her the remote of the TV, explained how to use it - even if she probably knew with her database - and headed to the kitchen, were Connor just finished to cook something.

“Is it for me ?” you asked.

“Obviously, you’re the only one who needs to eat here.” he replied, placing the food in front of you.

“Thank you, Connor.” you thanked sincerely : you were starving since this morning, as you didn’t find the time to eat because of this case.

“You had no problem with Nina ?”

“Not at all. She doesn’t really talk, but it’s not surprising. I hope it will get better tomorrow, because we will have to ask her about Gilford.”

Pointing at the jacket you brought back from the bathroom with you, laid on a chair, you said :

“I brought it back to you, you can take it. Unless you want me to wash it first.”

“It’s perfectly fine, thank you (Y/n).”

As he said that, he didn’t move to retrieve it and you looked at the sleeves of his white shirt rolled to cook your food without staining. From where you were sat, you could perfectly see some of his veins, a colorful blue emerging from his too pale skin. Damn, you wanted to touch so badly. Your hands were agitated at this simple thought.

“Are you ok, (Y/n) ?”

You probably seemed lost in your thoughts if he needed to ask you this. You smiled quietly and finished your meal.

“Of course. Always.”

What a lie it was. If only you knew that Connor could see through them so easily.


The next day, you decided to bring Nina to the police station with Connor. The little deviant was a little more apt to speak, and you have been able to share some small talk in the car this morning. With her hand in yours and the older android not so far behind, you went inside and headed towards Hank’s desk, hoping that he will be there this early.

Sadly, someone decided to bother you at eight in the morning and you heard :

“That’s the cutest plastic family I’ve ever seen, (Y/n) ! Have you decided to adopt them ?”

You frowned and turned your head towards Gavin Reed, in front of his computer with a coffee in his hands. He got the horrible smirk at the corner of his mouth, the one you wanted to tear off every time you saw him.

“Eh, maybe.” your replied with a raised eyebrow. “They are nice people. Actually more than you, tho.”

His face started to blush with humiliation while your colleagues were laughing in the background, and his eyes widened when he saw the smirk of Connor behind you. He got up from his seat and made his way towards you, looking at the little girl who decided to hide behind your legs, scared by the man. You wanted to warn him about this but Connor did it first, tearing you a surprised noise.

“You should step back, inspector Reed. You scare the child.”

The situation looked so much like two days ago, when Gavin decided to show up at your place and just ended up to scare you. At this moment, you noticed how Nina reacted towards people - as you always did, and yet Connor protected both of you, even if she was a deviant he was supposed to hunt.

“I’m fucking tired of your orders, plastic prick. Who the hell do you think you are ?! You aren’t supposed to stand by her side like this !!”

“Reed, you should stop here before I do something you’ll regret.” you growled with a step in his direction.

You were really tired of Gavin’s nonsense, and it was time to stop this. If you let Connor take care of it everytime, the officer was going to continue to be mean to them.

“And what are you going to do, eh?” he whispered, so that you were the only one to hear. “You know that is just the truth, right ? Not my fault if you prefer to fuck some plastic-”

He never finished his sentence, because a scream of pure rage escaped your lips and you jumped on him under the horrified gaze of all your colleagues. Your fist found his jaw easily, causing both of you to fall on the floor with a muffled sound. Deep inside your mind, you knew you were going to have a lot of problems for this but you couldn’t think about it - the only thing you wanted at this moment was to cause pain to this dipshit.

“SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH !!” you screamed with an other punch.

Sadly, Gavin was a trained officer too and you felt his fist in your neck, making you growl in pain. You tried to bite him but someone suddenly grabbed the collar of your uniform and pulled you away from the asshole.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO ?!” screamed Hank who had just caught you, shaking you desperately to awaken you from your anger.

He seemed furious and you can’t help but lower your head with a blush, clearly embarrassed.

“I’m… I’m tired to listen to his bullshit ! It’s enough now ! He don’t have the right to talk about androids like this ! Not when they are more human that he’ll ever be !!”

You noticed with horror some tears at the corner of your eyes and you tried to remove them off your face, your breath caught in your throat when you felt Connor’s hand at the back of your neck.

“You’re both lucky Fowler isn’t here yet, but I will have to make a report. You will probably be laid off, (Y/n).” the lieutenant explained.

Hank noticed the mocking smile of Gavin and gave him an annoyed look.

“Don’t be so proud of yourself, asshole. You insulted one of your colleagues and a witness in front of (Y/n) and all of us. If you think Fowler is going to spare you, then you’re wrong.”

The smile of Reed’s face faded almost immediately and it helped you to feel just a little better. You closed your eyes just for a moment, focused on Connor’s hand in your neck. It was just a light touch but you suddenly noticed how you and your skin craved for it, how it helped you to calm down.

“We should question the girl now.” the voice of Hank added suddenly.

You opened your eyes again and looked at Nina, trying to smile at her, making sure she was ok.

“I think she will be fine if you two start without me, I need some time alone.” you said.

“Are you sure, (Y/n)? Do you want me to come with you?” The RK800 replied.

“It’s ok, I’m just going to take my coffee outside, okay ? I will be back really soon.”

You smiled at him and decided to take a coffee with you and headed to the front door, going outside for a moment. Leaning against the wall of the Police station, a sigh escaped you and you frowned to yourself. It wasn’t fair, to see how Gavin talked about androids, and you were going to be laid off just because you decided to stand against him, to defend them. You always thought androids deserved kind words, and then, all you could see was a wall of fear and incomprehension towards people different than you. You tried so much to change everything, but you were alone apparently.

Change scared people, and there was nothing you could do about it. Sometimes, you wished it could be different.

Lost in your thoughts, coffee in hands, you didn’t notice the two men who approached, and before you could truly understand what was happening, you were carried away, in the middle of the busy street.


And thel its done ! :) I can’t wait to write the last part for y’all I got some good ideas for it ! See you soon and ask me if you wnt to be added to the tag list :)


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requests: can i request something?? soooo, the bois have a s/o which really really craves lot of attention and cuddling but she can’t speak up about it because she’s shy and a tad insecure??? (totally not self-insert) you don’t have to do it i’ll be content either way if you post something different, i love your hc they’re so heartwarming!!! love you, stay happy!!!!!

(will do the first one later) hello hello, reckless one was… succulent xD (gimme all dem ass, all dem booty) can i request some more? i saw you’re not really sure about nsfw so maybe something mild? like very shameless s/o with sex jokes but not actual action, it could be a good thing to start, just a small suggestion :) and what about s/o who is uncomfortable with touching? bois want touch, s/o want touch but constantly thinks that they shouldn’t and bois have to show it’s okay (sorry it’s 2 but I love you and am thirsty)

since i’m a fucking touchy-feely person this took longer than expected am sorry
(no the truth is i really put my heart into RK900’s one bc i’m a bitch and y’all can’t stop me from loving him)
is this what you wanted??  hope so!! also can someone please tell if there are some mistakes it’s 4 AM here i’m stupid.


• a bit worried when you lean in and suddenly pull back
• w-what was that
• did u want a kiss? a hug?? some cuddles???
• did he do something wrong?
• he sees when you’re staring at him like that
• but if you’re not comfortable telling him then….
• what should he do?? should he press you to talk?
• he’s just happy with holding hands but
• he knows humans want more than just holding hands
• he starts to think that maybe the way he touches you is not what you expected
• he’s still so-so about romantic human customs??
• maybe he doesn’t properly know how to kiss and you never told him bc you didn’t want to make things awkward between you two
• he researches stupid wikihow articles about affection
• but his stress level raises every time you avoid kissing him
• and one day he kinda snaps and kisses you deeply
• and then he gently asks you what’s wrong and maybe you don’t love him anymore? that’s also a possibility but he promises you that he won’t get mad or anything he just wants to know because seeing you like this make his thirium pump ache so much, it hurts. he wants to see you happy, with or without him
• you’re there, blushing madly not only for the sudden kiss
• but also because this whole time you were worrying about such a stupid thing and honestly?? you feel like shit now
• i mean you better do bitch you made this pure boy cry
• and you apologize, you tell him that no, of course you love him and him only it’s just…. very difficult for you sometimes to be comfortable with kissing and touching in general. you like his attentions, sure, you love them but let’s say you want a hug while he’s working on some files at home?? even though you know he wouldn’t tell you no or, at least, be rude about it, you’ll surely feel like a burden and you don’t want to feel that. and you don’t want to annoy him.
• plus you’re shy!!
• he makes the biggest sigh ever
• and closes his eyes for a solid ten seconds, then opens them again and just smiles a smile so wide
• he was so worried that you didn’t love him anymore??
• he simply tells you that if you want to touch him you can
• however if you’re not sure you can ask!! he doesn’t mind you asking him
• in fact he’s already picturing that he’ll like that
• you asking for a hug or a kiss when he’s in the middle of something? absolutely adorable


• very annoyed when you escape from his hugs
• or when you avoid his loving gaze
• do you think he’s not gonna notices?
• he picks this stupid habit of tapping his fingers onto surfaces when you makes him nervous
• because that’s what you do, that’s right, you make his stress level so high
• not that you particularly do something
• quite the contrary in fact
• why won’t you kiss him so often like you should?
• he likes it if you do it often
• he wants you to do it often

• “you’re not performing normal human affectionate actions. why is that? should I be worried? based on my researches, at this point in a relationship an intimate routine should be well established by now. may I remind you that the act of ‘cuddling’ releases an amount of endorphins good enough to help most humans relax? for this reason may I suggest you to engage in sexual activities– ”
• “what the fuck are you blabbering about”
• “I was merely saying that it would be beneficial for both of us to pursue physical touch, if you would like to inquire why I can send to your e-mail some highly qualified medical links, they all point out that– ”
• “I got that part. It’s– not true tho, that I’m not ‘performing affectionate actions’.”
• you have the audacity to tell him this??? YOU HAVE BITCH??
• i swear to god he raises an eyebrow so high you think it’s gonna fucking reach his hairline
• he licks his lips in disbelief and clicks his tongue
• “we roughly kiss ten times a day, which is not an appropriate number considering that you also elude my attempts at giving you other forms of devotion. also, the fact that you’re being so evasive with the topic at hand implies an unnecessary shyness.”
• by now you’re fucking red
• and you feel so guilty you just want to sink into the couch and disappear
• but he catches you before you can melt into the cushions
• and he hugs you so tight
• slowly hiding his face into your neck, softly inhaling your scent
• “it’s okay to stay like this.”
• and you return the hug and sighs
• “I’m sorry. did I make you worry? I didn’t mean to…. it’s just that, you know, I want to touch you, I really do but– I’m shy. I’ve never felt this comfortable with anyone and I– I think I’m kinda scared to fuck things up, I guess?”
• while you’re saying these things he’s already overheating bc are you serious? he didn’t thought you could be cuter than what you already are and yet you’re proving him wrong
• if you could see his face? like the deep ocean
• he has to raise a hand to cover his mouth bc his accumulated tension melted as soon as he touched you and these are the aftereffects
• “there’s no chance for you to ‘mess things up’, like humans like to say, if you’re this cute. please do touch me more often.”
• that’s it.
• that’s all he has weakly managed to say
• please don’t look at him or he’s going to cry
• after something like one minute he takes a deep breath and kisses you
• you’ve fucking broken him


• it’s a little impossible for you not to be touched
• i mean have you seen this little shit?
• he wants he needs to touch you
• all the time
• like he won’t be able to function properly if you don’t give him at least two kisses every thirty minutes
• in fact he doesn’t do shit at work
• not that he’s going to willingly work if you’re there with him giving him kisses
• he just doesn’t want to work at all okay
• he just want to pleases you bc he cares about you not about his work
• the laziest android ever assembled
• i think he deviated just bc he was too lazy to work

• so when sometimes you act kinda cold towards him his natural response is to be more and more affectionate
• but when he notices that you’re being really elusive he gets really worried
• he did something bad of this he’s sure
• but what
• he replays everyday in his head, searching for a clue
• but he doesn’t find anything
• which makes him more and more worried???
• ‘oh no [name] doesn’t love me anymore’
• his whole world comes crashing down
• he get very depressed
• why won’t you at least tell him??
• he figured it out already so please just release him from your grasp
• but you start to notice too
• how he’s not his usual self
• how he doesn’t joke a lot
• how he just mopes around
• how he just doesn’t talk to you about his day
• and you feel so bad
• but you muster the courage to ask him what’s wrong
• and he kinda goes silent
• after a bit though he sighs and just shakes his head
• “I know that you no longer love me, let’s just– just stop pretending.”
• you feel so sick at the pit of your stomach, your heart shatters
• “that’s not true– that’s not true at all! I love you so much, please believe me!”
• “I said let’s stop pretending. you don’t have to lie to me [name]. I’m not a kid– heck I’m not even a human, what was I thinking when I tangled myself up in this mess.”
• you start to sob, you cry endlessly
• he’s so weak to your face full of tears
• he can’t help himself and all of a sudden he’s hugging you like his life depends on it
• “I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. please forget it. you’re not a mess, you’re beautiful and I love you so so so so so much.” he mutters into your ears “I don’t know what I was thinking oh gosh– I’m really sorry, please don’t cry. that’s the last thing I wanted please, shh, it’s all right. I’m a fool, you know that, I just– just–” he sighs “I just thought that you were a bit too cold and I mean, maybe I did something bad? tell me if I did. because I searched and searched but I didn’t find anything in my software that could pinpoint to that. so my most logical conclusion was– I’m such a stupid, am I not?”
• “I’m the stupid!”
• “no you’re not you’re–”
• “I’m the stupid I tell you! I didn’t know how much I was hurting you I–” he’s caressing your back and you’re kinda choking on your hiccups “I thought that I was being too cuddly I– I thought I was annoying you and you were only complying.”
• he takes a big breath as relief washes over him
• “what– no! of course not! I love you and I love you when you ask for some cuddles and when we kiss before work and and and I just love you. every part of you. even if you asked me to hug you every minute every second I’d still love you. even if you were being really annoying and bratty.”
• you’re both two fucking giant stupid just stop this shit and kiss you cowards

Take My Jacket (Take My Whole Heart Too)

Summary: After being stood up on a date, Spider-Man drops by on your way home and manages to put a smile on your face.

Based on the prompt: “It’s cold, you should take my jacket.”

Warnings: This is mostly fluffy, but there’s the odd curse word here and there.

A/N: I really, really, really loved writing this. I got a little carried away as I wrote it, so I’m sorry if this is a tad long (I believe it’s a little over 2k - whoops!). I hope you enjoy reading! I’d love to know if you have any thoughts :)


Originally posted by squishypeterparker

It’s late, it’s cold, and you’re annoyed.

As you work your way down the darkened streets of Queens, you can’t help but kick sourly at some of the rocks on the pavement, frowning bitterly as you watch them fly across the road. The small cracking noises they make as they bounce off the tarmac isn’t enough to make you feel completely better, but it does feel a touch cathartic to put some of your energy into furiously kicking the small stones, and the longer it goes on for, the looser you feel.

It’s been a rough night. You were supposed to be meeting up with a guy for your third date, but he’d never shown. It was a shame; you’d really liked him, and you were getting to that point where he’d constantly be on your mind. For him to stand you up - not even reply to your messages, and leave you sat in that measly Italian restaurant alone for two hours - was heartbreaking.

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